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September 23, 2018, 11:43:10 PM
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Author Topic: Grounding and effects on the Sun  (Read 1414 times)

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« on: July 27, 2017, 07:09:15 AM »

Hi Folks,

I've been wondering about the macro effects on the Sun, of people here on our planet doing Grounding.

From an Electric Universe perspective, where stars are plasma beings, interconnected with each other, then there must be a flow of energy between stars, as there is a flow of energy from the Sun to Earth.

Making our Grounding connection, we establish a conduit between ourselves, the Earth and the Sun, with energy flowing upwards and downwards.

Therefore there must be a kind of homeopathic-scale effect on the Sun, because of these connections being made.

It's said that the soul of our planet is an incarnation of The Goddess.

Therefore there must be an impact on the Sun by virtue of our Grounding connections; energies from the planet being flowed to the Sun, as part of the ascending movement of energy.

What do you think?

My own thoughts about this relate to the idea of how the energy of the Sun has been manipulated, so it's receiving energy from 'captured' star systems like Sirius, rather than the original connection via Orion. Perhaps then, when we Ground, we're allowing Goddess/Earth energies to permeate the Sun, potentially redressing the manipulation.
(It reminds me of how holes can be punched through the Grid when we allow that Grounding connection to go Galactic.)
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Goddess has it handled.

« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2017, 09:15:22 AM »

My own thoughts about this relate to the idea of how the energy of the Sun has been manipulated, so it's receiving energy from 'captured' star systems like Sirius, rather than the original connection via Orion. Perhaps then, when we Ground, we're allowing Goddess/Earth energies to permeate the Sun, potentially redressing the manipulation.

  Does not feel resonant to me at all, tinfoil hat stuff. Captured stars? Captured by what?

  The heart of the sun and the earth core, both contain portals to the Void. So the grounding is a loop with both ends in the infinite Void, the Womb of Shakti where creation happens. Our galactic aspect is represented in three universal chakras above the crown. Irman calls it the Shing Chi, I remember when he wrote to ask me about them before he created the activation.  I told him: I just call them, 'the chakras above the crown' and I don't consider them to be very important. The crown chakra represents the Sun, the center of our solar system. The next is the center of our galaxy, the one after is the center of the universe- the big bang location, and the last of them represents the spiritual center, which being infinite, has no center.  Our minds being locked into linear perception, we see it as above but really it is everywhere, and so there are many routes to the Void, above and below.

  I open them as part of a tummo activation but anyone can open them just by asking Goddess. Gives a nice feeling of your mind opening to the stars, but other than that I don't pay them any attention. They are not personal chakras: like the fiery crystal they are shared, but not being planetary, they have no personal karma so they open quite easily.

   A focus that takes you out of the body is rarely beneficial. A preoccupation with the sun is essentially patriarchal. Wanting to be saviour to the sun is quite the hero trip. That sort of thing is most attractive to the male mind, who wants to be active, be the doer, the hero and get validation. Cannot be a hero unless there is a victim or villain, but projecting "needs help" onto the sun is a bit much, eh?

  Ever talked to the sun about it? The angel that abides within, isn't very talkative but gives impressions,and if requested, (and if you are ripe,) it can open the doorway inside the sun, and transport you to the Void directly without needing to go through the other two chakras. That is an ancient initiation. Come back to yourself after, by observing the breath, and notice how black isn't really black anymore.

 "My God, its full of stars!" - 2001, a space Odyssey.

  Permanent perceptual change. The full initiation is an FST lesson and occasionally I teach it as a chat class.

  I am far more interested in the effects of Grounding, on the Earth and on the human consciousness. The Earth is Her body, and the mechanism of the planetary magnetic field, is the physical manifestation of Her brain or Mind... from the fiery crystal core to the ley lines, to the outer edges of the magnetosphere, She is embodied. Consciousness is magnetic, ionic. The other main aspect of Her mind, is our minds.

  Science says the spin of the core is slowing down. Mars once had a magnetic field too, but the core lost its spin and now it is a dead planet. Makes ya go "Hmmm.." eh?

  I have spent many hours contemplating, why is She so invested in having me teach people to ground, is there some benefit to the Planet?

  I have not *attached* to any conclusions. It is better to stay turned inward. The benefit to ourselves in getting and staying grounded, turning inward, is a far more important focus than some potentially distracting lightworker crap about saving the world, that can only promote fear and lead to ego inflation.  

It's said that the soul of our planet is an incarnation of The Goddess.


 More than that, all of our ideas about the Divine are manifestations of the Planetary consciousness. The Earth is a Goddess, the Earth is ALL Goddesses. Jungian aspects of consciousness can be mapped into different areas of the planetary core and magnetic field.

