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April 21, 2019, 04:09:07 PM
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 on: April 09, 2019, 01:43:18 PM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Rozanne
around 2008 when I was in the health bunker as a vegan,
with a few crystals and a pack of tarot cards and some simple simple
clothes, only natural make up and vegan, and a body board

and my body was perfectly honed from yoga austerities with steve
who took me around England, and to merlin's observatory and Edinburgh
and glasto

translation from the Chinese poem on the other sction of forum:
"The world is big, my eyes are all you, the world is very small, my eyes are only you. The world is wonderful, let me know you; the world is so bad that I didn't let me hug you. The world is wonderful, electric two-way valve, every day to see you, the world is helpless, day and day bitter to read you!"

I probably felt this, but I was scared of you back then in the more ordinary sense that I didn't know beings had magical powers. and I had a normal life.

Then, Buddhist after Buddhist, I met more and more of you, who were there already, and it aroused jealousy, so I guarded my secrets about NKT and kundalini and other stuff that I like and enjoy.

and I just read this book Kudalini and the Physical Plane

which Steve Owned, and a few others too, such as Ghandi,

erm…..not Aurobindo…….the Yogananda one, and also Osho…..

…..something about women not being allowed to approach men, only the other way around....

Anyways, God helped me a lot to understand the occult world, both of Light and Darkness, so I could understand what ever it was you super saints were on about.

Around the time of the health bunker anyway, Kieron met you in a dream,
and also, you visited me, and it was really scary, as you came into my room as a dark emanation, behind a mirror. Ooh.....

You are one scary lady...…..that's why we love you.

Some Fatty Feeder from the C of E recently said I was a scary lady!
I was like WhHat!

No I'm not Hugh, I'm like a prostitute, we've now been talking for 40 minutes in this conversation, and I'd like to be released to go to the loo please,

the guru needs to change his nappy

 on: April 09, 2019, 12:06:20 PM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Rozanne
I have one of Kieron's Ankhs here with me
remembering the days before he interrogated me

he would walk in that scruffy kitchen all the magazines
piled up everywhere, all the dirt

money, figures, toys, papers, letters, everything,
that horrible old table and chairs you couldn't even see

and his long hair and gray eyes and square jaw

he was always wearing his three piece suit, with the black belted waitcoat
the black trousers, sometimes women's jeans, and his black jacket

funny hats

and police boots (as far as I was concerned)

he looked like Jesus

then, one time, I saw a dream which was when I was in a actual realm
where he is on a chariot and I'm a spy child, and he is an alchemist

he and his dad Bryan interrogated me for 2 years

asking philosophical questions and zen koans I couldn't answer

and flames of fury

one day I pointed a crystal at their house, and it set on fire and they escaped.

 on: April 09, 2019, 11:25:24 AM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Rozanne
I can't believe this,
my mum is starting to believe
Mystress, who we say may be called
Sammy or Samantha,
is the Almighty God ISIS or similar

because since we started praying to her,
we had sadguru masters do yantra tandra and other dras with us

a pagan library open in cromer
and 3 years of Brahman's SUN in Cromer

a little unofficial mafia circuit

turbaned girl sitting smoking outside swiss launderette
before the big stuff

and Baby King George is little replica of Mr Woodrow who
is  Donald Trump of Cromer, or Schindler of Cromer in the Jew Story

and his sister and he, both Royal Children, are Star Gazing children
who may be able to see through the planes, worlds and dimensions

like from the window of the Flat 2, Hamilton House
by the big Masonic House with the Pent Roof

which is the larger version of the Little Mini Mansion behind

72 Beecheno Road

IN the Pregnancy Centre/cloning centre, I met several sisters of Mystress
and celtic cousins.
In England they are called the Canadian People,
which is funny as

there was a Canadian Lady in Hamilton House, Flat 1,
Sandra from one of your big cities, big tall, strong woman,

who i joked was my Mum in my past life,

which is what I say to all the Jewishy looking folks of Cromer,

........not so much the common british people sadly....


yesteday I wanted to phone Crazy Clever Kieron (da Vinci)

with his arab strap              just joking,

i can't remember what an arab strap is, but that song German Whip
was big here

it's mostly Islamics who run the facility
but they are alright, some are Lamaish,
others up-tech, fast, cold, telephone ones

like in this film which came out recently

my name sake,


Drama on BBC TV

something about missing people.......like when I made that phone call
after the kundalini went wooosh....

.........999...........i'll find maddie mccann.......buddha girl one year.....buddha beats, come on here.......

It was Lucy Hawking the Supermodel Celtic who had aroused my Jealousy
which came through that morning

which made me run to the telephone in the back street to kill myself

 on: April 07, 2019, 12:37:16 AM 
Started by Diva - Last post by Subliang
Thank you very much, Mystress, for your reply. Hope all the changes in life go smoothly with you. I have joined the FST last week, and very excited to know you are returning to the public session work again, I would like to have an individual activation/session when you think all is ready.

 on: April 01, 2019, 12:22:15 AM 
Started by Minamaus - Last post by Rozanne
…….North Norfolk Buddhism Studies and Meditation is also a Black Japanese Book with Golden Dharma Wheel Tradition.....

our sin system is psychiatric evaluation

this is the same for Mystry Trad,

as I met several Mystress-alikes in the international Mind Laboratory
      HELL ES DON       …….hospital...…

                                                          Shalom and God Bless

 on: March 31, 2019, 07:01:27 AM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Rozanne
Sorry I spoke with my Mum, who more or less controls
everything in my life down to a T. She confesses that
she's an enemy of your teachings because out of hand
she might have been a jealous objector to you in past lives.

