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January 27, 2022, 11:50:33 PM
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Author Topic: Think twice!!!  (Read 6086 times)
Baby Tafari

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« on: March 15, 2010, 05:23:03 AM »

note: there are three quotes in this concerning kundalini psychosis, that I forgot where I picked them from.. but I marked them as quotes. This is a refreshed repost, originally wrote it some years ago.. ma accent may come across as bad english, allthough I could write it in accademic english or whaeva but then it wouldnt be me.. and believed me, I did clean up a lot in this peice still.. and english is not my first language so go figure.. and I may come across as a new age hater, but I-Wombman a Rastafari and I hate noone. My sis and ma mom is both (especially ma sis) deep into new age.

In this post I simply wanna give ma 2 cents on the westworlds missuse of kundalini powers.

Think twice before U start playing wid Ur 3rd eye!
I teacher went to talk to Dalai Lama and some munks and they started talking bout Kundalini and how irrasponsible people spread the teachings (often for profit) in the west world. U can just pay up and tek a 3 day course to activate ur 3rd eye with Kundalini.. or better: do it for free with all the self help pages availeble on the net!!! Did dat maself long time ago, and I am (hope obviously) fine. One of I best friends wasnt so lucky though.. Smart, loving, beautiful girl.. she went for a 3 days course and came back permanently mad.. Dat was like 7 yrs ago and she is scitso for life and on meds after it.. cant even talk to her now.. She is locked up in a mental hospital most of the time, and she has no family.. I used to visit her in ma old hometown and provided her doctors wid info on kundalini psychosis - but they just looked at mi like I am mad too, and continued givin her all their fancy diagnosis and pills.. They doomed her mad for life, and sentenced her to a lifetime on strong meds.
The buddist munks must recieve proper education and preperation for at least 8 years before awakening kundalini.. quite a contrast to the madness going on in the west!

"When the fireworks start, the teachers, and most Gurus, are powerless to help (Spiritual Abandonment is more widespread than you would imagine) in spite of any assurances to the contrary".

How do we know what a next I carry within and what might erupt? Or how well he/she can filter between negative and positive spiritual forces once the doors are wide open?
"..devil needs invitation, and it can be a small crack on the door and he does the rest to take over in whatever convincing manner him deem appropriate for the mission"
- Natty Bongoman
Wisdom and knowledge is nuttin but wisdom and knowledge.. Some use it for good some use it for bad.. many dont use it at all..
The power of Kundalini is amazing it truly is, but without Yah and without a Heart of Love.. its a plain ego trip.. Imagine then to be able to just put ur hand on a book and allready gain the knowledge of it.. or walk into a library and just absorb without reading.. etc.. If U ave no filter for bad tings U might get mad fi real, and if U ave lack of Love U will get arrogant..
Yah is love so therefor love is Yah. Love is the highest level of consciousness and Yah is the living complete Highest form of Conscious Love.
Yah see all things, and also love has no dark corners, its pure light. Everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.
We should be like instruments of Yah love, conscious instruments that filters away all negativity. When we keep cleaning dat filter in order to stay clean we will also become better in figuring out wat it is that stuck there (how it feels, sounds, smells, taste and look like)- we will become better and better on resisting those things that are wrong for us.
Another Sis, who went on the very same course and same time as I beloved Sis dat went loco.. She came back irie and positive abt the whole experience.. even though she felt bad for our friend.. well, she been having these dreams where she pass down to hell!!!
"Nightly dreams where one leaves the body; in some cases a person feels as if they are being tormented by negative entities that seem too real and cause one to wake up in total fear, thinking they are doomed to experience these hellish dreams over and over"
... am mekin the twillight zone theme song noise...
or better "two two freddie's coming for u.."
Also this is very true for my this other Sisteren who went there (and she was quite humble before that):
"Disturbingly, some peoples' egos seem to expand along with their consciousness when they have what they consider to be an advanced Kundalini awakening. I was somewhat shocked when I first came across this, being of the mind that Kundalini would purify any blocks within people and fashion them into human beings equivalent to the Mother Teresas and the Dalai Lamas of this world. Not so; some of the poorest representations of spiritual growth gone wrong have been people with advanced Kundalini experiences, or alleged to be fully enlightened, some of the finest have been those with the most challenging and problem-ridden Kundalini awakenings".
It really really Ixplain (to me) what some of wat the new age experts went tru..
.. a lot of them say every religion/faith holds a small peice of the truth right, very limited info.. like all is a possible way up to the top of the mountain... while noone really see the fullness, they must all open up to see whole pic.. ppl cannot comprehend b4 they let their consciousness expand to whatever those new age ppl hold as true and right!!! Talk bout bursting ego whooohooo Kundalini Eruption!!! Sitting on the mountain top looking down at all other fools striving wid their limited access to truth;)
I feel sad really because many people who are searching within the new age movement, are really depressed people searching for whatever seems to be missing them - answers, their true selves, peace of mind etc - coz they feel terrible lost and unhappy.. so called guru's looking for money gladly tek advantage..
Then while opening the self to ultimate truth of the universe..
..many start to look at the stars feeling all "E.T. phone home".. feeling the density of this planet more than ever.. wanting to go back home to.. dat part of the Septentrion many feel they come from.. forgot the name.. but I felt it too, for a long period after activating I third eye with Kundalini.. Many stuck there, and settle with this - maybe as some answer to why they have always felt so lost..
Anyway.. standing there looking at the sky, one might experience that forces are coming from the space after u coz of the strong vibes u send out there.. like lil gray men wid big black eyes.. U kno those "tek mi to U'r dealer" dudes.. I am thinking some of the third degree contacts dats been rapported, can be part of the "alien abductees" (and whoever who sighted aliens) kundalini awakenings.. 3rd eye expansions.. knowingly or unknowingly having it triggered at some point - or just being born that way.
Anyhow, a premeditated kundalini awakening should not ever be done without a proper guide. Far I part I had this highly conscious sudansese sufi rastaman (I twinsoul) who went long before I.. I was therefor all aware and prepared for the fact that there will be demon attacks and such, even as parts of a successful kundalini awakening.
This Ras man took I kundalini awakening very serious, and I could call him up any time day and night with questions, insights etc.. And he came to stay with I for long periods of time as well.
I doubt those kundalini teachers who get nuff money for som few hours would give that kinda time, care, love etc.. to all their clients. or that they even have that kind of over- inner- and understanding.. I dunnu if its so good to pay for any type of spiritual guidance from strangers..
Well far ma friend, she was real spiritual, intelligent, conscious, beautiful in and out and aware.. but wen she came back from dat ting she stopped eating all togther.. she got like a skelett.. they had to hospitalize her against her will.. and she thought she had 200 children in chile.. or something, real complicated.. and she thought dat she was married to Naz.. (yea the rapper) + she showered every 3 minits.. she thought dat she gonna explode, melt... well.. u get the picha.. and she stuck dat way. Wen I say mad, I mean NUTS. So.. Yea, I do gat hard time ovastanding dat level.. Its fucked up, and it hurts. Overs dat. I lost ma best friend to evil spirits fuckin her up, torturing her inside and out + she got babylon medicin fucking her up some more instead of gettin people saving her and casting out whatever demons and shit she recieved from dat "eye opener".
"Those who traverse this way without a Shaikh(guide),Shaytan is their Shaikh"-Sufi Proverb I got from Ras Brandon
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