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The transmission of Grace from Guru to seeker to awaken or enhance Kundalini, is called Shaktipat. Someone with the ability to do this is called a Shaktipat Master.

Yes I have the guru attainments, gained via my shaman gene, but I decline the role. Mystic teacher, mysticism is the search for the Divine within oneself and that translates to the Inner Guru, the voice of the heart. I do not want to be anybody's guru but I am invested in people finding their own inside, and following that... not me! Teacher!

I gave up granting shaktipat to awaken kundalini in 2006 because I saw it is ego-driven. I teach a path based in surrender, and that means trusting kundalini will awaken when Goddess decides, not when someone impatient decides to storm the gates.

Instead, the Grounding, self shaktipat that will purify the body and awaken kundalini when the time is right, with no guru entaglement. No middleman.

Here is the dangerous mystery: When you use your shakti to awaken someone else, you become their root guru and their karma stuff will flow to you for a decade. There is a high price to pay in playing at being God-dess, Source for other people. It can be extremely damaging, even fatal.

I used to know some shaktipat masters who would grant global shaktipat to anybody who showed up for it, as promo for their expensive worshops. They are dead now. I see the kids on youtube, newly contagious and eager to share and I shake my head knowing the cost, they might not make it to their thirties.

Ramama Maharishi, widley considered to be the most enlightened sage of modern times, died of liver disease and said it straight up: It was the karma stuff that his followers could not let go, that poisoned his liver. That got me curious and I started investigating.

I used to have a really good chiropractor. I could see how the stuff he was releasing from his patients was sticking to him, gave him a quick demo pulling it out so he could feel the difference. Told him, please let me take you to lunch and show you the tech? He never did. Went back some years later... his replacement explained that my chiro had ended up in hospital getting a piece of his liver removed, and he is a real estate agent now.

Chiropractors, massage therapists, Gurus, empathic healers, all are at risk of liver or kidney disease because when you take on stress that others are not willing to let go, the energy turns toxic and attacks the organs of purification.

Free Will is Goddess' law. If I peel some karma stuff off somebody and they are not ready to let it go, the white magic becomes dark, because consent has been withdrawn. Toxic. Goddess won't take stolen stuff, it gets stuck, becomes a blockage.

(Tip, faeries are less choosy, provided you offer it with respect. They love gifts of human emotional energy.)

One of the most sensible things I have seen, was getting a Bowen treatment. That is a tech where they pluck your tendons like harp strings creating a vibration that spreads out, releasing tension. The practioner did the twang then stepped back ten feet while the vibration spread. Like, not breathing in the smoke from karma burning.

There are degrees of Shaktipat Mastery. From "oops, I'm contagious, how did that happen?" to "here is your full awakening, all knots pierced and major blockages removed." In 1985 I was the former, now I am the latter... but it always depends on the receptivity of the recipient, and what they can handle.

The title of Shaktipat Master, is a little misleading. I prefer "Mystress" since nobody knows what the heck it means... ;) Nobody really "Masters" Shakti. She does as She pleases, and we just try to stay out of the way. The Shaktipat Master is a vessel for transmission, Goddess is the source.

I wrote to someone on one of my lists, recently:

I do not care for the term "Kundalini Master", because it suggests mastery of Goddess, ... control of it, and that is an ego illusion. One does not Master Kundalini, one steps aside and allows it to do its work through you, as the vessel.

I do accept the title of Shaktipat Master... which at one end of the spectrum, simply means that one's Kundalini is contagious. In that way, I have been a Shaktipat Master since around 1985... even though I did not even know to call it that, then. I just noticed that sometimes when I taught grounding to someone, they changed remarkably, in a positive and lasting way. Probably, I was sparking top-down awakenings... spiritual awakening, heart chakra openings.

Even so, at this time I consider simply being contagious, to be much less than Mastery. Almost, irresponsible. Getting K to spark the root chakra is not so difficult, but granting shaktipat in a way that will lead to a smooth and full awakening in a fairly short time is the true meaning of the term. It took me another 12 years to get to a place where I could do, as I did with you... locate the blockages that were giving you paranoid attacks and teach you to release them and surrender to the energy, while enhancing the process with the Shakti I am vessel of. Where two or more are gathered...

Even so, as H. commented, I have a light hand. I do not like people to become dependent on me. I'd rather they depend on themselves, trust themselves.

Comments from a devotee:

Mystress's grounding page is "shaktipat charged"...besides the benefit you are getting from the meditation alone, you are experiencing the power of shakti from a contact with Mystress Angelique...she is an extremely powerful magical being and a shaktipat with her energy can lead to powerful spiritual experiences, ... her voice has become a presence within me...

if you are really wishing for more of the experience that you get from Mystress's page in addition to doing the grounding exercise, you may be able to open an inner dialogue with her...i hear her voice guiding me from within myself, and she has also taught me to ascertain the true voice of my higher self in obtaining inner guidance...i believe that this type of inner contact with her is possible even without becoming her slave, although probably not to the extrteme level of intensity that i feel...

i suspect that she may have something to add to what i've just told you... lovingly,

john Percyval

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