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January 27, 2022, 11:42:35 PM
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Author Topic: Oh that crispness in the air, How I've missed you.  (Read 11312 times)
Da Zues Mon

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« on: September 30, 2012, 09:26:55 PM »

This is an interesting.
I am. And I am not.
I am scared
But I am not.
So how is this that I can be scared?
It's ok, something to process upon
Our soul growing through forms, manifestations
Inheriently present.
Please I am not much other than a piece of form with luminous qualitiy that Gods can adore.
And that is ok.
And that is ok.

My posture in a wreckage as the winds blow upon
With the fullest strength of emotions;
Truly a cosmic force
to be wary of reckoning..

True sense. why I am fighting.
Who is fighting. I am what experience and I know where you cam efrom.

sheougn sheve 

None of this has to be you

The balance of heaven and Earth
is to be
And like a spider
We web.
Let creation come about my son.
I have put you in here for a reason.
I know. Therefore I am
And know
Of the of Not.
With the power of trance..
With the power of imagination
We can transcend to higher areas of consciousness.
Ones that we can help
Ones we have always had.
We are not depended upon these machines
To keep us warm, to keep us safe.
Arise. Simply arise.
Stand up
Now, breathing is wonderful
And the world may seem a bit more colorful
A stream of light connecting you
To infinity;
incredibly simple.
Can I share this with you?
I may be somewhere cold and dark
Will you remind me
When I began to be ripped apart
we are dying
And that is truly living.
Everything is impermanent
Therefore abundant
The Truth, Infinity.

--Something I pooped out in a moment of inspiration where I just let it come out. I am very grateful for having a space to share stuff like this. A blessed Thanks to Mystress and her lineage, and to everyone who contributes and/or benefits from this site and forum  Cheesy
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An Interactive Guestbook  |  Communicate  |  Guestbook.  |  Topic: Oh that crispness in the air, How I've missed you. « previous next »
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