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Title: Hello and help
Post by: watson on June 04, 2008, 11:23:22 AM
Hi, Im new on this website. I awekeed my kundalini about ten years ago, while reading the celesty profecy. Probably by I got it stucked in my back. For the last year I almost can't feel the kundalini energy. Whe I get to this page It rises again, but two days after closed again. I feel like I'm stuck and everything I do is undone after a short time. Mystress, can you help me? I realy want to make my energy to flow free.

And before someone asks, no, the grounding meditation don't help me. I feel it works but it's affects dissapear after ten minutes (if much) is very frustrating.

I think this have to with my difficulties in acept the energy, and much of this is made by my myself. But it comes to me that I need help to undone this, that I can't do it myself.

P.S. : Sorry if have problems in wiriting, but I'm from Brazil.

Title: Re: Hello and help
Post by: Sigmund on June 07, 2008, 08:21:14 PM
Hello, watson.  Glad you made it to the k-t forum.  Things sometime seem to fade as they integrate.  If you replenish yourself regularly, you'll fill up. 

From what you say, surrendering your conflicts to Goddess often will lessen their effects on you as long as you understand that whatever keeps coming up is something for you to unfold and explore.  After that, the stuff may come up in various permutations as you'ready to release it.

If what you want is to hold and sustain energy, I'd off hand suggest grounding once an hour for the next six or eight weeks.   You don't have to start from the beginning each time.  Once you get a feel for it, you can imagine it from where you left it and begin the images with that in mind.  Chanting while practicing this might increase things for you, too. 

Title: Re: Hello and help
Post by: watson on June 09, 2008, 02:53:19 PM
Well, I quite glad myself. I find the topic of kundalini to be very hard to discuss. In part because I find out that people that really are awakened are hard to find. Most of the so called spiritualists see kundalini as a taboo. And others think that we only want to increase your sexual energy when we want to talk about it. And many who think are awakened are wrong.

- About a year ago I get in a Brazilian yoga forum in the orkut. The topic are about the existence of chancras. I posted that the chacras system were not a divine revelation but a natural perception that happen when the k energy rises. Well, yoga teachers of more then 20,30 years of practice come to say they never see something like that and that the k energy is BS. (in my opinion, if you practice something for 30 years and get nothing is not with me that you should get pissed off)

That said, thanks for the good words Sigmund. They open my heart chacra and gave me forces. It seems my K is working properly again (thanks goddess) and the tumno forum seem to have burned the last big blockages.

And thanks Mystress for the pages and the writings. I love the fact that you are a dominatrix. Is a slap in the ego...

I will try to be more active in this forum for the time to come

Title: Re: Hello and help
Post by: Sigmund on June 10, 2008, 06:40:11 PM
Have you heard of second life?  Mystress Angelique has a kundalini virtual estate there.  Here's some of her post in the fire serpent tantra members' tea room:
(excerpt deleted by Mystress.)