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Author Topic: Evil  (Read 9546 times)

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« on: August 13, 2012, 09:20:53 PM »

Hello, this was really intended as a short email for the person who wrote the material on the main site. I am disappointed that I am unable to email them directly as this really was intended as a personal message to them, and not as food for any discussion whatsoever. But such is the case, so so be it. I very much doubt that the owner of this site will read this message.

I was just going to say "hello, message from reality here: evil exists, and you can't deal with every challenge in a healthy or constructive way by simply imagining that the flaws you observe in others are merely flaws you have in yourself and that somehow you can love your way out of it all the time. Yes I know exactly where you are coming from in what you said on the page 'The Shadow Self.' and yet it is dangerous to lead people to believe that what you have written really is the final word on the subject. Believe me it is very important to people's personal safety at times to be aware of the fact that there are some people in the world who think very, very differently and can be absolutely deadly at times. The habit of thinking which you describe, left unchecked, can become a very nasty trap."

This is based on very long life experience. I have been through the kundalini awakening, but my life has always been very dangerous indeed. It is absolutely OK sometimes to call a spade a spade, and put the blame firmly where it belongs and this can help one find the courage and clarity of thought needed to deal with extremely dangerous situations. I am talking about serial rapists and murderers - people who target the weak and vulnerable simply to use them for some cruel sport. And there are others. Genuine psychopaths and sociopaths who are deeply twisted.

There are many people in this world who do do dark things simply because they have had a terrible life and need to be loved. I know many, have helped and been helped by many. I have been through so much that the only people who can really understand my feelings and deal with them on a very intimate level really are people who make a habit of torturing people to death. So in those cases what you have said is valid.

I have also dealt with many apparently dangerous situations by hitting people with a full-on love beam type thing. But really REALLY for their good and yours you have to be wise and know when to draw a line, use the dark side of the force so to speak. Vanquish and overcome, and you don't have to be polite about it. Let them be faced with the true consequences and realities of their own choices, and to hell with it. They may learn a lesson from it.

Each situation is different, and I do advocate dealing with things in a respectful and loving yet firm manner if possible. But there are times when you need to be prepared, at least, to very seriously fight for your life. Let alone shouting and telling someone straight what you think of them.

As a general aid to dealing with the dark side of life, however you manage individual situations it is important to be able to step back and observe the patterns and the reality behind things. You simply will be wrong in assuming a serial rapist thinks the same way other men do, for example.

Consider this a public safety message.

What qualifies me to say this? Well you name it, it has been done to me to an extreme you would never believe. And I have tales of things that have happened to others too. Plus the Kundalini thing. Plus two degrees in very hardcore psychology.

Psychology people. Reality. I have spent a LOT of time thinking about what makes some people tick, and believe me being fluffy about it just doesn't cut the mustard.

Over and Out.

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« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 09:43:10 AM »

You have a valid point. While reading that I was thinking about malicious attacks that certain people initiate like with black manic and voodoo, how do you ward against those and is that something that others have experienced.

Black Haven
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