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Title: sepent fire tummo
Post by: justin on February 12, 2010, 04:22:44 PM
Im not a big fan or reiki anymore.  I was wondering if serpent fire tummo would be right for me.  I have ego issues, anxiety, dissocaton, and depression.  Would tummo be safe for me to clear these things?  Thank you for any response.


Title: Re: sepent fire tummo
Post by: Mystress on December 08, 2010, 09:38:16 PM
  Hmm I need to clarify something here.

  This website is based in Canada, and in Canada all psychic services and non vocational training is legally classified as "entertainment."

   It is illegal for me to make any specific promises of healing or health benefits from an initiation or any type of session, lesson or service from myself or my lineage... which is what you appear to be asking for.

   So we don't. I sometimes will talk of what people experienced, but mostly the testimonials speak for us.

   Yes, the initiation is very safe and Sigmund does excellent work.