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Undoing Past Life Initiations.

I believe in past lives, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Heh.

People tend to get very attached to what they believe their past lives were, and use them to stroke their ego. It is interesting, a fun game... but attaching to what you think you are, automatically implies what you think you are not, and that is Shadow, separation. Most often I find the past life visions to be parables or metaphorical stories of what is occurring in the current life. It is more useful to interpret them in that way, than to assume they are real stories of a past you.

If time and space do not truly exist, and everything is really happening all at once, what is the past? You are All that Is, and one aspect of your consciousness is the collective consciousness, which contains everyone who ever lived.

All lives are yours. It is all connected.

At the level of the collective consciousness, anyone can tap into the consciousness of Cleopatra or Napoleon. Since time and space do not really exist on that level, the past is happening in the here and now and what we think of as past lives can as easily be thought of as happening concurrently in another dimension. Alternate selves living in alternate realities.

You may get memories of past lives, but another way to think of the phenomena is to conceptualize them as storytelling metaphors brought up from the collective for your education. You are all that is, and as your consciousness expands you may have the experience of being any thing or anyone.

Thinking of them as metaphorical stories is more balanced, and often that is what they are. The unconscious mind has the whole of the collective to draw on, and use as parables and metaphors to get you to release karmic issues. Dip a bucket into the collective, what you haul out will be a reflection of who you are, here and now.

We experience linearity in our daily lives, and there does seem to be some kind of linearity of incarnations, but it is best not to get attached to what you may find or see. Especially if someone else is seeing them for you!

An example: I did some work with a man who told me that a professional psychic told him that in a past life he had been a slave driver in ancient Egypt, building pyramids. He whipped slaves to death sometimes. This story had upset him, and some other people in his life heard about it and looked down on him for it.

Modern archaeology suggests that the pyramids were not built by slaves...

With dreams and past life visions, the best way to interpret them is to imagine you are all the people and things in the dream. In this life, he had a tendency to try motivate himself with self criticism and guilt. He was the slave and the slave driver, whipping himself. A new interpretation gave him a new paradigm of motivation via self love.

It is not that I discount the possibility of past lives, I believe in them, on Tuesdays and Saturdays! I have had many, many experiences of remembering past lives, and even future ones! I have knowledge, gifts and talents that do indeed seem to be a benefit of past life experiences.

In karma clearing sessions with people, I sometimes find weird stuff that is debris left over from some past life experience or initiation that has turned into a blockage in the Now. Usually, these are some kind of implants, a pentacle like a stained glass window blocking the third eye, an ankh over the heart, shackles and collar symbolizing ownership and dedication to some old God, entity or cult of the past... that is still active and taking energy from the Now.

Those who did the past initiations were not always wholly wise or kind, some initiations included limits to block the Priest or Priestess from becoming more powerful than the leader, to brainwash them,or keep them loyal. The initiations may have included beliefs that are completely out of step with the current life, human sacrifice or a vow of poverty. Often, the initiations had a certain arrogance in being intended "Now and forever" so they get carried forward to the present incarnation... where they may be as inappropriate as training wheels on a Ferarri.

The natural human energy body needs no symbols or implants. The system works fine, as Goddess designed it. Goddess gets it right! All the old symbols and implants become junk, that is best removed. After market additions that interfere with the original design.

I have sometimes been directed to remove modern implants too. Some that are considered benign or positive by almost everyone, like Reiki symbols. Reiki symbols are very duality-based, they define good and bad, and so can become blockages, a barrier to self realization... and the nature of the initiation is for them to last always. I was a Reiki Master, but one day in a clearing meditation the symbols showed up as something to be cleared, black marks on my chakras. As Goddess wills. I found the nature of the initiation means you cannot remove them yourself, but I knew a healer, who could. Glad to be done with them.

As a result of these experiences, I use no symbols or implants in the initiations I do. All are intended to awaken what is already present, in potential. We have everything we need, built in. An amazing, elegant design. Sometimes you just need to flip a switch and activate the potential.

On a related note... I have observed some "New Agers" who become initiation junkies, going for every new initiation that they can find, assuming that they will all be an improvement. Some, are not. Some initiations can conflict with previous initiations, or add limiting beliefs that are of the person who invented the system. In the course of the initiation, you might get more than you bargained for, accepting karma or limiting beliefs from the person who initiates you. Let the buyer beware!

Just ask yourself, what it is you think someone else can give you, that Goddess won't provide? Check with your guidance before going forward with any initiation, including mine!

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