Me, I'm just a scared person who plays tricks on people for fun.
And Kieron Cousell is a severe Satanist which effected our family.

And Geoffrey Treisman the Sage, is Gandalf...…..

…………...its all crystals galore, but I hope your Fire Students....
help the Earth, whatever the earth's karma is, we would guess
you knew more than others.

And our only prayer was for the industrial complexes to stop
chemical abuse.

 on: March 29, 2019, 06:28:48 PM 
Started by Diva - Last post by Mystress
  Sorry to have been absent of late. Personal stuff, death in the family, menopause kicking my heath etc.

  At present I have no lineage available to do activations. Sigmund retired a few years ago because he is elderly and the massive energies involved were kicking his ass. I have been doing them myself.

  Remote activations have been problematic: if someone is not sensitive enough they wont feel it, and might accuse me of ripping them off.
 I end up initiating them in real time anyway. Others ask so many questions about my email I end up spending hours responding... so I have come to prefer to do them real-time, chat, skype IM, or secondlife. 

  The problem for me is, I really take care of people. My activations sometimes last 3 hours as I prep the central channel for awakening and look at what are the issues that might cause problems. You know I offer so much for free but sessions pay the bills and spending so much time with someone for the cost of a half hour session does not work for me. Some do send donations after, (I do not insist on it, because it is my choice to do what Goddess wants and not just the time they paid for) a percentage of what the extra would be worth.

 Previously, group activations were only available in person: I would offer them at the end of an FST intensive weekend.

  I am making some changes.

  The current rate will be for a group activation, and they will be held four times a year, just before the solstices and equinoxes. I am currently looking for some streamlined way to handle payments and event scheduling for the tummo and I am going to start having chat classes again as well. Any geeks got some ideas?

  The next one will be at 5pm PDT June 20, 2019 and it will be held on my secondlife island. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kundalini%20Mystic%20Isle/128/128/0/ accounts are free. A payment page will be created before then. I will update this thread when it goes live.

 Individual activations can be had as a $50. add-on to a three hour session.  I am returning to public session work after 11 years hiatus. A lot has happened for me in that time, in 2012 decades of grounding bore new fruit and I became an avatar of the planetary consciousness... the years since have been spent adjusting to the unprecedented transformation.
 This website is in the process of being changed back to an html site after a few years of being run by a CMS (content management system) that never worked as hoped for. 


 on: March 29, 2019, 03:07:05 PM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Mystress

The trouble with people who try to learn from me via direct spiritual transmission is, even the best channeller runs about 80% accurate and that 20% of error can really trip you up. There is nothing in my written teachings about this paranoid stuff you are talking about because none of it is real, you make it real for yourself by believing in it... your power to create your reality must not be fueled by fear, it makes a bad mess. Fear based decisions are bad for magic folk. Give all that stuff to Goddess to sort out.
  The most powerful prayer I know is "Goddess has it handled." So stop meddling.

Also, stop doing those drugs, that crutch is not needed and confuses things even more. ok?

  I am not some dead guru, I am a living teacher who has a course to teach through, eh? Fire Serpent Tantra? If you really want to learn from me why are you not there?
   Cultivate peace.

 on: March 28, 2019, 11:14:02 PM 
Started by Rozanne - Last post by Rozanne
…….this is all getting a bit heavy for me, as
though this cosmic dark arts religion was the
medium through which I gained enlightenment
and cosmic alignment...….

I have lots of phenomena which indicate my jew
karma is like really bad and i'm making it worse all
the time.

god has tried to hint to me that reality is reality
and I just have to go with that

i'm holed in now.

and each time I do a phone call or email
and pressurise people to accept

a kind of holocaustal view of things
and sign off...…..

……...British Anne Frank, Medical Gulag industrial Complex Fakenham
near Norwich....

the trouble is,

god punishes me,
what with the heavy sections I had

after being a liberator of Cromer

I can forgive everything, as sin-saint Katie says,

and her demon-winged friend Teal.....


I was surprised when the BBC outed a drama
on people of the purple or blue flame
on each continent

..........was laying on my mattress
wondering.......what is this??////

Mum Mish, red flame........woman of the Dalai Lama's wife joke.....
still just Mafia Mum Mish

I'm on death marches each day of the week,
and go into shops to test their anti-semitic boundaries
like it is 1600s.....

and I've lost a sense of knowing what is going on.

That's when I watch stuff from the Third Reich,
buildings which I've seen in.....just one dream....

and it is legs circulating, in a window on a cog,
with spikey shoes on them

in a streat with Death Soldiers on them.....

                 namaste? jewish friends?

 on: March 28, 2019, 11:07:01 PM 
Started by Kavin Amul - Last post by Rozanne
…….still hurts that little rejection thing...….i'm sure at those moments it's the cosmic computer which is communicating with me...……….cosmic computer yin channel (synch or yea), cosmic computer yang channel, (synch, output, yin, Yo, joy)             thanks mystress, I love you.

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