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Author Topic: Unusual Experience  (Read 6415 times)

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From the unreal lead me to the Real. From darkness

« on: September 27, 2011, 03:55:32 AM »

I have recently begun a regular yoga practice. (6 months)
This includes 2 kundalini classes per week.
Before each class I usually have 15 minutes to stretch, warm-up and centre myself.
As I centre myself, eyes closed, even, slow breathing. I  extend my other senses outward to try and determine the number of people that enter the studio. When I open my eyes and survey the room I am never surprised that the number of people that have joined me in the room is never the the number of people I "sensed". No matter. I still enjoy the exercise.
     About a month ago while practicing this sensory exercise I had a different result. As usual I began by cataloging the sounds, smells, and disturbances in the airflow around me. If you have ever closed your eyes and listened to the sounds of life in a crowded place, like a train station etc, you know the sound of the buzz of life I am going to refer to next. The buzz of a large crowd filled my head. Not frantic, but rather calming in aspect. In my minds eye it seemed as if I was sitting in a light fog, and a procession of individuals seemed to parade around me, offering quiet, friendly salutations. Like old friends I have never met stopping by to say hello-yes I am aware of this apparent contradiction Smiley.
The individual forms were vague and lacked definition but where definitely distinctive in that they were human. At no time did I feel fear or anxiety, just a  sense of warmth and wonder. The sound of my yoga teacher greeting the class brought me out of this strange fog and back into the room instantly. Opening my eyes I observed four other yogis in the room, ready to practice. I have no idea what this experience was but carried the sense of wonder around for several days. It was so vivid that I can still call up the memory of it clearly in my minds eye now. It is slightly disconcerting that I don't find the  experience at all disturbing. I have been working with Kundalini slowly, with no expectations, just a thirst for getting to know myself, my true, real being. Just wanted to share this with someone.
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From the unreal lead me to the Real.
From darkness lead me to Light.
From death lead me to Immortality.
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Goddess has it handled.

« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2012, 04:49:29 PM »

  Thanks for sharing paul. You got knocked into a higher vibration. Do not attempt to duplicate the experience, there is no going backwards but forwards to other new experiences to grow from. Attaching too much importance to the phenomena can be a distraction on the path.

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