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August 13, 2022, 01:51:37 AM
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Author Topic: Our Beloved Mystress Mystery Mastress  (Read 8478 times)

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« on: April 09, 2019, 11:25:24 AM »

I can't believe this,
my mum is starting to believe
Mystress, who we say may be called
Sammy or Samantha,
is the Almighty God ISIS or similar

because since we started praying to her,
we had sadguru masters do yantra tandra and other dras with us

a pagan library open in cromer
and 3 years of Brahman's SUN in Cromer

a little unofficial mafia circuit

turbaned girl sitting smoking outside swiss launderette
before the big stuff

and Baby King George is little replica of Mr Woodrow who
is  Donald Trump of Cromer, or Schindler of Cromer in the Jew Story

and his sister and he, both Royal Children, are Star Gazing children
who may be able to see through the planes, worlds and dimensions

like from the window of the Flat 2, Hamilton House
by the big Masonic House with the Pent Roof

which is the larger version of the Little Mini Mansion behind

72 Beecheno Road

IN the Pregnancy Centre/cloning centre, I met several sisters of Mystress
and celtic cousins.
In England they are called the Canadian People,
which is funny as

there was a Canadian Lady in Hamilton House, Flat 1,
Sandra from one of your big cities, big tall, strong woman,

who i joked was my Mum in my past life,

which is what I say to all the Jewishy looking folks of Cromer,

........not so much the common british people sadly....


yesteday I wanted to phone Crazy Clever Kieron (da Vinci)

with his arab strap              just joking,

i can't remember what an arab strap is, but that song German Whip
was big here

it's mostly Islamics who run the facility
but they are alright, some are Lamaish,
others up-tech, fast, cold, telephone ones

like in this film which came out recently

my name sake,


Drama on BBC TV

something about missing people.......like when I made that phone call
after the kundalini went wooosh....

.........999...........i'll find maddie mccann.......buddha girl one year.....buddha beats, come on here.......

It was Lucy Hawking the Supermodel Celtic who had aroused my Jealousy
which came through that morning

which made me run to the telephone in the back street to kill myself
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Goddess has it handled.

« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2019, 03:49:06 PM »

 Yeah the Hindus like to call me Durga. Where did Samantha come from? Bewitched TV show?



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