Serpent Fire Tummo.

Please note:  Mystress has retired from conducting initiations, and trained some of her FST graduates as Lineage healers to continue the work.  

 Serpent Fire Tummo can be very useful for calming an intense awakening. During an initiation, I will do a karmic clearing to remove any major blockages to prepare the place for the Tummo, which are the same blockages that would block the flow of the Kundalini Shakti. The result of the initiation is a full kundalini awakening in receptive individuals who are already awakened, 95% of the time. Not 100%, because some individuals who are awakened by the initiation need for the process to go more slowly.

"Full awakening" is defined as all chakras being opened, and the Kundalini energy reaching the crown chakra. It is not the same as Self realization or full enlightenment. Chakras do not open fully, all at once. They open gradually, one petal at a time like a rose or like the lotus flower that they are often depicted as in Hindu artwork. As each petal opens, more of the potential of each chakra unfolds. Each chakra must be at least partly opened in order for the Kundalini Shakti to reach the crown, but that is not the end of the process. The crown chakra is called the 1000 petaled lotus, meaning that it has infinite petals, and continues to open all your life, as you integrate with more and more of All that Is.

We are like trees, when we stop growing, we die.

I only do individual initiations, not group initiations because I prefer to give individual attention to each person's process. The initiation itself involves clearing any blockages in the chakras to prepare the way for tummo fire and Kundalini. The fire is lit within all the major chakras, some secondary chakras and the connections between the chakras and the palms. I also open all the chakras above the crown, and clear the lower part of the grounding cord to enhance the flow of shakti and life energy. I follow the guidance of my intuition with each recipient, and sometimes feel guided to do additional work, such as a soul retrieval or to train them to hear their heart voice. Whatever is required for a successful initiation.

Serpent Fire Tummo is my own system. There are no symbols or degrees, the initiation is all in one and it unfolds its potential at a rate you can handle. As a general guideline I suggest new initiates give the Tummo fire two months to clear their own energy body before using it to heal and clear others.

  Some individuals may be able to move on faster than this, and others go more slowly. Most people who come to me for initiation are seeking their own spiritual growth and not seeking to heal others or pass on the initiation; I am pleased at this evidence of their spiritual maturity. Change the world, by changing inside of yourself.

Tummo Fire is not Reiki. It is Tibetan, also known as gtummo, the inner fire. Reiki, essentially is chi (ki) that is governed by symbols directing it. People do not need symbols to channel chi, as therapeutic touch is also chi, but without symbols. There are no symbols in tai chi or chi gong. In practice, you use the tummo fire much the same as Reiki or therapeutic touch, but no drawing symbols.

Despite being the original source/inspiration of several lineages of Tummo systems, I do not refer to myself as a Tummo Master, (or Grandmaster, heh!) out of respect for the Tibetan traditions. In Tibet, the "graduation ritual" for a Tummo master is to sit outside in the snow all night long in the middle of the cold Tibetan winter wearing only a loincloth, and by morning the initiate must have dried two sets of linens on their back, and melted all the snow for several feet around them. While I have been using the tummo fire to keep warm on occasion ever since I was a teenager, I doubt I would pass that kind of intense testing, this lifetime. Nor do I feel it is needed.

This type of tummo is not oriented towards keeping warm in winter, it is specific to the process of healing and clearing the emotional blockages of karma, enhancing and smoothing the process of Kundalini, and paving the road to enlightenment. It is especially useful for helping wayward empaths to keep themselves clear. Tummo initiation is a very powerful type of shaktipat that can smooth and accelerate the process in a very safe and easy way.

Tummo fire energy shows up as rippling heat shimmers of clear light, warm and healing fire. Tummo is the clear light, heat that burns away the emotional blockages, etc. that are at the root of illness. Transmutation by fire. Tummo fire may show up as coloured, depending on what it is burning off, but in itself it is the clear light, transparent like a heat shimmer. Tummo fire is related to Kundalini heat. It is based in the solar plexus, but can show up anywhere in the body, burning off karma. (Some say it is based in the second chakra, but that is contrary to my experience.)

When the fire is active, it reduces the need for emotional release. Usually with karma releasing as a result of the Kundalini process, the content of the karma flows out the head, and in the process it passes through the other chakras, the throat and the mind where it is felt as fears, emotions and memories. When the Tummo is active, it could be described as the difference between taking out the trash, and having an incinerator in your home. The karmic content burns up where ever it is located in the body, and the "smoke" passes out the crown chakra harmlessly, without needing to be identified or released as emotions, fears or issues. There may still be some issues that are released emotionally, but generally that only occurs when some insight into a personal behavior or pattern is needed, to make a conscious choice to change behavior.

Serpent Fire Tummo is not, reiki, it is not a degree system, and it uses no symbols. I have spent far too much time removing symbols from past or current life initiations that became an outdated liability, to be interested in implanting any sort of new symbols into people. I am/was a Reiki Master, but I had the Reiki symbols removed from my chakras when I outgrew them. They showed up during a self cleansing meditation one day, as something to be removed. Meditating on them more deeply, I came to understand that the symbols have become tainted with a lot of human judgments about what is good and what is bad. "Good intentions" (road to hell) that work fine in duality-space, but in nonduality become a limitation on ascension.

