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Some years ago I had a thought, that now that I am in my 40s and more settled I would like to do some travelling, see the world. I thought about various ways people go about that and meditated on it, and what came to me is that I would like to travel by invitation, and do enough work so the travel pays for itself. So I put that idea out into the world and people started responding!

The result is Fire Serpent Tantra Kundalini intensive weekend workshops which are hosted by people (usually my students) all over the world. Some health issues including a whiplash injury from a car accident and surgery for an inner ear problem put those plans on hold between the 2006 tour and now, but I am fully recovered and looking at all the invitations to travel and do workshops that have been piling up.

I am excited about the plans for this next European tour.

I am off to the Czech republic to do a weekend intensive in Prague on July 30-Aug 1, 2010. I have heard it is a beautiful city and am looking forward to meeting my host there, Duu.

Then I will revisit Sweden for a mostly social visit catching up with my Lineage teacher Gustaf and his lovely wife, before heading on to Finland for another weekend workshop in Turku August 13-15 hosted by FST students Mari and Jakko.

There will also be a special evening event in Helsinki where I will teach about how to deal with and identify various types of entities: ghosts, faeries, spirits, ascended masters, parasites, old gods and personality splinters that pose as demons.

It is so lovely to be able to go out and share my work in this way, and meet so many wonderful net friends old and new. I am contemplating new invitations to teach in the UK and Germany for the fall, and possibly Australia/New Zealand this winter. So exciting! I hope you will join me.


The European tour 2006 was fabulous! Many thanks to my hosts, and to all who particpated in this event.

Next up, Prague and Finland in 2010!  See below


 Please contact me via the new Guestbook bulletin board if you are interested in hosting a Kundalini event in your city.

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Embrace the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine!

The Goddess sleeps within you, waiting to be awakened.

Discover the Ecstasy, Bliss, Joy and immeasurable Love that awaits you!



What graduates have said about Fire Serpent Tantra:


  • MAS embodies a vision. She gave me hope. She taught me about my own power. My human experience on this earth has been so richly enhanced by my exposure to her writings, her thoughts, her beautiful energy and her great love. I am forever grateful. Melissa
  • To me, Angelique is a shining paradigm of truthful expression. Her advice has helped me significantly in seeing the truth of my own soul -- and in my personal journey of self-discovery. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is desiring to hear the truth as it is...plain and without pretense. Chris S. (California, USA)
  • It's been a remarkable journey and the impression I get is - it's just beginning! Thank you for such an enlightening course. I honour you, Mystress Angelique Serpent and will recommend the course to others. Troy M.
  • Your Fire Serpent Tantra class actually teaches people how to love themselves and each other in ever more deeper and meaningful ways while giving them the terminology to see themselves and self-relate from a fresh perspective. P.
  • The things she said, the profoundness of it. And mostly the possibilities she offers to people. Possibilities to shape your world, have more bliss, have a deeper understanding and feel more love. Jasper (Netherlands)

About Mystress Angelique Serpent

Mystress is a renowned Shaktipat Master who has been a Mystic since she was a teenager. She has been working with awakening Kundalini and teaching about the process since 1993. It is her talent to translate esoteric mystical concepts into plain, "pop culture" language that anyone can understand. She finds truth and beauty in simplicity, and only teaches what is essential, what works, and in a way that anyone can learn.

Her students call her Guru, for her wisdom and the blissful intensity of spiritual energy she radiates. (Shaktipat) She declines the title, because she feels it is her job is to put people in touch with their own inner guidance and energy rather than fostering dependence on an external source for Truth and Light.

Experience as an actress and Improvisational comedienne makes her an entertaining and very enjoyable teacher. She uses comedy, lectures, activities, meditations, and audience participation to create fun, informative, inspiring, and enlightening events.


"Laughter is the nature of Spirit!"

Are you:

  • Feeling like your spiritual growth has somehow become stalled or blocked?
  • Wishing the path to enlightenment did not involve dropping out of life and suffering deprivation?
  • Feeling like there must be more to life than what you have experienced so far? More fun, more joy, more love, more bliss and ecstasy?
  • Wishing you could find your life's purpose?
  • Ready to turn your life over to a Higher power - your own Soul?
  • Trying to get in touch with the "Inner Guru", the still small voice of your heart?
  • Seeking Shaktipat to awaken or enhance your Kundalini?
  • Awakened, and having a difficult time coming to terms with your experiences?Afraid you are going mad?
  • Looking for your true Soul Mate?
Kundalini awakening is the most blissful romance you will ever know; falling in love with yourself and your own infinite Spirit. When the process is complete, your life will be changed in ways you cannot predict, and you will know absolutely that joy is your birthright.

Celebrate the gift of life by living well and enjoying life to the fullest. A spiritual path does not have to be separate from the rest of your life, it can be integrated, practical, and ecstatic!

