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Ghosts & Spirits.

Ghosts are cold. Shivery. Emotional energy releasing is often a cold energy like a chill or breeze. The more emotional the ghost, the colder they will feel. If a room feels cold for no reason, then it probably indicates the presence of a ghost. Aliens and other entities have no temperature, or are warm.

The whole dynamic of ghosts was shown very well in a Bruce Willis movie, "The sixth sense".

A ghost who has not gone into the light is in no way a worthy guide. They perceive reality through the filter of the ego they had in life, and are not connected enough to the Divine Light to be wise enough. They are fuzzy about the passage of time, and want you to help them with their own long dead agendas. Don't bother with that. Don't listen to any being or spirit until you have tested them by sending them into the light. If they can come right back and enjoyed the trip, then you can trust them. Best, to let your own heart be your guide and have none before it.

I tend to see ghosts in my mind's eye rather than with my physical eyes, and communication with them is not so clear. I get emotional impressions and fragments of sentences, sometimes fragments of visions, unless I allow them to possess me, which I rarely do. Only occasionally when I am channeling a ghost for the healing purpose of comforting their survivors. Most often, dead Mothers, who want to give their children a good bye hug using my arms. Beautiful work.

Mostly, I detect them, then I talk and they listen.

You can divide human spirits into a few types. The most common are those who do not know they are dead, and they are trapped in a kind of purgatory, lost a dream world of their own memories. The really old ones are like a faint recording on replay. They are not much aware of themselves or their surroundings or the passage of time, they just keep going through the motions of whatever was familiar to them in life, or replaying the trauma of their death. Sometimes you have to give them love so they can wake up enough to have a conversation with, so you can persuade them to move on.

Another type is those who do know that they are dead, but for some reason... some road to hell of "good intentions" ~ or bad ones, have chosen not to go into the light. The parents who do not want to leave their children, or lovers who cannot bear to be parted usually fall into this category, but it can be any connection, and the connection often comes partly from the living not wanting to let go.

This is a type of ghost I often encounter in large numbers, when doing work with natives. A side effect of ancestor worship is that the dead think that their role is to remain as support and counselor, or enforcer of traditions, to the living. They hang around to make sure that their descendants keep to the old ways. These ghosts are part of the reason for native suicide rates... natives are more sensitive to spirits, by their DNA and most aborigines inherit a few hundred dead ancestors who put pressure on them to keep to the old ways. The old ways are dead and gone, but this type of ghost is not perceptive enough to see that, they are manipulative, and stuck in their own agenda. Like having a few hundred bossy mother-in laws. :) The pressure of their disapproval can drive a person to suicide. "If you can't beat them, join them" type of thing. These ghosts usually do not want to listen to me, so I pull rank on them by calling their own ascended ancestors back from the light to tell them to butt out and get their ghosty asses into the light. Sometimes I have to go back hundreds of years of generations to find one who knows the truth of what I am trying to tell them.

There are also the deliberately negative ghosts, who know that they are dead, refuse to go into the light. They know that without being fed by the energy of human attention they will fade away like an old photograph. They haunt and try to upset people to get the energy they need to stay active. Often these type are stubbornly stuck in their own long dead agenda of revenge or attachment to a place that was theirs. These are the vengeful ghosts of horror movies.

Most ghosts have no power except emotional energy, so they will seek to manipulate your emotions. They use fear, and try to possess a body to be able to have more influence, but if you do not fear them then they are powerless. Sovereignty of your body and home is your divine right. Every bird is allowed to protect its nest. Call on your Guardian angels to kick some ass.

The sweet ghosts are the ones who have gone into the light, and retain a connection to the Light while being present to love and support their children or loved ones. Remember, while we think of the Light being above, or as a location, it is really a dimension that is woven through and supporting the fabric of physical reality. The Light is not here or there; it is everywhere, but veiled by perceptual filters. E=mc2... matter and light and energy are the same thing in different states, like how water can be ice, liquid or steam depending on the temperature=vibration.

