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Warning and disclaimer.

"....I would be remiss if I did not sound a warning concerning the dangers associated with a radical change of consciousness. Just at the time when you are ready to move toward the new way of being, the terror often strikes. Part of it is panic over the prospect of giving up the security of the familiar, of relinquishing old habits, of letting go of old relationships and even of your hard-won self image. You will probably ask: Do I possess the necessary courage, the stamina, that is needed to walk this path? If I release the attachment to an identity that no longer serves me, will something better take its place? And if, by some happy miracle, I emerge from the terror transformed into a truer, more coherent self, will I still be recognized by friends as a friend and by my lover as a lover?

These terrors are the last struggle of the archons to maintain their negative powers over those who would eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge."

Seeing Through the Visible World. Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos. By Dr. June Singer.

When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of it's mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world.

Carl Jung, 1932.

I do not like to warn people about Kundalini. Fear tends to be creative. "That which I feared, has come to pass" is part of how the universe works! What you focus on and give attention to, sometimes manifests... so I don't want to scare you. I would prefer you to have faith, and trust in the process.

I do not recommend the books of Gopi Krisha to newly awakened people, because although he is wise, he is an alarmist. He foolishly "forced" his own awakening, and had years and years of awful experiences. It colours his writing. Dire warnings all over the place... even as he says that everyone needs to become awakened, to save the world! Thinking the world needs saving, is a kind of kundalini psychosis. Gopi's scars showing. Newbies reading his stuff get the idea that they will be in for a terrible time, and their negative expectation, shapes their process. In truth, really harsh awakenings like Gopi Krishna's are uncommon, and his problems were self created. Most kundalini problems are, they come of resisting the process.

Legally and morally, I have to tell you: "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread." Kundalini has been called the most powerful force in the universe. Respect it, or it will kick you to pieces. I don't think Kundalini itself, kills anyone but resistance to the process can result in trauma that moves people to suicidal behavior.

Don't seek awakening unless you are genuinely ready to turn your whole life over to your Higher Power, have it taken from you, and reshaped, redirected and rebuilt. "Not my Will, but Thine be done." Kundalini eats your ego based free will, replaces it with the will of your Soul. This is a door that once opened, does not close again. There is no putting the Genii back in the bottle.

Like the Borg say, on Star Trek:

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated

...into the collective consciousness... into the Self. Bliss! Resistance, is worse than useless, it is dangerous, and the cause of most all kundalini based problems. There is growing evidence that many bipolar disorders and psychoses may be undiagnosed kundalini.

Surrender is the imperative of Kundalini.

There is a joke that goes: the most cruel Japanese curse is "May you clear all of your Karma by next week, and become enlightened. "

The reason why it is a terrible curse, is that presumably no-one would survive having so much Karma coming up all at once. The karma would kill them, they would go crazy, or kill themselves! Even if they did survive, they would be enlightened and not hold a grudge against the person who cursed them... that is why it is a joke...

Awakening Kundalini won't clear all of your Karma in a week, but it will do it's best to clear it all in this lifetime, so that you may experience Spirit directly, as an enlightened being... and it is not an easy road. In the course of my own process, I received guidance that told me


It was right, and I would not trade a single moment of the road it took, to become who I am now. Most awakened people wouldn't trade their awakening for anything. It is truly priceless.

It is not possible to imagine who you will become, and what you will be doing with your life once the process is complete. You will have to let go of all of those types of hopes and expectations, as part of the process. You will look back on who you are now, and the memories will seem remote, like your life and experiences happened to someone else whom you used to know. Someone you remember fondly, but feel little connection to.

Perhaps these warnings come too late, for you. A lot of people who are drawn to my work, are already awakened. "Accidentally", (there are no 'accidents' ) spontaneously, unknowingly... they are seeking knowledge to learn how to cope with what they have gotten themselves into. Helping them, is kind of my specialty.

However important the warnings may be, trust in Goddess is more important. Being afraid of the process tends to make it harder. Spending all your time worrying if you are going crazy, can make you crazy! If you have faith, trust that the energy within you knows what it is doing, with the eternal wisdom of Sophia. Surrender, and just let the phenomena slide on by. You can have a very fulfilling awakening. It is my goal, for you to have a blissful, peaceful and joyous process. Don't worry, be happy!

Likely you have been guided to read this page by your own Higher Self, for just the purpose of the unfolding of your enlightenment. Enjoy your awakening, and have faith in the process.


Since I cannot control Goddess, your individual responses, or how you may use or interpret the information presented, I assume no responsibility or liability for injuries or emotional distress suffered by you, your partners, and/or anyone else you come into contact with. Any exercises presented here, physical or mental, are to be practiced at your own risk. Consult your physician, therapist, guide, should you experience any discomfort or trauma from any of the processes involved in the awakening of kundalini energy. Many people consider this energy force too powerful to work with on your own. Use your own best judgment. Be extremely careful, and progress slowly and cautiously on your path to Kundalini Awakening. It is in your best interests to do so.

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