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August 13, 2022, 02:06:04 AM
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Author Topic: Only Slightly Terrorfied  (Read 7468 times)

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« on: April 09, 2019, 01:43:18 PM »

around 2008 when I was in the health bunker as a vegan,
with a few crystals and a pack of tarot cards and some simple simple
clothes, only natural make up and vegan, and a body board

and my body was perfectly honed from yoga austerities with steve
who took me around England, and to merlin's observatory and Edinburgh
and glasto

translation from the Chinese poem on the other sction of forum:
"The world is big, my eyes are all you, the world is very small, my eyes are only you. The world is wonderful, let me know you; the world is so bad that I didn't let me hug you. The world is wonderful, electric two-way valve, every day to see you, the world is helpless, day and day bitter to read you!"

I probably felt this, but I was scared of you back then in the more ordinary sense that I didn't know beings had magical powers. and I had a normal life.

Then, Buddhist after Buddhist, I met more and more of you, who were there already, and it aroused jealousy, so I guarded my secrets about NKT and kundalini and other stuff that I like and enjoy.

and I just read this book Kudalini and the Physical Plane

which Steve Owned, and a few others too, such as Ghandi,

erm…..not Aurobindo…….the Yogananda one, and also Osho…..

…..something about women not being allowed to approach men, only the other way around....

Anyways, God helped me a lot to understand the occult world, both of Light and Darkness, so I could understand what ever it was you super saints were on about.

Around the time of the health bunker anyway, Kieron met you in a dream,
and also, you visited me, and it was really scary, as you came into my room as a dark emanation, behind a mirror. Ooh.....

You are one scary lady...…..that's why we love you.

Some Fatty Feeder from the C of E recently said I was a scary lady!
I was like WhHat!

No I'm not Hugh, I'm like a prostitute, we've now been talking for 40 minutes in this conversation, and I'd like to be released to go to the loo please,

the guru needs to change his nappy

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An Interactive Guestbook  |  Communicate  |  Mystress gets around: in the Astral. (Moderator: Host)  |  Topic: Only Slightly Terrorfied « previous next »
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