Are you already experiencing:

  • - Mystical visions?
  • - Paranormal phenomena?
  • - Feeling the emotions of others as if they are your own?
  • - Electronics and light bulbs blowing up when you are near?
  • - Feeling electrical or energy sensations in your body?
  • - Other types of psychic phenomena?

You might be having a spontaneous spiritual awakening of Kundalini. Mystress can awaken Kundalini, and also smooth the path of a spontaneous awakening and teach you how it can become the blissful, joyous, love experience it is meant to be!

Mystess notes: I would say the majority of my students are already awakened when they are led to me for guidance on working with the process. Goddess brings them, often via extraordinary synchronicities.  Only awakened people can feel the Shakti energy of my web pages and that, plus the down to earth practical advise I offer, gets their interest.


What is Fire Serpent Tantra?

The Fire Serpent Tantra Kundalini Mystery School is a year long online Kundalini Tantra course that opened in August, 2000.

Mystress has designed Fire Serpent Tantra to awaken the Goddess energy of Kundalini in a safe, natural way and teach participants how to work with the energy directly, without the need for giving oneself over to an external Guru or guide. How to let go, and let Goddess turn life into something more beautiful than you can even imagine.

Mystress' spiritual work has touched the lives of thousands. Hundreds of Fire Serpent Tantra students have found it to be transformative for themselves and their experience of even the most mundane aspects of life.

Goddess is alive within you! Awaken!


The European tour!

Mystress will be touring Europe July 23-Aug 18 2010, offering evening events, weekend Fire Serpent Tantra workshops, and private sessions in Prague, Sweden and Finland.

Fire Serpent Tantra Weekend Workshops

A mini, interactive version of the year long online Kundalini course, Fire Serpent Tantra. The weekend will be a powerful, life changing experience and a lot of fun!

Topics covered will include:

  • Grounding: the foundation. Learn a simple, immediate way to connect to Source for peace, fulfillment and freedom from fear. Cease to be vulnerable to other people's power games and efforts to manipulate you!
  • Discernment: Accessing your natural, built in navigation system and truth detector. You will always know if someone is lying to you, even if they think they are telling the truth!
  • The Inner Guru: What Gandhi called the "Still small voice, within." The voice of the heart is the voice of your soul, and your guide for life.
  • Introduction to the Divine Beloved: Your twin soul is within you, waiting for you to discover the greatest love affair on earth, the Sacred Marriage.
  • Opening the 3rd eye:Your psychic vision can be opened via Shaktipat, you will be trained to use it, and understand what you see.
  • Creating sacred space: How to shield your home from unwanted spirits and energies, and how to protect electronics from being zapped by your spiritual energy.
  • Energy: Types of energy, and the human aura.
  • Entities: Ghosts, thought forms, astral parasites, spirit guides. How to locate them, identify them, clear them, test them.
  • Boundaries and Power Issues: Human discord, status struggles and power games are all based on the struggle for life energy. Learn to access abundant energy means being able to create win/win situations.
  • The Witness state: Access an emotionless state of spiritual insight where you can see things as they really are, from a higher perspective.
  • Qualities of love... compassion, unconditional love, pity.
  • Karma and surrender: The nature of karma, attachments, and how to identify and release them from yourself. Clearing the emotional baggage from your energy body gives you a more fulfilling, ecstatic life!
  • Empathy: Engaging empathy for greater intimacy and healing, plus advice for the highly sensitive person on how to handle having too much empathy.
  • The Shadow self and how it affects life events.
  • Kundalini awakening through Shaktipat.

Click on any of the links, above to read more.

The weekend will touch on all these topics, in a lecture format, then exploring them more fully through paired and group activities, rituals, meditations and visualizations. Participants will receive a booklet to take home for further study.

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Register now to attend the FST weekend workshops in Europe:

Choose your location:
  • Prague, CZ Weekend of July 30-Aug 1. (Max 18 people)
  • Turku, Finland. Weekend of August 13-15 (Max 30 people)
    •  Free Events: No need to book - just turn up!
      Come to the free events to get to know Mystress before deciding to register for the weekend, or register now for a discount on the weekend workshop rate!
    Mystress always offers a free talk/interactive class on "Grounding and Discernment" before a weekend intensive, in which she will teach you how to connect to Source anytime, to be free from fear. You will learn to access your inner navigation system and truth detector to help you discover your purpose in life.

    Workshop 13-15.8.2010
    Friday 19-21.30, Saturday 9.30-21 and Sunday 10-18

    Lšntinen Pitkškatu 21-23 A (3. krs)
    20100 Turku, Finland

    Early bird (paid before 23.7) 250 euros, after that 300 euros.

    Free Intro talk Wed August 11 2010, 19.00h/ 7pm.

    Lšntinen Pitkškatu 21-23 A (3. krs)
    20100 Turku, Finland

    Space in the workshops is limited, so be sure to book early to reserve your place and have your life transformed!  

    Yes, sign me up!