  There are many Gods who represent the Sun, but their worship is patriarchal and not the best fit for Kundalini. Sun is the source of chi for free will based magic that turns into self-sabotage after K awakens. A Solar or crown focus tends toward the "escape into the crown and deny the body" sort of enlightenment, which to my mind isn't really enlightenment at all.

   When I activate the God-Light in men, it is an internal presence of white light and wisdom, very communicative and very strict especially regarding ethical behavior and the respectful treatment of women.  It does not come from a solar focus: the God serves the Goddess and it comes of deep deep surrender to Her will.

  In 2012, after a difficult process that lasted 7 years... (Or 44 years if counted from when I first encountered the planetary consciousness at age 2, the Light under the Ground... and She said "You are My Child",  or from the time travel dream age 9 when my then-future self told me "We have become that..." )

  I have become an Avatar of the Planetary Consciousness.

  I didn't talk about it much at first, because I was trying to understand it myself. My research, including inquiring of some spiritual scholars- even university professors, came up empty, which suggests the attainment is genuinely unprecedented. That was hard to believe, I am unaccustomed to thinking of myself as anything unique or special... and its a tough road. Most attainments, you can study the writing of those who have gone before but there is nothing, with this. So even as I was adapting and working from the new state, getting awesome insights into the evolutionary history of human consciousness, there was a part of me that found it all, just too crazy to share and I didn't talk about it except to those who are closest to me, like the FST Lineage.

  Disclosure was taken out of my hands, and the unexpected external validation eased my mind. I had not considered that spiritual seekers often look at a teacher's energy body to see if they are genuine. People - strangers who tried to look at mine, were ending up out in space, looking at the Earth and the magnetosphere. Writing to ask me about it.

  One person even sent a picture!  


I wish I could credit the artist, but I do not have a name. It came attached to a message from facebook, but as I seldom go there, the account had been closed after the message was sent so there was no sender name, and the message has since disappeared too. The message did not tell the artist's name. It said, someone on an Indonesian kundalini-reiki email list had a talent for aura paintings and was taking requests from people who were naming various Gurus and spiritual teachers. When my name came up, what came out looked *completely* different from all of the others.

  Symbolically, it is very accurate! From the sense of scale to the sources of my guidance. The brightest spot is heart chakra, then the intense connection to the fiery crystal and above, to the highest of the universal chakras: the great Void or All, Non-duality. Goddess above and below, the unmanifest and the planet.

  The sun is not even represented in the painting, except as the crown chakra: a pathway, one of the doorways to the Infinite.  The edges of the blue spiral are cut off, but if you extrapolate the gradient it would be larger than the planet below:  the magnetosphere. The painting also represents the avatar state, of being so deeply connected as to be That, but yet still separate, as a human consciousness.

  Reading is receptivity. You can focus so closely on a book's contents as to be transported into the authors universe, into their truth. It is part of the magic of how my writing works too, except I have been extremely discerning in what is shared, where it goes, whether the trip is beneficial and speaks to universal truths. My destination is the ascended universe, my focus is on the ascension of the individual. An accumulation of questionable information provides no benefit to that, so I haven't much patience or interest in it.

  Anything that can exist, does exist potentially somewhere, in an infinite multidimensional universe and our choice of beliefs is the navigation system. Some tinfoil hat authors will bring you right into their universe of paranoia and victimhood, it can be an interesting place to visit but I certainly would not want to live there!!

  Ask yourself, if a universe with a weak, captured sun is where you really want to live?
  Does the information really make one particle of difference to your grounded daily life, chop wood carry water?
  Surrender it all, then go into the core of the sun where it is pitch black, and chat with the Sun Angel.
  If you like, come back here and share what you discover.

** edited to note: I set this url as a public post on my facebook profile, and added urls for those who need context. Anyone is welcome to join this forum and comment on the post.
   Direct experience of the planetary consciousness: http://kundalini-teacher.com/meditations/earthh.php I always start with this, then up into the sun and Void.
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« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2017, 10:15:40 AM »

Dear Angelique,

You're so rich in your responses. I really appreciate how you answered the question I wanted to ask, rather than the clumsy one that I posted.

The difficulty I was having before was about distinguishing between the mythological associations of the Sun and its true spiritual nature. I don't feel that any of the names or representations given to the Sun actually belong to it. You made this clear with your description of the angel who resides in the Sun, and the patriarchal preoccupations with its power.

I've made contact with the Sun, (not the first time, but with a deeper awareness). And apart from all the teary catharsis, the message was brief, and about Sacred Marriage. I'm sure I'll post more as I process and continue the conversation.

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