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 This site is primarily about the amazing, wondrous spiritual, emotional and physical evolutionary process we call Kundalini awakening. It is non denominational, and I hope that persons of all cultures, races, religions and countries find it to be of use.

Personally, I like to refer to the infinite, nameless, Spirit, Source, God, Buddha Nature, I AM, as "Goddess", and that is the term used on most of these pages. Feel free to substitute whatever term you prefer, in your own mind.

Navigation of this site is both linear and intuitive. If you are very ambitious and want to read the whole site, there is a sitemap for reference.

This website, while a comprehensive reference in its own right, is also intended to advertise my professional services as an empathic healer, spiritual guide, Shaktipat Mystress and Tantric teacher. I retired from public session work a few years back and now am only available for personal consultations with my Fire Serpent Tantra students. A few of the most gifted and devoted graduates have had extensive additional training from me to become worthy to bear the title FST Lineage and they will carry on the public work.

I tithe by offering much of my knowledge and experience for free, via web sites like this one and my email lists. I have been offering Shaktipat for free to all who desire it, through the grounding pages since 1997. Such undertakings take a lot of time to create and maintain, but it is a labour of love. I host the Kundalini email list community and website, which is the oldest kundalini related email list in the world, continuously active since 1996. The k list archives represent the largest compliation of Kundalini advice and experiences anywhere.

 I am not able to keep up with the amount of email and requests for support this website generates. I had to give up trying, and instead created a forum, the K-teacher Guestbook. Post your questions there, and myself or one of my FST Lineage can respond to advise you. Others can benefit from the archives and questions that come up sometimes inspire me to add new pages to this website. Please be patient as the forum can get quite busy but do not try to email me.

I earn my daily bread through those who have the resources and motive to hire me for individual sessions, initiations, workshops, or take my online courses... and a cherished few, who freely choose to make love donations in support of my work, whether they benefit from it directly, or not.

Blessings, and Namaste... Mystress.

Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
Use the advice contained in this website at your own risk.
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Do not repost content from this website to your site, forum or blog as unauthorized copying damages my search listings and will be pursued. You are welcome to link to these pages.

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