    Register now to attend a FST weekend workshop in Europe:

    Choose your location:
  • Prague, CZ Weekend of July 30-Aug 1. (Max 18 people)
  • Turku, Finland. Weekend of August 13-15 (Max 30 people)
  • Mystress will be available for individual sessions in the days before and following the event. This is the only time someone who is not a Fire Serpent Tantra student can get an in-person session with her. After each workshop she offers a group Serpent Fire Tummo initiation for an extra 100 euro, the usual rate for a remote initiation by one of her Lineage. This is the only opportunity to be activated by her directly, as she has turned all other Tummo initiation work to her Lineage teachers.
  • What graduates have said about Fire Serpent Tantra:

  • Thank you for your work. This course has been and continues to be a great source of wisdom and personal insight. Your work has meant a great deal to me. I feel a very deep connection with the Goddess and your perspective and insight has deeply resonated with me. Thank you again for your work in the world. You have inspired me in many ways and I will continue to do my best. Love, Sanford
  • I consider it a unique blessing to have studied this course prepared by "guru" Mistress Angelique serpent. Most of my life I have looked on God as someone above me, outside of me,and male. After your course I see Him-Her as an all pervading energy of the universe asleep within all of us until the day of its awakening. God for me is no longer outside or above but within. Now I have a growing deepening relationship with one I call my Divine Beloved. I learn from your lesson that there is also a male aspect to my being and a good balance is what should be my goal.
    The lessons on grounding have taught me a practical way of making contact with the universal life force. I visualize the energy of the heavens, the sun, the stars ,the very cosmos, streaming into the crown on my head and descending through my chakra system through my feet to the center of the earth then rising again with explosive energy from the base chakra to the crown, cascading over my body to the limits of my aura. This produces for me feelings of well being, joy and deep peace.
    There is so much more I could say about the course and its benefits to me but I trust this will suffice... I love you Mystress Angelique. Paul W.
  • Trying to describe what iíve learned is a phenomenal task. I can tap into the power of love. I can recognize and hear that still, small heart voice that iíve been so obviously missing most of my life. Most importantly though, i think, is that iíve learned to surrender. Iíve learned to be thankful. Iíve learned that as the layers of the onion peel away, Goddess replaces much of what iíve surrendered with clarity. The FST course has accelerated my growth exponentially. I donít think iíd be anywhere near this state of awareness w/o it. I have been so incredibly blind. I think i could sum up by saying that learning to focus internally; becoming aware of the divinity within my Self, has been the biggest change brought about by this FST course.Going through this course gave me a view outside the box. Thank you 1000 times over for creating it. Peace, Carla.
  • This course has helped in so many ways. I do not feel ashamed to think for myself and go against the crowd. I know Goddess has plans for me but I can only do that if I am honest and true to myself. A couple years ago I would have been panicking at this point but right now I feel calm yet elated at the same time. Thank you for a wonderful course. Darlene
  • All FST course has helped me to find a little boy I lost in childhood. Now, I live as completely being, as One, as Wholeness. I found a new dimensions of existence, a pure Existence in a world of Light, the golden Lights that fulfills everything and everybody. Now I know what means phrase `making love by existence`, now every act I make is the act of Ritual. The streams of Energy, Light, is running through my body: Sun and Earth are making Love through me. And often I see a Light shining from things and beings. Everything is consisted of It, only outer forms divides them from essence. You helped me a lot to find my personalized Ritual. Now I see how to be, how to Exist in a pure Ecstasy. And my further path is to make these moments of Blessedness more longer, to materialize the words of St. Benedicts Order: "ora et labora", -pray and work.
    Thank you for all you done to all of us....S. -Croatia.
  • I came to FST when the Serpents of Kundalini were awakened in me and I needed guidance for dealing with and understanding what was happening in my body. I was so excited to find Mystress as my teacher and guide. I had to reevaluate what having a teacher meant. I felt so attached and you forced me to let go. I was and still am somewhat willing to give up my own power to your expertise. You seem to understand so much more than I. I respect your wisdom and I value your input even though I have learned that everything I need to know can only be found within myself. I have gained much understanding. I am a very mental person, I have a strong intelligent mind. I look at this as a gift. I have really enjoyed all the information provided in the lessons.
    I have learned to surrender to the process of Kundalini with no need to understand what it is doing, or why it is doing it. I simply have become the Witness to the process. I meditate each day and let the energies that are unleashed in my body have their way with me. The miracle of the healing that has taken place in my body has been a gift, and a miracle. I am very grateful. I do not understand it all. I simply let it be. I trust that I am where I need to be.
    There is nothing to do, nothing to be. I simply wrap myself in those Wings of Light and smile. Love, c-light
  • I consider this psycho-spiritual path of Kundalini Tantra as a very systematic journey into the different aspects and levels of my subjective universe. I collected many new, useful and often unexpected experiences. Experiencing consciously this journey helped me to realize that I discovered an inner bridge which can always lead me and take me to the limitless depths and to the limitless sky. H.K.
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