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The Soul.

The soul is a tiny, brilliant spark of pure joy, usually located inside the body just above the power chakra.

There are many conceptualizations of the Soul. Just take a look in your dictionary! Many interpretations, and some of them contradict each other.
Terms like "soul retreival" are thrown around a lot, but the soul cannot be lost, it is part of non-duality. A spark of the eternal Divine.

Some people consider the soul the same as the Higher self, what Jung called the Self... it is not, nor is it the same as a ghost presence, human shaped.

In my experience, the soul looks like a tiny spark of brilliant light, the seed of your consciousness. The ancient Egyptians saw it thus: they believed that every star in the heavens represented a human soul.

The soul is in unity with the Divine, and cannot be harmed by any of your actions in this lifetime... Religions who refer to sin as a "stain on the soul", are actually referring to the persona. You cannot harm your soul any more than you can harm God-dess.

...But! If your body gets too plugged up with stress and karma, it becomes no longer fit to be a temple of the soul, and soul may leave the body.

There is an expression, we sometimes say someone has no soul... they have one, but it may have fled! They are not able to feel it anymore, so it no longer is guiding their actions and choices.

Sometimes under severe trauma, like a car accident people experience altered perceptions... time seems to slow, small details get magnified, sometimes they are not aware of sound, or pain, or that the sound they hear, is themselves screaming! This is called clinical detachment... It is a Divine mercy, that the soul often gets removed from the body before death or accidents. Divine anaesthesia.

Children are sometimes much more aware of their souls, than adults are. They may experience the soul leaving the body when they are experiencing emotional distress or trauma.

Sometimes I have gone looking for the soul in someone, and found what looks like a steel ping pong ball! The soul, is inside... the soul can never really be imprisoned, such artifacts only limit the individual's ability to feel their soul.

As a child, not understanding that their soul cannot be harmed, they armoured it... like locking their greatest treasure in a bank vault. It is perfectly safe, in the ball or out of it, but the effect of the ball was that they could no longer feel their soul or know its guidance, or its love and joy. The effect of locking the most precious inside a safe, is to not feel it.

The shell can be shattered by imagining it so.

Symbolically, the soul sometimes appears as their tiny baby selves. Innocent, pure, loving and joyous. The purity of soul joy can feel childlike, but the soul is your spark, seed of consciousness: immortal, loving and wise.

Some spiritual practices focus meditation on the crown chakra, which is actually outside of the body, above the head and so creates an out of body experience. These practices are typically patriarchal and seek to control and deny the body's needs and desires, which is a lot easier if you are not in it, to feel them. Spiritual escapism. I prefer a grounded, heart centred focus.

Distractions can move the soul. Mentally focused actvities like books, movies, video games or work that is entirely mental like computer coding, it is like the soul goes into the work, or the story. When you are so absorbed in the mental experience that you forget you even have a body: your soul is in your focus.

Spending a lot of time out of body, can lead to the body to becoming frail. The body knows that its purpose is to be a vessel for the soul. It does not like to be abandoned. When the soul is out of the body for too long, sometimes the body thinks it's work is done, and starts to shut itself down, to return to dust.

Cliche' image of the tech geek type, either very thin because forgets to eat and does not get much excercise, or overweight and slouched like the comic shop owner on 'The Simpsons.' Both cases of physical body neglect. The body is the temple for your soul, and the body knows this. Close contact with the soul, motivates better self care. It grants self confidence and some shiny charisma.

Feelings validate our existence, and some people's souls are so distant from their body, they cut themselves, to feel. Anorexia is rooted in feeling helpless, and trying to control the body. The extreme effort to control, on top of the trauma leaves sufferers feeling very disconnected from their body.

Usually the wandered soul is parked somewhere near by, often near the left or right shoulder. The soul meditation will bring it back to where it belongs: inside you, just above the power chakra where its radiance can influence your conscience, your choices, to steer you to the dharma- the path of right action. If you believe in destiny, the path of it is known in your soul.

The soul holds the life purpose, so someone who has lost it, may feel like a sheep, going with the crowd because they have lost touch with their own desire or will for their lives. People who say "I need to find myself" are likely suffering from a soul that wandered.

At the other extreme: sociopaths. When the soul is completely disconnected there is no conscience, no empathy.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Mark 8:36 

This is a spiritual perspective, medical explanations may differ.

In gaming chats, sometimes the question comes up, what motivates the griefers. Griefers are people who give you grief: whose idea of fun, is spoiling other people's fun.

Sympathy for the devil: imagine a life without love? Sociopaths lack empathy, are incapable of feeling love. Their positive emotions tend to be flattened,... but they can feel the rush of power they get from upsetting people.

Of course in gaming circles, there is a simpler answer best described by the African proverb: "It takes a village to raise a child. A child not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth."

Everyone needs to be seen, to be validated that they exist, they matter to the world. The child who cannot get positive attention, will act out because negative attention is better than neglect or apathy.

If you believe the essential nature of the universe, is love then every action is love, or a cry for love. That is how your soul, sees the world. Everything is worthy of compassion.

The soul meditation is good for people who are too detached, and have a hard time staying in their body and connecting with it.

Do it as often as you please. The more you do it, the more you will become aware of your own soul as a guiding principle in your life.

Your soul knows why you chose to incarnate, and what you truly are... Usually if will not speak in words, except via the Heart Voice, but it communicates in feelings, inspirations. When you use the soul meditation to fill yourself with the joyous energy of your own soul, life flows.

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