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Title: Wow, so grateful to this site,
Post by: Nolan.ebf on April 02, 2013, 12:49:55 PM
I'm constantly studying this site for my own understanding of Kundalini so that I may be educated and "host" the energy as intelligently and safely as possible, at the same time trusting Goddess is so mostly important.

and I'm learning SO MUCH, just felt like expressing this gratitude, the information on this website has helped me so deeply and woken me up, pushing me to grow out of fears and lead me to many discoveries about myself and the cosmos, and continuing to learn. I never would of dreamed such things to be possible.

"Spiritual Materialism", it seems to be a seed i've watered for some time, being proud of experiences, etc. This site is very humbling, I feel quite ordinary when reading this site and it seems that the pride came of my own fears.

Actually I believe that all spirituality is medicine so it is not really anything to brag about, talk about out or seek too much, unless it actually works and helps me. Doing what works for me and helps me to heal, as the root of my seeking is out of grief and distress but also out of bare curiosity and wonder.