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December 01, 2021, 08:30:53 PM
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Author Topic: A mysterious attraction to mystress  (Read 7112 times)

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« on: April 18, 2012, 08:38:56 AM »

First let me thank you Mystress for all the reams of content you have posted on this site and other sites, of the websites I have visited of this genre across the net this is the one I feel most drawn to, I think we may have a lot in common, I am attracted to you as an individual, your story and your writing at so many levels, as they relate a great deal to myself, my own story and own writing.

It is some 6 years now since I first experienced the beginnings of my own kundalini awakening or what I now believe to be a kundalini awakening. It happened whilst I was attending an Authentic Transformation Course in Majorca, simply by practicing Karma Yoga. I began speaking to a fellow student about how I believe it is possible to work for the greater good (Goddess) through finding our life's purpose (I may need to seek clarification with you on this) and suddenly energy began to burst forth from the base of my spine and travel upwards through my body and out through the top of my head. It was a nice, reassuring feeling.

Later that night I meditated on what had happened to me that day for perhaps the first time in my life and waves of heat, tingling sensations and emotions started to pour over me as if I was experiencing a full body orgasm. I let myself connect further and further with all around me and sink ever deeper into spirit as the feelings intensified before they ebbed away again after perhaps an hour.

A couple of months prior to this moment I had received a revelation from my inner guru on a similar course I attended in England that I was to become a spiritual guide. Something in itself that I was ill prepared for and took me a while to come to terms with even before the journey my kundalini awakening started to take me on. 

After those two cataclysmic events the energy has returned sporadically within me, I have gone on to become a life coach and when I work with clients in a true healing space that energy seems to revisit me when I most intimately connect with the client and Goddess at the same time, I have also had it when connecting with other kindred spirits and when presenting my own book about my own journey to a firm of publishers for the first time last year. It is as if Great Spirit, Goddess, The Universe wants to confirm to me that I am on the right track with my life and what I am doing is the right thing to be doing.

Sometimes the energy rises from the base of my spine up through my body and into my head, at other times it only comes only part way up. I also get it where it feels as if Goddess is gently caressing the back of my head, or I get heat in one aspect of my spine or one of my chakras.

In writing my book 'Becoming A Butterfly' (as yet not published) I talk of my subsequent journey, the karma I have had to visit and revisit through that process in order to clear anything unwanted and re-balance myself without the true knowledge of what I was experiencing or attempting to do. Kundalini Awakening and Karma Yoga are only terms I have recently come across. 

I am interested in your work it resonates with me and I might seriously have to consider becoming a Fire Serpent Tantra Student as I am attracted to all 3 stages you take students through.

I am currently wondering whether I need to progress upon a Kundalini Yoga path or one of Tantra as I am aware that when my awakening came it did so in a way that was fairly reassuring rather than shocking, but still my body probably wasn't best set up for such an experience. I have a wish to work with the energy that is being presented to me in the best way possible.

Before revisiting your site a couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was on board a sailing boat with two other people, I had cracked my skull on the boom and blood was seeping from it, serpents also featured in that dream, with my knowledge of Debbie Shapiro's work 'Your Body Speaks Your Mind' and Steven Farmers 'Animal Spirit Guides' I realized both references were speaking to me about a further spiritual awakening, it was no surprise at all to me to learn of the fact that you and your partner sail. I believe I am meant to be here connecting with you on this site.

I don't know entirely what the purpose of this connection is as yet but with so many references within your website to my own work, perhaps packaged and presented a little differently but with similar understanding none the same it is hard to decipher quite what at the moment. I will let Goddess guide me but I am interested in exploring both my sexuality and spirituality further after certain chakras have been more widely opened in my journey and maybe you and your teachings may take me where I need to head next.

Much love Sx
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Goddess has it handled.

« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 06:39:38 AM »

  Maybe mysterious to you, not to me. I do not feel we have much in common but I am familiar with how ego flatters itself and how Goddess leads people to me... through resonance and synchronicity, dreams and visions and sometimes love. Falling in love with teacher is how Goddess gets people to pay attention. Does not mean much to me, I am love.

  Don't think much of folks who want to use my stuff in their book though. Get plagirized enough already.  Sad

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