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Light Bulbs.

Kundalini energy and electricity, or electronics are not compatible. Many Kundalites discover that when they are ungrounded, they cause light bulbs to fail, and computers to crash, televisions and stereos to behave unpredictably. Street lights going out as you walk under them is a common, if disconcerting experience.

Proper grounding is the best way to avoid this effect. Additionally, you can talk to Goddess within yourself and ask for your Shakti field to be modulated when you are around electronics, so as not to harm them. Be sure to take time away from electronics regularly, and allow your energy to flow as it will.

Additionally, this visualization will protect your computer or other electronic devices, long term.

The short form of this spell: ask Goddess to protect your computer... and do not ever have another thought of worry for it. Can you do that? I can't usually. Not for protection spells, because there is fear prompting the need. Fear ungrounds.

If I am yelling for help, I am expressing a belief that I am helpless in trouble and in need, and so I will create, with the limitless power Goddess has given me to manifest thought. If I trust that Goddess in unconditional love will give me everything I think of, and begin to create/choose thought images of safety and light, so I receive.

So, this is a clear expressed request of intent to safety and light.

The power of rituals, is they engage more parts of your being towards the single goal... thought, word, deed. More energy of thought is focused in a single direction, the intentions go deeper into manifestation.

Get grounded.

Ask for blessings on your work, from Diety, higher self, planet Mother Gaia... for the good of all and harm to none, et all... your preferences.

Hold your hands in front of you, like you are holding a punch bowl, and make a bubble of K. energy between them. Endow it with protective properties with your intentions.

Useful properties are: for it not to crash or blow up from your, even when you are angry... and for it to be basically impervious to your changing moods, grounded into a part of you that is stable as higher self. For it to also filter out harmful vibrations from the monitor, and throw in some surge protection while you are at it. Make it virus free... the possibilities are limited only by your faith and imagination... But do keep the mechanical surge protectors and anti virus software! Trust to Allah, but tie up the camels.

A useful thing is for it to have a minor crash whenever you are about to send an unwisely written email. I have mine set up to misbehave if anyone uses it without my permission. Extra security.

You can always add to it later. Being a bubble, it can shine whatever colors you choose... purple flame for purity, blue for spiritual communication... pink and green for healing love... think of oil slick rainbows colors on a puddle, and give it light..

When it looks good to your inner eye, give it a grounding thread... one up to infinity, your higher self... one down to the earth, just as you did for yourself, energy flowing both ways... now your creation has it's own energy source and won't require recharges or batteries... and will be "self cleaning" ... though a thought of gratitude for it occasionally is a good idea.

Finally, I like to ask my Angels to administer the spell, and give them permission to adjust it in any ways they think it and I need, in the highest good, as it runs. They know more than me... I surrender it entirely to their wise guidance. Having it crash when the posts are unkind, was their idea... as a way to manifest my intent.

Leave some room in the spells for Goddess to improve them... don't worry if you have left out anything, because you have asked for the angelic refit package. ("Or something even better, an it be in the highest good of all.")

Trust them to catch anything you've missed, or anything that you've not planned for, and to correct any suggestions you have made in your intent that might have negative effects in the future.

In other words... ask the angels to fill in the blanks, and leave some blanks for them to fill in... trust makes the spell. Remember though, that for Angelic assistance, you have to ask, or they cannot interfere.

When the bubble seems done, if you need more than one of them, twist it like a balloon animal... or pop like ameobas dividing, and there will be two identical bubbles, or as many as you need. Make them bigger with more energy if need be, and place them around each part of your computer. Add threads going along the connecting computer cords, sheathing them. As the side of the bubble passes thru the computer, when you put it into place, it will push out/transform any bad vibes that need clearing.

You might also want to manifest some tiny bubble "gateways" where the phone cords and electric run into the house, as well... adjust their intention to match their purposes.

Consider also: Goddess, and so She is your computer too, and so it is alive. Have a nice chat with your computer about how much you love it and and all that it does for you, etc... make friends.

As a final note, if you are having a lot of trouble with light bulbs and electronics going poof, then the best thing is to get very grounded and change yourself.

Have a nice chat with your K. about how you do not wish to cause harm to electronic beings with your energy, and ask that it be adjusted so as not to damage such things when you are around them, no matter how extreme your emotional state may be.

It is possible to negotiate with your K., about how and when it manifests, to a certain degree. It works best, if you give it a time and place to release those energies when it is safe to do so... take a walk in the park away from electricity, and invite those energies to come out and play. Ask them to be dampened when you walk into an office or airport.

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