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Fire Serpent Tantra in Finland.

Fire Serpent Tantra Weekend Workshop.

I am so excited to be presenting this intensive workshop in Finland. The hosts, Mari and Jakko have found a beautiful location for the weekend event, a yoga studio in Turku has been rented for the weekend and for the free evening class.

I am also delighted to be presenting an evening class on entities, spirits and other spiritual beings in Helsinki on Aug 10. Many thanks to Mari's father for hosting this evening event. I have heard wonderful things from Mari about her fathers talent as a healer and am looking forward to having him work on my desk-stressed spine!

So there are three events in Finland; two in Turku and one in Helsinki.

The main event is the Fire Serpent Tantra weekend Kundalini intensive workshop in Turku, Finland. It will be held over three consecutive days on:

Friday, 13 August 2010, 7 pm (19:00) to (21:30)
Saturday 14 August 9:30 am to 9:00pm (20:00)
Sunday 15 August 10 am to 6:00pm (18:00)

at the lovely yoga studio Aurajooga
Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21-23 A (3. krs)
20100 Turku, Finland

Cost: 300 Euro or 250 early bird rate if paid before July 25
Pre-registration is required

Space in the workshop is limited to 30 people, so be sure to book early to reserve your place and have your life transformed!

Free lecture on Grounding and discernment

Mystress always offers a free talk/interactive class on "Grounding and Discernment" on the Wednesday before a weekend intensive, in which she will teach you how to connect to Source anytime, to be free from fear. You will learn to access your inner navigation system and truth detector to help you discover your purpose in life. She chooses this topic because it is the foundation of her spiritual work, and it gives the students attending the weekend a head start!

It will be held at at the same location, Aurajooga on Wed August 11 2010, 7pm. (19.00h)

Come to the free event to get to know Mystress before deciding to register for the weekend, or register now for a discount on the weekend workshop rate!

Spirits and Entities Class August 10 Helsinki 60 euro


I was delighted when Mari approached me with hre fathers offer to host an evening event in Helsinki. We spent some time discussing what the topic would be, and I felt persistently drawn to do a workshop on entities and the various types of spiritual beings we can enounter on the spiritual path. A short list would be parasitical entities, emotional entities, thought forms, ghosts, faeries and nature spirits, old Gods, Ascended Masters, astral beings, and the personality splinters that masquerade as demons. These events are always a little bit improvised as we cannot cover all of the topics well in the time and so I spend some time at the beginning grounding everyone and seeing what entities they have unknowingly brought with them for the class.

As a shaman I can invoke any of these beings so you can meet them, and we will work with your own guardian angel. It tends to be a sort of colourful class and fun, especially the faeries and ascended Masters are a treat to feel. Intense too, as we work on clearing entities of various types from the event participants.

Individual Sessions

Mystress retired from public session work some years ago, and normally will only do a phone or web consultation with one of her Fire Serpent Tantra online students who has progressed at least 1/3 through the course. The exception is when she travels, and that is the only opportunity to have a personal session with Mystress in person. Mystress to will be in the Turku area for a few days before and after the workshop for those seeking an individual consultation.

Serpent Fire Tummo

Immediately following the weekend event, Mystress usually does a group Serpent Fire Tummo initiation for those interested. The cost is 100 euro. This is the only opportunity to be initiated by Mystress directly, as she passed the work of initiations onto her Lineage teachers.

Payment options:

Jakko has kindly agreed to handle payments in local currency and save everyone the trouble of converting back and forth. Mari is handling my session scheduling. They work very well together!

An email to will reach all three of us. Subject- Mystress in Europe.

Register early and save!
Fire Serpent Tantra Weekend intensive August 13-15 300 Euro or
250 Euro before July 25.
Grounding and discernment August 11 FREE!

Spirits and Entities Class August 10 Helsinki 60 euro
One hour consultation with Mystress (Contact Mari to schedule) 150 Euro
Group Serpent Fire Tummo initiation Aug 13 100 Euro.

For further information or to book your place:
Tel:+---" +--- "   

Local Account for workshop & session payments:
Jaakko Huokkola

Paypal option:

Your options
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In order to make the event as comfortable as possible, here are a few things you need to know.

In Preparation for the Workshop

Please go to sleep early the night before, and have a good breakfast before you arrive.

If you would like to get a head start by learning to get grounded, visit

Please do not wear any fragrance, such as cologne, scented oil, aftershave, hairspray, perfume or scented deodorant.

Bring a pen or pencil, and paper such as a small notebook.

You may bring items for your own comfort such as a pillow, blanket or shawl, yoga mat, meditation cushion or zafu, bottled water, snacks, and anything else that meets your needs. Please place them in something like a sports bag you can leave at the back of the room.

Wear comfortable clothes.

If you normally take any medication, (insulin for diabetes for example), bring it with you so you will have it when needed.

When, Where and How

The workshop will start at 9:30 am sharp, so please be respectful of others and arrive on time, or even a few minutes early to become familiar with the space.

Meals and snacks:

The weekend is intense, you will find the energy work makes you a little more hungry and thirsty than you expect and there will be snack breaks often, to keep everyone's blood sugar steady and give people a chance to chat about what they are learning.Particularly in some countries it is useful for the students to have a few moments to chat about that they learned in thier native language and sometimes fill in the blanks for those who may have missed some terms. Herbal Tea, juice, water and light snacks will be provided during break times. Caffienated beverages will not be served, but feel free to bring a thermos if you are addicted. Some people like to bring favourite snacks to share, and this is welcomed as a gracious gesture, but please avoid high sugar snacks like candy.

There will be meal breaks, there are restaurants nearby. However, you may bring your own lunch (and dinner for Saturday night) if you prefer.

While the event is in session, please turn off cell phones and beepers.

This event will be videotaped, so please let us know if you do not wish to appear on camera.

If you have any medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart problems, or if you suffer from a disability or handicap such as deafness or poor eyesight please notify us in advance.

Travel Directions:


Fire Serpent Tantra
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