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Kundalini Psychosis.

Trust to Allah, but tie up the camels." -old Arabic expression.


I do not like to scare people, but Kundalini psychosis does occur, and so I find it appropriate to address the topic.

I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a medical doctor. I am not legally qualified, or competent to discern or judge your relative sanity, or lack of it. I can only speak of my experiences, research, and observations, as a layman. My comments are not intended to supersede, contradict, or be a replacement for competent psychiatric advice. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

Most spontaneously awakened Kundalites fear that they are going insane. It is one of the big fears to be gotten over as part of the process, along with the fear of death...

Let us approach if first, by considering: how is insanity, defined? The current method is psychiatry... but psychiatry is an infant science, scarcely more than a century old, still growing and changing, whereas the process of spiritual awakening, is as old as humanity.

Decades ago, homosexuality and masturbation were considered signs of insanity by the psychiatric community, whereas now they are considered normal, or simply an alternative expression. We all fear death, yet we all are going to die someday. By some strict, and perhaps old fashioned psychiatric definitions, we awakened folks *are* all a little crazy. There are a few, wise modern psychiatrists who have spent a lifetime defining what is insanity, and what is a different type of sanity, which includes Kundalini awakening, - that they call "Spiritual emergence."

Most awakened people slip into some sort of psychosis at least temporarily along the way, usually it is harmless and transient.

Sometimes, it is not.

There are several books out, that compare Kundalini to schizophrenia and conclude they are the same thing. Personally, I do see that they have much in common, but I believe there are distinctions.

Schiophrenia and Kundalini, both involve the process of an old, ineffective sense of self (ego) being gradually broken down, dismantled so a new healthy sense of self can emerge and take over.

Schizophrenics and Kundalites, often experience alternate realities, have visions, see lights, and hear voices.

Kundalites often experience unusual energies, and can experience miracles that are validated by also being experienced by others. Schizophrenics are usually alone in their experiences and self created realities.

I hesitate to warn of the possibility of psychosis, because fear can be creative. What you focus on can grow. Obsessing about fear of going insane, can drive you insane, it is circular... and arguably, the person who is most confident of their sanity, is possibly the one most blind to their psychosis.

It is quite a loop. Being afraid of going crazy, can make you crazy. Being certain of your sanity, could be insane or simply overconfident. Never considering that you could be crazy, is not quite safe, either. It is a razor edge.

Personally, I resolved the fear of insanity by deciding that I probably AM a little crazy, but I am happy and function well in the world, so why worry? I have had psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists among my clientele... presumably they would not seek my guidance if they thought I am insane, but that could mean I am only a little less crazy than they... ;)

Privately, and humorously, I suspect that people become psychiatrists because they are secretly afraid that they really are insane, and want to diagnose and heal themselves before anyone else finds out! Many psychiatrists are in therapy, themselves... this does not mean they are crazy, only that they recognize the value of having a compassionate ear to listen to them, while they sort themselves out. Others may seek out friends, bartenders or hair stylists for the same reason.

Statistically, it is said that 2/3 of people have some form of psychosis, even if it is only a mild phobia. By those statistics, if normal is defined as average, and average includes 50% of the population, it is normal to be at least a little crazy! So, don't worry, be happy.

It is important to have faith. If Goddess wants you to be crazy, then you will be crazy. Kundalini is considered by many to be the most powerful force in the universe... so if it wants to make you insane, arguably there is not much you can do about it... but why would unconditional love, want to do that to you?

The serenity prayer is

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

When it comes to Kundalini psychosis, the wisdom to know the difference, is the challenge... I think that Kundalini does not make people insane, people make themselves insane, by resisting the process. Resistance is dangerous, and can definitely cause some kinds of psychosis.

Kundalini awakening is not always a clear road to enlightenment. There are many casualties along the way. Sadly, many fall into the trap of psychosis, temporarily or permanently. The most common psychosis is believing that they are somehow specially chosen to lead some great mission, save the world.

We are all special and unique, in Goddess eyes, ... regardless of who we are and what we do! Infinite manifestation creates uniqueness, and all of creation is special, loved, cherished... from the smallest pebble to the greatest leader.

Integrating that, actually leads to humility, not self aggrandizement. When you really begin to feel how much you are loved by the Divine, unconditionally, no matter what you say or do... there is no need to build yourself up with stories of your specialness. Simply Being, is enough. More blissful and radiant than self esteem via any other method, could ever be.

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see."

Because of the amazing charisma that is part of awakening, some psychotics may drag quite a few others along with them. Hitler was awakened, and his charisma could make women faint and grown men weep, when he spoke... he dragged a whole country along with him, and after the war many Germans snapped out of the trance and felt like they were waking from a long, bad dream. He is a human embodiment of my warnings about entities, with all his noise about the superior, special Aryans and their right to rule the world, for the good of the world, and at any cost.

Beware of any similar ideas that come to you, surrender them.

There are other forms of psychosis... when the power of thought to create reality becomes more active, the Zen master goal of a silent mind becomes an important tool for staying safe. What you focus on, will grow. If you focus on aliens coming in their Lightships to save the world, for example, you can create/travel into that reality, and manifest countless synchronicities to validate your beliefs. Is it true? It is true for you, at the time... but ask yourself, do you really want to live in a reality like that?

Your experience of reality can change, when you change what you choose to give attention to, and put your attention elsewhere. Consider your own life. Probably you are interested and emotionally invested in different things today, than when you were a child or a teenager, and your experience of reality has changed too.

Many forms of Kundalini psychosis come and go, along the path. Some could be considered natural phases of the process. Remind yourself, "This too, shall pass." If it does not pass, or if you are concerned, then do not hesitate to seek the advice of a competent, K-friendly therapist. If you really do have a problem, then you will be glad you sought treatment. Sometimes being reassured that what you are going through, is normal spiritual emergence can be well worth the investment.

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