These spirits are connected to Divine wisdom, so they aware of the passage of time, supported by being in the light so they have no need of being fed by your attention. They see you through Goddess eyes, and may guide but do not judge. They have gone through the life review and know the purpose of their life and death, and return simply for the sake of love for those they have left behind.Entities may claim to be this: test them by sending them into the light. If they can come back and enjoyed the trip, then they are worthy guides... but even so, you do not need them. Serve Goddess within yourself, your own heart and have none before.

Finally there are the Ascended Masters. These are enlightened beings who evolved enough while alive to manifest a strong energy body that does not need the energy of human attention to keep it viable. They are the strongest presences, sharp and aware, and usually not cold. Sometimes they have transmuted their body back into pure light by raising their vibration, (E=mc2, again) and take most of it with them when they die.

They can move in and out of the light at will, and their energy bodies are solid enough that can effect the physical plane... but they are enlightened enough to not usually interfere with the affairs of humans unless invited to, and their love is for all people, not just the loved ones they left behind.

What is often not understood is that one does not have to be dead to be an ascended Master. I am an ascended Master, and I know of many others. The proof of it is that I have often been invisible... no karma to throw a shadow that is how we see each other in separation. Body transmuted to pure clear light energy. Invisible! It still feels like a body though, it still gets hungry and wants to sleep. It just feels like a very tingly nice body.

However, as part of my work is to take on Karma from other people, I am not always ascended full time... if I am not mindful to keep my energy field clear, I grow attachments and fall from grace. Then I cannot vanish, because karma is stuck energy that has a lower vibration. Energy must flow or it turns dark.

Nature spirits are called Faeries, Fey or Devas. They are the consciousness of nature, and they do the creative work of being the consciousness guiding the patterns of wind, weather, water, wood and stone. Every mountain, forest and flower has a Deva, every stone and stream has consciousness. These beings are more or less immortal, because they do not experience separation as we do. They have individuality, but not much compared to people. They know that they are light, manifest into form to do certain work and have experiences. In this, they are similar to Angels.

So many assume that all Faeries must be good faeries but unfortunately it just is not so. Many Fey have become messed up by encounters with humans, and have taken on some ego-separation. forgotten what they truly are and where they came from. They are stuck like people get stuck, away from the light, forgetting "I AM THAT". Like fallen angels. Best thing you can do for them is send them back to the light, there is a rehabilitation program for bent Fey there, and a great welcome home party too. They will love it, it is more fun than being bent. Better for you, that they move on. Better for them, that you send them on. That is why they have come to you... though they may not know it. Sometimes you can simply open your heart to them with unconditional love, and they will be healed when they see their true selves reflected there. Do not try this unless your own heart is clear and able to love them unconditionally, or they may turn into entities that possess you. Better to let the Angels handle it.

Aside from some representative Devas like the Greenman, whose job it is to deal with us, and some teaching Faeries, most healthy Fey pay little attention to people. They generally only seek the company of humans if they are bent, or if they want something. A water nymph whose stream has been replaced with a sewer pipe will have something to say about it, but one who is fine, simply Is... A cordial presence of "Namaste" and otherwise not much conversation unless you have questions. Sometimes the teaching Faeries seem to be pranksters, but often there is an important message for you in their actions. When in doubt, send them into the light.

There is a pillar of white light above your head, it is their path home. Show it to them and ask them to go there, up up and away! Goddess will take care of them, repair them... you cannot. Same with the ghosts and presences. Send them all into the Light, let Goddess sort them out and find them new homes.

If they are stubborn, and make a lot of excuses about why they are not yet ready to go, the kindest thing is tough love intervention. Stuff them through a white light hole anyhow, or call on your guardian angels to take them.

Since the Light is outside of time, generally they are done rehabilitating and come back in minutes, whole and healed and offering thanks for the intervention. Then they may stay to keep you company, or more likely head out to do what they are meant to do, helping flowers grow etc.

Clearing Ghosts.

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