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Walking Meditation.

The walking meditation is wonderfully grounding, it really makes you more aware of your body, which is especially useful for people who are not very body conscious, and tend to spend more time out of their body than in it.

The walking meditation is simple, you can do it anywhere. Nice, to do it in a park or forest path, but a busy city street will do just as well, perhaps better because it is more of a challenge to stay focused.

First, focus on your posture. (Read the page on the power chakra, for more information about posture and correct breathing.) Stand up straight, with balanced posture and eyes forward, or eyes turned slightly downward to watch where you are going. Walk with a relaxed, easy stride, balanced.

Time your breathing to your steps; breathing in on the left foot step and out on the right, or vise versa... or taking two steps on the inhale and two on the exhale, depending on the speed you are walking and what is comfortable for you. Do not rush, and do not try to force the breathing. Breathe naturally, making sure to breathe into the belly and get good expansion of the lower ribs.

When you have a good rhythm to your walking and breathing, allow yourself to casually observe your surroundings. Try not to make judgments, just take it all in. Judgments are often inevitable, but surrender them as they come up.

You may find that miles disappear under your feet. Walking in this way tends to be energizing, not fatiguing. The breathing means you are taking in a lot of chi, which will fuel your movement. you may get a wonderful sense of freedom, euphoria.

Be sure to stay grounded, as you walk. This will facilitate the chi and make it easier to observe your surroundings without judgment or worry. Be mindful, periodically checking to make sure your posture is correct, your breathing in rhythm with your steps, and your breath is going into your belly.

This meditation can be especially useful, when you have a lot of your mind. Keeping your focus on your body and movement, can distract you from your worries, and being grounded and filled with chi, means you will get unexpected, surprising insights into your situation. Walk your cares away!

Note: I once practiced this meditation, wearing high heeled clog sandals on a rocky forest path! It required great care and mindfulness, to walk on that path, in those shoes without breaking an ankle!

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