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April 22, 2017, 11:59:41 PM
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 on: April 18, 2017, 07:58:59 AM 
Started by khalil_patwa - Last post by khalil_patwa
Dear Angelique,

Yes, you're correct, I do appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with me. It's refreshing to receive your unfiltered response. Your analysis of the writing on my website resonatesÖ I've had difficulty finding my voice while attempting to follow those marketing rules, which I'm letting go of now. Reading what you've written has highlighted how I've been taking an intellectual approach to what I present on my website, whereas I'm really looking to express myself creatively. Which, as you've pointed out needs the time put in to develop the craft.

With regards to the book, I will remove those pieces which referenced your work.

Also, thanks for those sharing those links and quotes.


 on: April 14, 2017, 01:20:41 AM 
Started by khalil_patwa - Last post by Mystress
  Last time you posted I visited your web page and read lots of it. Am sharing my impressions. They are not glowing.

  Count the number of times the word "you" appears on your pages. Every one is a projection. You mostly avoid projecting "needs to be fixed" onto people but "needs to be polished" or "needs to be improved" are the same deal.


(but that's not good enough)


(which I can offer because I am more amazing than you, and I am shouting at you to make sure you know it.)  

  Sometimes you don't seem to know when you are insulting people.

  If youíre ready to make an impact,

  Implies I have not already made any impact, that I am weak and ineffectual and need you to save me. Same old same old sales pitch, project a problem and sell them the solution. Making dis-empowering statements, so you can be the hero. I can't support that. Do you have any idea of the sort of karma that gig generates for you? I can tell you, whatever money you make at it, won't be worth it.

  I found it off putting, like, "Fuck off, you don't know me" sort of resistance. Felt at times like being preached at... and it seemed the wall of "you"s was hiding the actual guy.  Where is the author?

  Barrage of questions reminded me of an interrogation scene, the voice behind the bright light demanding to know what would make me happy! Sharing nothing of itself, or why the questions are important or what will be done with the information. Made me want to tell the interrogating voice to mind its own damn business. How about a page where you answer those questions your own self, and share where you got them and why you think its important to answer them. Really put yourself out there?

  An aloof, anonymous voice that shares nothing of itself, preaching as if godlike telling other people how to live... a big ego shield. The content itself its mostly, borrowed ideas, good content but I didn't see anything that impressed me as being original. May as well skip writing a book and make a pinterest page, to share the work that inspired you. A scrapbook of other people's inspirations that you meddled with trying to make them your own, because you have not yet found your own authentic voice and inspiration. "100% recycled content" but the original content didn't need to be recycled.

  Universal truths are that, but inspiration in a teacher shows originality even if they are drawing on the same sources. How Osho writes and how Ramana spoke, share universal truths but with different voices.

  I get the whole, lifestyle blogger career path thing, says you have to publish a book as the next step and get a youtube channel and all that... Is not my road, but regardless... your writing style shows, you are not ripened yet.

 Here is a quote from one of the best articles on the web:

I was the world's shittiest writer when I was an infant. I was only slightly better at 25. But while I was failing miserably at my career, I wrote in my spare time for eight straight years, an article a week, before I ever made real money off it. It took 13 years for me to get good enough to make the New York Times best-seller list. It took me probably 20,000 hours of practice to sand the edges off my sucking.

Don't like the prospect of pouring all of that time into a skill? Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the sheer act of practicing will help you come out of your shell -- I got through years of tedious office work because I knew that I was learning a unique skill on the side. People quit because it takes too long to see results, because they can't figure out that the process is the result.


  I spent at least that, years and years, often 18 hour days posting advice to k list and other places, for free before this website went up... at the point where I wasn't finding much new and was tired of repeating myself. That was my internship, but also being on the spiritual path of reverence for the planetary consciousness from age 2.  

  During those years, if I felt moved to share a personal experience but fear came up that sharing it might embarrass me, make me look bad or invite judgment, ... then I *had* to defy my ego and share anyway, and with extra honesty. I called it "dancing naked in the cremation grounds"  ... of my ego.

  Those stories are what make my work relate-able, interesting, and the honesty shines through.

  What happened over time is I started to get time travel empathy with people who would read the post in the future, feel how they would respond to it, what questions appeared in their mind, while I was writing it... and respond to that, too.

  Awareness of how a message will be received, is not the same as being self conscious about what people will think of the author, and striving to present a polished image. I see a lot of the latter and very little of the former:  Ever go back and read your pages as if they were written by someone you do not know? It is valuable.

