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Author Topic: Fire Serpent Tummo, Tummo Rei Ki, Innersun Rei Ki  (Read 26528 times)
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« on: October 26, 2007, 04:06:51 PM »

Dear Mystress and everyone,

I am new here, just searching more about this fascinating fire serpent.
Anybody can let me have the manual of those different systems I read from http://www.kundalini-teacher.com/initiations/tummo.html
I am very interested but have limited money. If I can read the manuals before I decide which one to join first that will be helpful.

Looking forward to have copy of manual files before I decide to learn which one.
My email is : innerserpent@yahoo.com

Mystress, thanks for your hard work in this serpent. I need to contact Jeanne Garner but the link in your web page does not work. Do you have her email address? I need to email her directly. I got some info already on Tummo Rei Ki and Kundalini Rei Ki. These 2 looks similar. I need more info and research before taking my decision. Please help.

thanks and regards,
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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2007, 09:30:55 PM »

Dear Everyone,

I do not receive any information or manual yet from Fire Serpent Tummo, Innersun Rei Ki and other Reiki related Kundalini stuffs.  I have direct email communication with Jeanne Garner, who I received her wisdom guidance when I asked her about the differences between her Innersun Rei Ki and Tummo Rei Ki by Irmansyah (no email and reply from Mystress yet so far). Yet, she cannot let me have her manual of Innersun Rei Ki for my comparison study before becoming her student first. I feel there is a kind of secret behind the teaching, however I can understand her policy though.

But interestingly, I have received Tummo Rei Ki manual files from one of my internet friend who then told me about the book of Tummo Rei Ki that I can buy from amazon. I ordered the book immediately last week as I have been searching for more detail information. I start reading the book right away once I received it from amazon, Wow, this book is really interesting and so complete. I can't believe Irmansyah shared openly the content of his Tummo Rei Ki workshop from Level 1 to Level 3 in that book completely.

I compare the workshop manual I received from a friend and the content of the book and you know what, the book happens to be a deeper explanation of the workshop manual. I love this book. There are so many illustrations to help me understand. I wish I knew this book earlier.

However, I am still curious about Serpent Fire Tummo and Innersun Rei Ki materials. I am still wondering why Mystress and Jeanne did not write a complete book like this and made it available for public to buy from amazon without becoming the student first to learn. Now a days is information technology and open era. I personally do not believe in secret teaching anymore like in the past time. I am wondering if Mystress and Jeanne had read Irmansyah book of Tummo Rei Ki. As I do not know much about FST and Innersun Rei Ki, I still would love to hear their comments about Tummo Rei Ki materials in relation to their teachings.

After reading the book, it seems that Tummo Rei Ki has been inviting my heart to proceed with this teaching. One reason I guest because the ease of finding the information in the book without the requirements to be the student first. I am searching the possibility to learn Tummo Rei Ki now by Christmas as my inner guide told me that this year is a good year to find the solution of my spine problem. I always feel there is a movement like serpent moving in inner part of my spine and bother me sometimes. I pray that I can find the solution this year or as soon as possible. That is why I am searching all possible help in Kundalini area.

Any thought and idea sharing is really appreciated.

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Goddess has it handled.

« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2007, 11:46:33 PM »

There is no manual for Serpent Fire Tummo, it doesn't need one. Once you are initiated, it works autopilot under the guidance of your divine self. To learn to grant initiations, I put Sigmund through some intense training that would not fit into a book.  

  You are foolish for thinking the three of us have any interest whatsoever in competing with each other, or comparing systems.  We are friends. I write websites. Irman writes books. His first one in Indonesian was dedicated to me, he used to be my student.  Jeanne got the essence of Inner Sun from me, my higher self because she was curious why my shaktipat felt different than other folks, and I was curious too... the answer was tummo fire.  I have had the fire since I was a teenager.  She meditated on it to explore further, created a system.  Jeanne initiated Irman and he meditated on ascended Tibetan monks, and came up with his own thing, and promoted it widely. I wish him all success.  I'm not surprised he wrote a book, he has about 50,000 initiates and book writing is his main form of promotion, as well as being more efficient when dealing with such numbers of people.

  I've encountered people who got initiated into all three systems, seems kind of redundant to me, but hey everybody needs a hobby... They are probably the best people to compare, because except for Irman getting Innersun, (and he doesn't talk about it) we three have not been initiated into each others systems, and all three of us get rather bored of asking to comment on them.  

  All this talk of secret teaching, bla bla... The mysteries remain the mysteries until your consciousness evolves enough to understand. You are obviously not too evolved so it is all a mystery to you. If Jeanne doesn't want to give you her manual, it is her call to make. If you don't respect it then don't ask her to teach you.

  You are very funny, you approach this stuff like you are shopping for a used car.

Fire Serpent Tantra Kundalini Mystery School
K-list community - http://kundalini-gateway.org
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« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2007, 04:41:50 PM »

Dear Mystress and Everyone,

Happy Thanks Giving day  Cheesy

Mystress, first of all, thanks for replying my post. I had received all replies from all people who I considered as respectable and expert in the area of Kundalini from Internet that I am searching for.  I received email reply from Jeanne Garner and have some private email communications with her, then I received email from one of Irmansyah student (I can not reach Irmansyah directly but happy with his student reply) and finally I got reply from you Mystress.

It is amazing knowing how everyone of you have different wisdom in teaching Kundalini.
And Mystress, I am grateful to be a foolish rather than an arrogance person  Wink

My searching in this forum was started mainly because of your article about the origin of FST that you mentioned about Innersun Rei Ki and Tummo Rei Ki. To me Kundalini is sacred (not a used car) as I beleive I have experienced the energy in my life. So, I use my brain properly, one of the greatest gift of Our Creator (I can not imagine human without brain) to find the proper teacher and off course I also use my inner guidance. The Kundalini within me it self guide me too. So I can feel also different energy reaction from my Kundalini when reading different email and web sites about Kundalini. I do rely on my brain, as my brain is also strong so I want to make sure before I pay something as Kundalini for me is serious matters. To me Karma and Kundalini closely related. A mistake in doing Kundalini will create serious Karma.

I believe by now I got all I need to know about Kundalini teachers to whom I should learn from. My brain and my inner guidance found the answer.  

Thank you for showing me your wisdom in your teaching.

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