Human Energy.

Your energy body responds to your imagination: that is the "control panel." What you imagine your energy doing, it will do, to a large degree if you are grounded. When you have spent some time imagining your own energy, you will find that you can "see" the energy of others... you will look with the "mind's eye" of your imagination, and see an accurate picture of their energy represented there.

When psychics talk about what they "see", that is where they "see" it, in the "mind's eye"... not usually with their physical eyes. Often the images seem to appear on a screen in the back of the head, or behind the forehead, at the third eye.

When working with the human energy body, it is helpful to know that the energy body is polarized like a magnet or a battery. Top/right side is positive, bot

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I have been helping people with their Kundalini process for many years. When the numbers of people asking me to train them to handle their awakening experience became more than the hours in a day could handle, I decided it was time to make the information more widely accessible.

I am comfortable teaching via email and I know that Shakti energy can be shared via cyberspace, so I built an online Kundalini Mystery School. The course in Fire Serpent Tantra is nearly 60 lessons, presented in a multimedia form of realplayer streaming video, web page lessons, animations and illustrations, meditations, visualizations, practices and web links to research related topics.

There is a members-only bulletin board that we call the Tea Room, where members can share experiences, support each other and receive support from me. A members-only chat room offers an optional real-time connection with other students and myself. Any student can schedule a chat session on the Bulletin board and invite the other students to a tea party.

I have shown the course to many other spiritual teachers and mystics, and they tend to be amazed at how thorough it is. It inspires them to go back and fill in some blanks in their own teachings. I have been on the spiritual path all my life, I have tried nearly everything in my travels and studies, and fallen into just about every pothole and trap along the path... followed up by years spent helping others get out of similar holes.

Most of the people who are drawn to this course, are spontaneously awakened with little spiritual preparation. They prayed for help in understanding the experience and learning to cope with it, and Spirit answered by leading them to me. They are glad of it!

I speak in plain language, distilling mystical concepts into bone simple ideas that stick. I have no patience for exotic gobbledygook that serves no purpose but to make you sound mystical at cocktail parties, or requires a latin or sanskrit dictionary to untangle. As Einstein said,

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

What went into this course is what is essential, what is important, and what works reliably, when properly applied. Every major spiritual principle is covered, including some that the ancients never encountered... like, what to do if your Kundalini starts taking out electrical and electronic devices.

It has taken me a long time to put together this course. It has taken me even longer to evolve myself to a place where I feel ready to present something like this. And I truly hope that you will join me on this beautiful journey that is the greatest love affair on Earth, the relationship between you and your own Divinity, your own Spirit.


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tom/ left side is negative. (an electrical polarity, not a judgment of quality.)

Energy tends to go up the spine like blue fire and down the front like cool rain.

The energy travels from the right hand to the left, through centre to recharge and back. Left hand absorbs energy. The energy of crystals can be felt more readily with the left hand.

Right hand offers energy: Buddha is often depicted with the right hand up, palm facing out to the viewer, like someone swearing an oath... he is offering Shaktipat, the transmission of the awakening energy. The gesture is a mudra signifying preaching or peace. A greeting, a blessing. His left palm is usually facing upwards or downwards. Sometimes, over the heart.

Image the light entering the top of your head into your heart, and beaming out from the right hand palm and fingertips, toward the person you intend to heal. Be sure to ask permission before sending energy to other people, as projecting energy can have unexpected side effects if there is not consent.

This can be done long distance, but often distance work also travels thru time, to be received at the best possible moment.

For close up work, healing burns and bruises and such, send your energy through them at opposite polarities, as magnets must be opposite poles to attract.Two people sitting facing each other holding hands, makes a perfect circuit. A circle of people holding hands creates a larger one.

Imagine that the space between your hands is like the filament of a light bulb, the part of your electrical circuit that gives off healing light energy. Hold hands facing, or put your right hand lower and your left hand higher on/above their body. Send your energy thru opposite to what their circuit is. Place your hands according to the reverse polarity on either side of the injury, and imagine the filament is inside them, and the injury is gathering golden/white light and beginning to glow. Do this until it "feels" complete.

Then use your imagination to lock the glow in place, imaging them grounded, so that it is being fed from their own energy source.

Or just send energy and watch where it goes. Particularly with muscle aches, the source of the pain is often at a different location from where the pain is felt. Back problems cause aches elsewhere, digestive weaknesses affect whole other systems.

Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.

Use the advice contained in this website at your own risk.

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