  How about instead of "why you should stop judging" you write "this is what happened to me when I tried to stop judging." Then you get something relate-able and interesting to read, we get to meet the guy who has been there and done that and taken the lumps at times, gain experience by walking in his shoes.  Humility is engaging.
   You want people to be open and vulnerable with you, then be the example of it. Try fearlessly sharing your own journey, with the world and then they can choose to walk with you.

  Then you get people engaging with you, sharing their stories too. Your career path needs a community.

  I was looking for spring cleaning motivation and found this jewel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anD15c4bGhY Shes personal, personable, humble, engaging, and funny. "("My dust bunnies have obviously murdered my cleaning faeries" LMAO!!) Then I went and cleaned out my fridge! I was amused, inspired and motivated.

  I understand when you find something great you want to tell everyone you know! "Like" buttons and all that networking stuff I rarely take time for. All these bloggers blogging about other bloggers, trying to make the click bait that will monetize the adwords. Its like there is a factory somewhere, producing clones of lifestyle and motivational bloggers. What is there to make you stand out from the crowd, make it more worthwhile to read your page than watch a TED talk?  

  I ordered 10lbs of food grade diatomaceous earth off amazon, and this morning I was reading dozens of testimonials of people miraculously transforming their health, drinking the "dirt" (there is no scientific evidence) and I got all fired up wanting to order 100lbs and give some to everybody I know! ... but... that would be absurd. I have only been taking it myself, for two days. When I have been taking it for 6 months I will be able to speak from personal experience, of how it affected me instead of recycling other people's testimonials.

  What would you rather read? The Voice of Authority telling you, "take this its good for you"? Or someone who has taken it, sharing what it did for them?

 What feels warmer?

  "YOU are an infinite being."


  "I believe everyone, is an infinite being."

   The first is the same crap you can read anywhere, more projection affirmation new age BS, as lifeless and impersonal as a hallmark card... but the other, is a guy whose got faith in people. The Martin Luther King vibe, that engages people in the dream. Greatness.

   I think you know I would not be taking time to give you this feedback unless I think you got the right stuff for a career helping people.  I think you are compassionate and your commitment to integrity is genuine, and those are essential. Your writing shows that you have not matured as a writer or a spiritual teacher. You are not really walking your talk, or aware enough to see the implications of the role you have chosen. There is a lot of ego involved still.

  Richard Bach said "You teach best, what you most need to learn." and its valid, we learn more about something if we try to show it to someone else... but would you want a half assed teacher thats trying to learn by teaching you? Would you pay someone for that, or consider them to be ethical and professional?  Do you think that is what your students or clients deserve? Is it what you would choose, or would you rather learn from someone who has mastered the art and is walking their talk? How about from someone who thinks they have mastered it, but really has not, who will only pass on their mistakes?

  The book you want to publish today, because you think yourself wise enough, will be cringe-worthy in a decade when you have matured spiritually and can look back and see where it needed to be turned inward and applied to your self, first. All those Yous are about You. You know the cliche, one finger points at others, 3 fingers point back at you.

 The thing with publishing on dead trees, once its out in the world you cant change anything.  I don't consent to be in that book, I don't want to read a pdf either.  I don't want to give a coat tail ride to a noob author who needs to borrow my inspiration because he has not found his own voice, who has not put in the time, paid his dues to mature. Who is not willing to put himself out there as a human.

  I would be much more interested in reading the book you will write some years from now, when you have matured as a teacher and a writer, to find your own voice.

 on: April 13, 2017, 06:53:57 PM 
Started by Uriel - Last post by Uriel
Angels are in service to human beings and our God-like power of free will.  Angels have no free will. Being one is demotion, not a superiority. Your humanity is a gift, why do you reject it?

  Awakened people get kriyas which can be all sorts of muscle movement sensations, even dance and song that's spontaneous. Many people mistake kriyas for entity activity. It isnt, its just karma stuff releasing.


You sure know how to drop the level of the conversation, not unlike your vibration, you can barely even reach 6, who are you to talk as if angels were trash on the side road.
I learned that I came to Earth to learn and to help, I don't help out of obligation, no one is benign out of obligation, disrespectful human. I'm not into roleplay or wasting time, I have every proof I need of who I am so this out of topic conversation ends here and now.

Stay human forever then. Samsara will never reject anyone who lives outside the way.
I accept my "demotion" of being a 12 dimensional being and emissary of God with grace.
I hope the cosmic law teaches you and your false transgressive wings your place.
Father blessed you all with reason, and staying small is what you choose?

God like free will? Do you think Heaven is praying all day long?  Every non-hateful and violent concept or objects are there, you are free to be a light being, love, be loved, learn and play. It's heaven, not hell you FOOL. you like having wrath, envy, greed, than I hope you can make atleast good use of this beautiful life and this kind planet, yours next won't be that great...