Reiki can be useful for beginners on the spiritual path, but the intentions behind the symbols contain a lot of duality-based ideas that must be eventually transcended. As a Reiki initiation is intended to be permanent, usually getting the symbols removed takes assistance from someone outside of yourself. If you are seeking Tummo initiation after having already been initiated into reiki, I will guide you in asking your own heart whether to keep the reiki symbols or whether to use the Tummo fire to burn them away.

Tummo initiation is an awakening of your natural potential, similar to how Kundalini awakening is an awakening of potential that is already present, sleeping in everyone. In terms of human evolutionary cycles, we lost our fur long before we learned to wear clothes, and tummo is how humans in prehistory kept warm. It is a natural potential within everyone, and so very safe.

In practice, the tummo fire feels warm, warming and is more effective for healing than Reiki is. The initiation is pretty simple, and the energy goes to work within you, first... clearing your own blockages to make you a better, clearer vessel. Then, you can transmit it to heal others. My palms are getting warm, just writing about it! :) If you are receptive, you may feel some heat while reading this, or after... a mild amount.

Tummo fire can also be transmitted by remote. There are several different types of Tummo around, some of them are created by my past students, modifying the basic technique, adding symbols, degrees and levels like Reiki has. With my initiation, it is all in one but it takes time to unfold its full potential within you. At the end of the initiation, the power is put under the guidance of your unconscious/spirit, which directs it to where it needs to be. It can also be directed consciously.

To prepare for initiation, just get grounded and have a jug of pure water handy. Tummo fire burns water, as part of its mysterious alchemy. You may want a nap after the session, and extra sleep and water for a few days after. The fire will be put under the control of your inner guidance at the end of the initiation, so for days or weeks afterward you will feel warm spots on different areas of your body as your guide uses the fire to clear your karma as it thinks best.


Initiation into Fire Serpent Tummo (not reiki) is $125. usd and can be done via phone or chat. Real-time contact is preferred so the healer can get immediate, step-by-step consent to burn off any blockages they  encounter. The initiation can be done in absentia, but it is not my preference. The initiation may take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 45, depending on the clarity and receptivity of the initiate. Payment must be in advance, and can be by paypal or via mail to the address below.

If you would like to be initiated, go ahead and send payment and one of the Lineage Healers will get back to you to book an appointment.
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Be sure to include your email address!

Send your payment as cash (well wrapped/hidden) or a money order, addressed to:

Mystress Angelique Serpent
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If sending a money order, include a $10.00 fee to cover bank charges on foreign currencies.

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Initiation experiences.


I have been initiated in Fire Serpent Tummo by Angelique - about ten days later I experienced the birth of my divinity. My entire energy body feels clear, and just when I think it can't possibly get any clearer, it does. I can't confirm that it's all down to the Tummo - the clearing has come for me in lots of ways, but I reckon the Tummo played a big, big part in it.


After the Tummo initiation, I was lying down and enjoying the after affects of talking with you, when I unmistakably felt what felt like TWO SNAKES moving on either side of my backside, from the base of my spine. They moved up to my navel, and of course, I became very interested and "stared", so of course they stopped.

It has been 5 days since the Tummo initiation. After our talk, I still had lots of "Tummo" action happening. It still happens occasionally, and it feels very good! I recognize now the feeling of karma being released and transformed, and it feels wonderful, like a burst of love flames (Tummo fire!)

After five days, all of my chakras feel much more present to me. I can feel my inner workings noticeably more, especially my wonderful replaced root chakra. Where have you been all my life? ;-) Grounding suddenly feels simpler, like a better fit and I don't feel the interruption anymore. You have a wonderful ability to "hit the spot" Mystress!

For the past five days, I have felt sovereign in my being and am more in tune with the workings of each chakra. I could go through each chakra one by one, but bottom line is each of them is clearer and works better, including heart and inner eye. I remember a lot of the affirmations and am continuing the work.

Thank you very much for a very enlightening, fascinating and rewarding initiation and session Mystress Angelique! I look forward to next time we chat.


In a nutshell - I feel GREAT! I mean so clear and open. I'm clearing blockages still, but its like they are so easy to spot. They come (mostly into my throat)and I feel them and then send them on a merry way. Same with the critters (ghosts) at work. I was going to the basement just yesterday and one followed me down the stairs. I started saying...'go into the light...' and then took a deep breath and blew the tummo fire up from my heart and out my head....making a big white path into the light. No more prickly skin and feeling something behind me.

My chakras feel quite a bit larger also. Especially the power and heart.

That's how it's been for the week since you did the initiation. I am truly thankful for all the healing and attention you gave to me. Some of the stuff I couldn't see at all. But I can tell that you were 'hitting the nail on the head' about some things that were really blocking me up. Thanks again.


