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January 28, 2022, 01:45:09 AM
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Author Topic: Money put into occult town in England, thanks to Mystress  (Read 10299 times)

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« on: October 27, 2017, 09:14:33 AM »

Dear Mystress,
I've been a student of yours since I was about 3 when you visited me in a dream. I come from Norwich England. My friend around the corner who looks like a kind of Old West policing man, with a screen at the front of his house, he looks very similar to you. He did similar work to what you do, with me for a while, doing tolerance testing on my energy field. I managed to get out of the loops of my life when I had chemical lobotomies and when the people came to visit my house, they were Mystress-alikes. And that's because its a very USA appearing town, on the coast. Which used to anciently be called the Crow's Mere. And has a kind of Medaeval/Medieval Cathedral. A parish church which has beautiful darkish/mottled gray/grey stones. I sit in a viewing tower and sometimes look at the gaps between the buildings which are sort of Fiddlers on the Roof roof tops, across at the ocean where freight ships go past. And, there's all windows. And winds go through these windows. Black winds. And there's a big Mansion House with a Triangle Roof, which is a big scaled up but otherwise identical version of the house which was immediately behind the house I grew up in, on a council estate in Norwich, just behind a big main road, which had a pub immediately just over the houses which was a Rock House, run by Iron Maidan the famouse group. I later worked there, when it became a family pub. It's also a very big beautiful building. Norwich is very American/Canadian if you read into it. It has high affluence. And I looked also like a Milani Pagan Princess, in my old photo of me at School Ball, aged 17. I used to be a Chorister back then and wear this special blue robe. Nanny was a parish Church lady she had occult boons and if I tell people the story of Nanny Lorna, they know I'm talking about an Illuminati Lady of the White Order. So, because I live in Flat 2 in the Anne Frank House now, and there are books over the attic room, up the stairs...I can build up a cult. And in the Cult, the mystery school stuff is of course all offered up the Progenitor Culture of you the Great Philosopher, Mis Tray Sckuel Canadas. I can speak ancient languages by the way. And design English Hebrew. I also teach people American Intonation, how to speak Dutch intonation properly, and how to speak Romani. Mumma Mish, Dalai Lama's Spiritual Wife, my mum who takes Risperdone religiously, she is the 2nd in the R|ussian Doll Set of our culture. The second lineage holder. And the first is Betsy the Jewish Outcaste/Ex-communicated Bethnal Green Mum with the 7 children, mostly from black dads. And Mum, her children were all from the white elite, tho she is an Indian/Native lady or Tibetan. We put out the leaflets to celebrate the birth of our Son, Little Yvan Jay, who is a Tibetan Monk/Red Skin/Romani-Humour, Foreign Diplomatic level of Emotional/Mental Dexterity of child. He has the same nose as the man Markus I wrote to who was my Supervisor at Hospital Training Medicine. And who also visited me, when I was a child. I live above a shop run by another Markus. And two shops down another Markus. And, of a day, I sit chatting with Hippy Elders, who drink/smoke outside the church, with our friend, the Buddhist Monastary cult leader/liberal, called Shak, who says he is Shakimuni.

Thankyou from North Norfolk Buddhism Studies. We've pumped massive amounts of wealth into Cromer since the leaflet went out, and meant we could have an attunement to the Bedlam/House of Nightmares/Sin City and other Dark and Satanic Circuits here in Cromer. And everywhere you look, people are putting up the most terrific/inspired building of great beauty and sealing off satanic openings with new shop designs and its a occult/psychic hotspot. The town has a shop 2 doors down from me, which is an actual fully authoritative proper Pagan Shop, with massive wall hangings of Buddha Icon/Ganeshe, in a lovely room which you can walk past, and look down on the lovely table, and a little window with proper shod offering, of skulls/bowls/candle holder. And every conceivable prop/thing you could wish for, in windows. They even sell cloaks for children.

And 2 doors down in the other direction, a Christian Bookshop, where they let you divinate which books. Which is a town tradition here. You're most welcome to Cromer any time. We pray for people like you to come here. And please welcome all your students. We, at Buddha Studies would think you'd look particularly good posing on the lovely stairs of the Giant Red Centre Piece Hotel, Hotel de Paris, a great huge building, just in front of the Pier. When you lived in the Crow's Lake in your past life, you did a lot of work and were famous and probably didn't get killed off like the other one's. And I can feel your relationship to questions about how to calculate divinations of Cromer, such as angulations of buildings, and deviations from sources of hot spot super phenomenal activity. H men appear here regularly in person. And there's plent of people here who see or feel dead people. In our town you'd be taken to be odd if you didn't.

We love you and thank you for saving us. You've protected our lives and happiness.

So, good bless and good luck, Lovely Mystress

we'll crack the code eventually of the Jews and how it came to be some of us get lobotomies and get hooked on our mystresy pathway and find a way out for all beings. "lots of love"

....that last phrase was the phrase of nanny lorna....
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