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Title: Cybersquatter
Post by: Mystress on December 23, 2008, 09:36:34 AM
Victor Glanckopf

  This page has been changed, probably because of my student's outraged complaints. 
Originally besides borrowing on my name he was using a distorted version of the Fire Serpent Tantra logo to advertise on his website. He cropped the green background, blurred the serpent and pasted a buddha over it. I do have a sceen capture of the original cybersquatting page in my archives.

  A search of my email archives revealed a single post from him, complimenting me on my money quotes.  Sort of shows where he is at. 

  On another linked page, Victor offers *hundreds* of different types of initiations.
   I would consider him to be preying on the types of people I call "initiation junkies."  Some people try to get every sort of initiation or attunement that they can find, hoping one or another will lead to some sort of breakthrough, but sometimes it leads to breakdown. So many different, often conflicting implants and distortions can lead to heath issues on all levels.   

  Ask yourself, what do you think an initiation will give you, that Goddess won't provide? This applies to my initiations as well. Follow your own heart's guidance.

  I never initiated Victor into Serpent Fire Tummo, I believe he recieved the initiaition thirdhand from someone I initiated but did not train.  Buyer beware.

Title: Re: Cybersquatter
Post by: Steve on December 26, 2008, 03:02:02 AM
Well I curious and wanted to see what he changed so I searched on and found it. Also I see he was offering the fireserpentreiki since 2003 (at least what is recorded) and changed the art in october 2006. Thats a long time.