We received tummo fire initiation 2 weeks ago now. The initiation evening was a moment of light and deep happiness, but I must say I do not recall the details of it. Just a memory of light and deep joy. The night after I was in fire...

Now, I sometimes call the tummo fire (you said I could after 2 or 3 weeks, yes?) and feel a very gentle, very warm loving radiance raising from the solar plexus area and enveloping me. It is an extremely soft and gentle experience.

I guess the effects will go on increasing as days and weeks will pass?...

Thank you , it was a precious evening and a precious gift.


Last night I received the Tummo Initiation from Mystress. And I have to say WOW.

We did the initiation over the phone... it was nice to finally hear her voice after being a part of her on-line Kundalini course and this list for about a year and a half. Instantly I felt Mystress's energy. (I had done a healing a few hours earlier and was still in the process of burning off what I had taken but Mystress lifted that right off.) She pointed out a few areas that still had some clearing to do and helped me to release those. Also, areas where I had built up "protection walls" were also cleared. When she started lighting the fires I felt energy as heat burning in that area shooting upwards.

After all the fires were lit, I felt more grounded than I ever have before yet at the same time I was floating. It was a very unique feeling. That feeling is still continuing today.

Before the initiation some cords were cut that people were using to feed from me... Well, someone/something didn't like that. Right afterwards Mystress was attacked. I will tell Mystress that I know who they came from and I know more of the problems the person has and what needs to be done to take care of those problems. This initiation was life changing for me and already it has branched out and helped others around me.

One thing I almost forgot that I wanted to share was that Mystress also did a soul retrieval on me. I never really thought I needed one. But immediately following I felt whole. I had felt whole before or at least I thought I did but afterwards I felt the difference and definitely liked it.

Thank you very much for this great gift from Goddess.

Eileen K.

Results of serpent fire initiation so far: energy moves cleanly through body, so fast I wasn't sure it was there at first. With loss of blocks there is more clarity. The things that are necessary to do were seen before, but there was too much noise to move on this path easily. With less fear much is possible. Heat comes from time to time in restricted places as advised as things are burned out. Changes are subtle and require attention. Probably this is more so since some of this was already in place before the initiation.


Ever since I was a small child reading Lobsang Rampa books, I have known I had past lives as a Lama in Tibet. Reading the books was an interesting experience, because I could tell what parts of the books were true and what were not. My inner voice gave a commentary, and filled in the blanks. These early insights were later validated by research. Lobsang Rampa's books were channeled memories from his own past life as a monk. He was an Englishman who never went to Tibet. Even the best channeller runs about 80% accuracy, much is lost in the translation. This accounts for the errors I perceived.

I remember invoking the inner heat as a teenager, to keep warm waiting for the bus in winter. Like so many of the spiritual experiences I had when I was young, I thought such abilities were normal human potential. People who I gave Shaktipat to also, often felt a great deal of heat, with some women even wondering if they were having menopausal hot flashes! For me, this seemed normal.

Around 1998, Jeanne Garner, a Reiki Master asked to investigate my energy because she felt it was different from other spiritual healers she had met. As a result of this, she received several new Reiki symbols from my higher self. She recognised that the difference she was feeling within me, and the symbols she had received had more in common with the Tibetan gTummo inner fire than reiki, and went on to create a system of tummo reiki she calls Innersun.

She initiated many people into Innersun, including a former student of mine, Irmansyah Effendi, whom she also initiated into Usui Reiki. He refers to her on his page, as his American Reiki Master. He does not mention his initiation into Innersun. He told me that is because because he does not agree with all of Jeanne's teachings. Well, no two masters will agree on everything but I feel it is important that people know he first received tummo initiation from a human source. He later went on to connect with a discarnate Tibetan Tummo master, and create his own tummo system, Tummo Rei ki.

For a time, I was referring people who wanted tummo initiations to Jeanne or Irman, but Jeanne suggested I simply initiate them myself. It had not occurred to me to initiate people into the heat, separate from giving Shaktipat. So, I asked for guidance and went ahead. The result is the simple, elegant system I have come to call Serpent Fire Tummo.

The lineage is rather circular. Though I have been a source of their inspiration, the inner fire was so normal for me, it would not have occurred to me to do Tummo initiations separately, if not for these two people. I am grateful to them for seeing in me what I could not.

The three systems are different from each other, but all are effective. Jeanne and Irman's systems use multiple initiations, with degrees and symbols. Jeanne initiates people for free, individually. She can be contacted via her yahoogroups list.

Irman does 1st degree, group initiations for free but charges for higher levels, and also opens the chakras above the crown as a separate initiation he calls Shing Chi.

I will not say one type is better than another, it is simply a matter of personal preference, different strokes for different folks. Those who are comfortable with Reiki and the use of degrees and symbols would probably prefer Innersun or Tummo Rei Ki. Additionally, Tummo Rei Ki has grown into a large, worldwide organization. I am very proud of my students success, and wish him all the best, although I do not always agree with the content of his teachings or his choice not to mention his initiation with Jeanne.


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