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Every chakra has an eye that looks into the dimensional universe it represents, and the reality rules are different in different dimensional universes. (Vibrations, chakras, levels, dimensions.) What is true, depends on who you are and what universe you live in. Some things that are true in lower chakra universes make no sense whatsoever in higher chakra universes, and may even be opposite.

("Higher" and "lower" being a description of relative position on the vertical line of chakras, and not a judgment of quality or superiority. Mountains are high and valleys are low but that does not mean mountains are better than valleys. )

At the highest levels, everything is contradictory and cannot be communicated in words. There, nothing is true, nothing is real, and everything is true and everything is real... all at once. Makes no sense till you have been there... like a Zen Koan. I could write dozens of answers to the Koan "What is the sound of one hand clapping?", and they would all be true but none of them would convey the experience of knowing the TRUTH. The knowing, is beyond words. We cannot define or comprehend the infinite, but when we give up trying, we can BE the infinite. That is what we truly are.

The chakras below the heart represent the duality universes, where there are illusions of many of us separate individuals and illusions of dark and light, good and evil, victims and heroes, saints and sinners, lovers and loved. If you live there, then you will want protection from bad things. If you are dabbling in magic but are not awakened, then you will want protection, and protecting yourself will probably be one of the first lessons in any Mystery school that teaches free will based magic. Yet, in the non duality universe, protection is an act of fear, so protecting yourself from other things is not possible because you are All.

We all exist on all dimensions, but most people are only aware of a single dimensional reality... usually the second or third chakra eye is half-open. As Kundalini clears the chakras and opens the eyes, you become aware of the aspects of yourself that live on higher vibrations. How the world looks through the eyes of your heart, your crown, how your soul and higher self sees the world. I am aware of myself living on many dimensions at once, and so whenever I consider an action, I can make a decision based on how the situation looks from all dimensions, and only take action that is in alignment with all.

That is what the Buddha calls "right action". Better still, if I am very clear, the action will be spontaneous, without any thinking required. A Zen Master has a silent mind, and acts in perfection without thinking. The ego sorts things out by thinking, Goddess simply *knows.*

The Chakras above the heart represent the unity universes: Non-duality. Love is all that is, there is only one of us and it is All of us, I AM all that is. Goddess. In the higher chakra universes, the rules are spiritual truths about the unity of all things, and the non-existence of space and time. That is how the third eye can see through walls and into other time lines. Seeing through the illusion.

The process of Kundalini is to attain the unity consciousness, of seeing Love as all that Is. The purification works to clear the blockages that represent our duality beliefs (karma) so that we can attain the experience of seeing the spiritual truths of the higher chakras, even in the lower chakra universe.

I recognise that most people who first come to the grounding, are still living in duality space: that is their reality and experience of life. In duality space, there is you and me and everyone, and the bubble recognises that illusion of separation is your reality, even as the grounding cord connects you to Source beyond illusion.

It is important to ground and connect to source, when you are in duality where there is the illusion of space and time... yet, in the higher chakra universe where time and space do not exist, there can be no linearity of a vertical cord, of being fed from source outside of yourself, because you are All. You are the sun and the Earth, and all the starry void. You are nothing. Both!

To some extent, you can "fake it till you make it"... hold fast to the spiritual truths and surrender all else till they become your reality... but that can also be a kind of resistance to what Is. Skip grounding because on a higher level it is illusion, and you will have a harsh trip because you are not yet at a place where that kind of non-duality is your reality.

People who are awakened, yet still in duality space often get a lot of entities coming to visit, drawn to your light like moths to a flame... They are a distraction and it is simpler to simply shut them out, or send them into the light, than to get drawn into their arguments and games. Yet, on the level on non-duality, you are all that Is and they are a part of you, they are love. Goddess is All.

However, if an entity knew it is Goddess, then it would not be an entity. Entities live in the separation universe, and experience separation, so you deal with them and encounter them in those realities... most notably, the astral dimension of the power chakra, where dreams happen and ghosts and spirits live. Entities have forgotten that they are Light, and are stuck in illusion just like people with egos are stuck. The entity clearing simply helps entities remember that they came from light and will go back to the light, and since time is illusion, they might as well go back immediately. When they remember that they have the option, they go.

The goal of the Kundalini process is to try to see the spiritual unity in the illusions of duality. If you were a Fundamentalist Christian or a Wiccan, these considerations probably would not enter into your thinking, because those religions teach ideas of sin, darkness, harm and evil that do not exist in the dimensional universes above the heart.

The choice to believe in evil, is a choice to limit yourself to the duality universes. The choice to look for the love within everything, clears the illusion and transports you to the dimension where it is true.