Think outside your box, and stop being small. You and I are merely grains of sand on this world, but what about our next life, someday I will be an archangel, and you will remain sand, as it weighs more than your heart. Thank you for your time and effort, and also your spite for the beings that help your weak kind, I will take, not to heart, as I'm well above hate and malevolence.

You talk about wings from your heart, what about LOVE from your heart? Chat with me again in heaven so we can have a look at those glass wings.
Peace, still.

 on: April 13, 2017, 04:17:26 PM 
Started by Uriel - Last post by Mystress
 Angels are in service to human beings and our God-like power of free will.  Angels have no free will. Being one is demotion, not a superiority. Your humanity is a gift, why do you reject it?

  Awakened people get kriyas which can be all sorts of muscle movement sensations, even dance and song that's spontaneous. Many people mistake kriyas for entity activity. It isnt, its just karma stuff releasing.


 on: April 12, 2017, 06:03:42 AM 
Started by Uriel - Last post by Uriel
Angels do have chakras, we are not souless beings, and our soul is way more refined than the average human being.
I have chakras counting from the Earth Star up to the Stellar Gateway.

Yes, angels need wings, Yes angels like (love) having wings, halo, chakras, third eyes, kundalini...
For me they are not "symbols", the halo purifies my thoughts, the wings give transmit my kindness, and the chakras are the conductors of my life/living force.

We are just like humans, not the other way around.

Still being an angel is only that, I'm of a different race, and you both are way more knowledgeable than me, I'm still a fool.
So If I'm being rude, please excuse the fact that english is not my native language, sometimes I have trouble expressing myself..

 on: April 12, 2017, 06:03:14 AM 
Started by khalil_patwa - Last post by khalil_patwa
Dear Angelique,

Last time I wrote to you about this subject, I didnít do a very good job. I want to do better this time.

Iíve written a meditation book, which uses Grounding as its base. The material is made up of examples of where you can go from a grounded state, as well as an introduction to groundedness. My intent for the book is to promote Grounding and provide material for people to use in their own meditations.

Iíd like to ask your permission please, to use my adaptation of the Grounding meditation I learnt from your site, with full acknowledgement of you as its source.

May I send you a copy of the work so you can see for yourself?

If itís acceptable to you, please also let me know how you would like to be referenced.

Iím currently seeking the permission of others whose work has influenced the book also, including, Cameron Day, Lou DeBourbon and Laura Weise.

Do you have an email address where I can send you a pdf copy of the book? Iíll specify the pages which are relevant.

I'd also like to acknowledge Sigmund's input, during the Tummo session he facilitated for me. Is he available to ask through this board please?

Best Regards,


 on: April 12, 2017, 05:55:42 AM 
Started by Uriel - Last post by Uriel
Hello!  Smiley
I never said wings made me an angel, but rather my whole life points to it, the wings really just became noticeable now but with regressive hypnosis I think I can see them here way way back than what I believe in.
One day, after months of depression and through tarot talking to a demon in disguise, I got an awful force invading my left shoulder, feeling as if a worm crawled on inside me, and from that day on I'm being attacked restlessly (improving with time and effort)

I'm not disrespecting anyone or any other spiritual being, but I have proof of the things I say, it's up to whoever's listening to believe/help me.
So yes, yesterday I consulted an spiritual friend and he pointed that is very well possible that non-human beings are on this Earth, I'm one of them, not that I hate humans, is just that I resemble everything an angel ever could.

So, I understand the skepticism, but really, I am being attacked by a force, it is like a towering darkness, which attacks me with lava sensations on the back of my head, wind on my ears, and visual and auditory illusions.
I believe it to be one of those demons sent to prevent or slow people in spiritual awakening, as herself said it has no intention of making me killing myself either.
Some of the experiences I have are the following:
When I was 5 years old a demon grabbed my leg, and probably came every night to look at me though the bathroom door, and almost every night I had a vivid/lucid nightmare of being followed and suffocate while trying to scream
At 15 I had a sleep paralysis where two angelic figures showed up, and gave a warning that I was envolved in demonic practices ( and yes it was true)
I'm of buddhist faith and before that I was an agnostic with a meditation approach, so I wasn't an angel enthusiast or Christian or anything like that. the stories came to me after I asked god for help, then I'm sure atleast 2 angels and 2 demons answered me.
That's it, being an angel is the answer I find in my spiritual awakening, and even fallen angel is better term for me than human.
Anyway, I had some open eye visions (cosmic memory/visions) where I was in heaven, chatting with other angels, when I woke up I felt I knew everything I needed forever.

