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February 25, 2020, 03:49:57 AM
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Author Topic: How can I remove my Reiki attunement?  (Read 18686 times)

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« on: July 25, 2013, 08:31:25 PM »


Just call me Bob. I'm from Malaysia. To start with, I had this weird experience in the evening of 2007
where in a sudden I could see a blinding and very bright white light shooting through the top of my

head and pass through the clouds and somehow connected to the infinite sky/space above me. It

happen while I was in the middle of a road on a motorcycle. I got my buddy as my pillion. After that, I

just made a stop at the nearest restaurant just to calm myself down. The weirdest part is my friend

which was sitting behind me on that bike felt that he was drenched and all wet, but he's so confused

coz his shirt and pants were very dry! Its a hot day and no rain had fallen for a week! I think that was

the first day i got my kundalini awaken...many weird things/phenomenon such as in terms of religious

view where I had this archangel Gabriel/Jibrail (in Islam) pay me a visit after I doubtfully questioned

about the afterlife and the existence of heaven and hell...I was sleeping that night then had a

nightmare where everything in the world seems very noisy and I have to cuff my ears and scream my

heart out...Boom! I woke up in the middle of the night sitting on my bed confused...i drag myself down

and sat on the chair beside my bed thinking what was that dream is all about? Suddenly in that calm

quiet cold night, I heard jingly bells coming from afar...The sound is similar to that jingling bells on

Santa's sledge car. I turned from confused straight to scared and panic. But I can't move myself, not a

single limb! I just sat there and listened to that bells coming closer and closer until it stops just

outside my bedroom window. The bell still jingles. I'm sweating like a pig in the middle of the very cold

night wtf?! That bell sound stays for about 30 seconds than slowly diminished to the sky. That event

really scares me a lot and that makes me searching days and night for answers from any source

reliable. Until one day this Reiki master said it was archangel Gabriel. He came by to give the answer

on what I seek and the bell is the sound of his wings. I don't know whether its true or not but

man...that scared the shit out of me coz I heard it while I'm wide awake!! And moreover it stopped

just beside my window which is few feet from me...Guess that started out my spiritual journey...

And from 2007 till 2012 I had a wonderful and blissful life. I do have to face many usual day to day

problems but I tend to be stronger and more focused. But earlier this year I try to step up my spiritual

ability and go on for reiki attunement designed by this Indonesian Reiki Grandmaster...That night I

received the attunement from afar. He's in Borneo while I'm in the southern region of peninsular. After

the initiation, I felt so weak and can't even move myself from the chair!! Like all my energy being

ripped off and left is just an empty body! my body just hanging on the side of the chair and my left

hand just laying on the floor. OMG! Am I dead? That is the 1st thing came into me! I try to gather back

all the strength that left and try to lift my body and stand. Good God! I'm alive!! But still weak. The

weakness going on about a month. I felt like my K is being choked, scrambled and reshaped violently

and don't know how to get rid of it. Up till now I still have issues with grounding and throbbing

pressure inside my head (ajna/crown) and in the worst case got stomach cramp and breathing


Sometimes the K grounded naturally. But more often need a quiet meditative state and strong

visualization. I'm sick of it. I've read Mystress posts about charged post to remove reiki from ones

system...If that is possible, where can I read/view it? My guru told me that most of his student have

the same symptoms in the beginning as the constructed energy collides with the universal energy and

try to reshape itself according to his reiki system. But here I am crying in silence coz it hurts me a lot

at some point I thought I've becoming crazy and need to see a shrink...Anybody could help me?

Please I'm begging for immediate help... Cry
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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 11:00:54 AM »

Reiki removal is done as part of tummo initiation process. Or a private session can be arranged.
In some cases  self removal can be successful. But I can very recommend to have it removed with assistance from other. As there are layers of resistance toward removal build in.

I heard some say that the negative symptoms wear out in time. But I feel that even then it is not due to achieving harmony but because a lack of awareness of this ongoing infringement sets in.
For kundalini, reiki shows its ego/free will structure as obstacle. And one cant serve ego and the divine at the same time.
Trust your instincts. The divine needs to have the first place.
And also one doesn't know what was implanted in total, if the system was altered or tweaked.

With Love
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