Someone once described evil, as live backwards. What is against life, is evil. What is described as evil, is usually simply people acting from a fear, instead of from love. Acting from their Karma instead of their Dharma. Karma, ego, sin, evil... is acting from your hurt places instead of from trust and love.

Similarly, hope is a good thing to have in the lower chakra universe, but in the higher chakra universe it show its duality: fear of the future, that takes you out of the Here and Now. You do not reach for hope unless you are worried about what is to come.

In Dante, above the gates of hell it says "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here". Sounds awful, but it is really excellent advice, for the underworld traveller. Even the attachment/fear of hope will be a stuck place that keeps you from getting through all the levels, circles to reach the teleportation portal to the light that is at the center of Hell. Getting through Hell requires total unconditional surrender, projecting your desires into the future with hope will get you stuck.

Similarly, the bible book of Revelations is not about the end of *the* world, it is about the end of *your* world. A metaphor for the Kundalini process and how it unfolds within the individual. What a mess when someone is not clear on the concept!

The final image in revelations, of the Goddess about to give birth and the dragon preparing to devour the child, is a snapshot metaphor of the eternal reality, not a movie. The child is never born. We are that child, a spark of life in the eternal womb of Goddess, dreaming an illusion of birth and death. Dreaming the dragon.

The move "2001, a space odyssey" is the story of human evolution, and the final image of the fetus floating among the stars, is the same thing. Never born, never dying, in a infinite womb that is Goddess.

It is the same with the tarot card of the Fool, #0. Nothingness. The Fool is a Zen master, and the card is a snapshot outside of time. Poised forever, in the act of an effortless leap of faith... one foot on the earth and the other in the air, eyes turned to the Sun, led by the little dog that is the voice of instinct. The step off the cliff is never completed, because it is a step outside of time and space.

The fool... know nothing, be everything. Be nothing, know everything. Self realization.

In the lower chakra universe, it is good to love people. To be loving. In the higher chakra universe, you are love and you are all, there is nobody else. So if you try to be loving, instead of being love, you must create separation so that there is someone else to send love to, and you will fall from grace, back into duality.

Charity, is another one... in the lower chakra universe, it is gracious to be charitable. In the higher chakra universe, charity is a projection of need onto another person: not seeing them as God of their own life. Same with healing. Thinking somebody needs fixing, is not seeing them as a perfect manifestation of the Divine.

I look for perfection in everything, I see everyone as being self realized, unless they speak or act to show me where they think Goddess is not.

If I were to go into a soup kitchen and tell the homeless that they are God, that their poverty is self created for the sake of experience and they need nothing, I would probably get lynched, and rightly so. My truth is not their truth. My world is not their world. Pushing my truth onto them is not kind, respectful or consensual.

Similarly, projecting love and light onto someone can bring up more karma than they are ready to deal with, and so it can be an extremely unkind projection that will get you slapped upside the head with the karmic feedback. Every action, an equal and opposite reaction.

It is important to be respectful of the free will of individuals, in the universe of individuality. Duality-space rules of etiquette. Like not playing loud music when the neighbors are trying to sleep.

Not everyone wants to become enlightened, some folks come in to play the illusion game all the way through to the end without looking for an exit... physical death is their exit, and I respect that. Ego death is the exit for Kundalites, the separation ends but the body remains... with Goddess living in it.

I am usually pretty cautious when speaking of ego death, because there are many who get suicidal impulses as part of the process, and do not understand that it is a spiritual metaphor, not a physical directive. I do not want anyone to read my writing and do something stupid, like the Heavens Gate cult did with the Nikes, purple scarves and poison pudding committing mass suicide. Yes, death *is* the doorway to Ascension, but it is not physical death you idiots!! Not being clear on the concept was a fatal error that I do not want anyone reading this to make.

If you want to know who you really are, it is easy to get a glimpse. Just observe your thoughts... really observe them, do not get caught up in their content... just let them slide on by. When you are in a place of doing this, next try to observe the observer. Some people mistake the watcher for the inner critic, but it is not that. Keep trying to watch the watcher until you cannot go any further back, like you have stepped back until your back is against the wall and you cannot observe the observer. That, is Goddess. You are Not the thoughts, but the empty space they happen in. The space, is unified. The space between the stars and the atoms of your body are all the same space... the power of the Nothing.

In the bible genesis it goes something like, "In the beginning, there was the void, and from the void came a voice that said, "Let there be light"... we associate the Divine with the Light, but the light is a manifestation of the nothing that gave it birth.

When you can stay grounded permanently, you are enlightened. When you become All, and realize that you always were the source that fed you, you are Self Realized. Even with self realization, the growing does not stop. We keep integrating more and more of the infinite universe, into our experience of linearity by seeing that it is our Self reflected.

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