I don't know what you would call a force that rips through my force field, stabs and burns me almost all the time (though it doesn't hurt as bad as it sounds), blocks my chakras, send horrible faces onto my 3rd eye and many many other things. To me it just makes sense to call it a demon, though I used to call it a "non-being" or "dys-being".

So if it is that hard to believe an angel exists or that it could be attacked by other dimensional forces, than just go ahead and call me a Fallen Angel, calling me a human would be a demontion of who I really am.
So now I wonder, I have University related things to do, meditation and protecting myself, short time to have fun while I'm free and why would you think I would invent lies on the internet?

Oh and sorry, but yes those advices are all really valuable and I have been practicing all of them.
So if it is by any chance becoming a bother we can drop the topic here and now, I've received wonderful help, here and someplaces else, everything is improving and etc.

 on: April 11, 2017, 06:54:48 PM 
Started by Uriel - Last post by Mystress
Hello, I'm an Earth Angel under guidance of holy Archangel Uriel.

 Well, far be it for me to advise an archangel. I guide humans.

  An angel would know, the best weapon against evil is love. Smiley

  Angels, don't have wings, they don't need them, they don't have chakras either.  People do.  

  Opening the wings is a Fire Serpent Tantra lesson, everyone has them potentially.  They are secondary aspects of the heart chakra.  If you are thinking wings makes you an angel, you are a little off the mark. Duu has wings too. So do all the FST lineage and most of the students. Welcome to the winged people club. Smiley I have been able to feel mine since I was about 8.

  There is a phase of kundalini awakening where people get insecure with feeling different, asking them selves, "Why me"and sometimes feeling unworthy of the gift, so they get invested in a lot of titles and identities, seeking to validate their specialness. It is a phase, and it passes, so long as you do not get so attached to the titles that you get stuck there. Have to move on past identity to become self realized.  After, it feels most comfortable, to be nothing at all.

  Thing is, the human power to experience what we believe in, is widely documented, even with kundalini. The UFO chasers get UFOs, the Faerie types get nature spirits, and the angelic lightworker types get archangels and demons. It is a manifestation of the spiritual truth "What we see is ourselves reflected" and applying that attitude to entities can be very effective because there are no demons, but there are rejected aspects of identity that can get quite persistent when kundalini is pushing on unresolved karma.

  If you really want to know the truth of how the things that torment you, are your own repressed issues, then meditate on them while holding your wings wrapped around you like a blanket. The wings reflect spiritual truths, if you are willing to listen.  Wrapped wings also repel any sort of spiritual attack, and I have known them to repel physical attackers as well, though I do not suggest you test it too hard, walking down dark alleys.

  What I am seeing, is there is still much unresolved grief and trauma and it is not in alignment with your spiritual identity. you thought it should not affect you so you repressed instead of releasing, and then blamed demons when it persisted. No demons. You can put a face on anything and talk to it, there is even therapies to put a face on cancer tumours so you can talk to them and find out why they are in your life and what they represent.

  The pains and heaviness you are feeling are the physical sensations of grief. The stages of grief are well documented, and include denial and blame, sleeplessness. Post trauma stress, especially can be sleepless nights and repetitive thoughts.  

 The wings are named Mercy and Severity, and the message of the left side ache, is that you are being much too hard on yourself. You need to make space, and give yourself time, to accept and honour your feelings. Grief too, is an expression of love. We do not grieve unless we care.  

Anyway, if there's anyone that can help me, I'd really appreciate it, and if you can't help me, prayers or good wishing would already mean so much to me.
Thank you. Blessings.

 For sure, wish you well.

 on: April 11, 2017, 05:50:00 PM 
Started by Smithy - Last post by Mystress
How to dump overload

Squat down, keeping your feet flat on the floor or ground, and pressing your palms against the floor or ground.
  Mentally request that all excess energy flow down your arms, out your palms and back to the Earth.
  Hold this pose and intention for 2-10 minutes or until you feel your body relax and your head clear.
  Thank the Earth for accepting the energy and invite Her to transform, transmute and use the energy as She wishes.

  Do this 5x a day, especially before sleep and after waking.

 on: April 11, 2017, 04:52:37 PM 
Started by Akeakamai - Last post by Mystress

  Sounds like you had the usual childhood closet monster.  Children that age having nightmares that often star the same monster, is quite commonplace. Google childhood nightmares. 

  The portal guardian tends to prefer a few consistent shapes and it scares you until you learn to face it with unconditional love.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvOQeozL4S0 Monsters Inc. Trailer

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