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The Holy Grail.

When the egg that became you was fertilized, pierced by the sperm and the DNA of each became unified, it turned inside out in order to multiply and become you. Turning inside-out was the first move you made, to come into manifestation as form, body.

There are many properties to the heart chakra. It is the boundary, and unity between the world of duality, multiplicity and the world of unity: all is One. Thus, it is through the opening heart that we feel empathy, when 2 become one and share feelings.

It is through the heart that we hear the still, small voice. The inner guru that is the voice of the Divine. Another property of the heart, is that there is a reflection of the entire universe within it. Impossible to comprehend, yet because time and space do not truly exist, it is so. The whole universe is also within your heart.

Similar to your conception, when your heart chakra is pierced and fertilized by the ritual of the Holy Grail, your heart turns inside out, and becomes infinite. The universe that was on the inside becomes the outside. You feel your heartbeat unified with All that is, and All reflects your heartbeat back to you.

So simple, and so lovely, miraculous, awesome.

In the ritual of marriage, you give your heart to your beloved. In this sacred marriage with Goddess, that is the ritual of the Holy Grail, you give your heart to Her, and She gives you back the Grail. Thy cup runneth over, with love.

The ritual of the Holy Grail, is the graduation exercise for Fire Serpent Tantra, level 1. Fire Serpent Tantra level one, is preparation for opening the Grail. If I feel a student has reached that lesson, but has not integrated the lessons sufficiently to be prepared, I have no regrets about sending them back for more study, before granting graduation.

Recently I have decided to offer it, on its own as a session... but I do reserve the option to refuse to initiate anyone whom I feel is not prepared. It is my experience, that doing the grail with someone whose energy is not already quite clear, can make for a bumpy road afterwards, too much karma is brought up... or, the ritual simply will not be effective for them. Their own guidance will disrupt it. Since with most such initiations, it is most powerful the first time it is done, the opportunity is wasted.

The grail ritual, is the second most powerful magic I teach. Given the power of so much of what is offered on this website, I think you can appreciate how very powerful that must be.

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