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Earth Heart Meditation.

When you do the grounding meditation, you connect with the fiery crystal in the center of the Earth. It is the source of Shakti for us as humans living on this planet, and the heart of Gaia. It is a manifestation of the Mother Goddess, a heart and a womb. When we arrive as souls on this planet, we go to the center before incarnating into a body. Here we get initiated and adjusted for living on this planet.

When you have practiced the grounding 8 times a day for 45 days, you can move on to this meditation. To prepare for it the first time, inspect the lower part of your grounding cord. Usually you will only need to do this part once, but it is good to recheck it periodically. There are several things I often find with people, when I do this in a healing session:

  • There is often an entity like a grey cloud surrounding the cord, about ten feet below your feet. Do the entity clearing on this entity, or ask your Guardian Angels to take it and any associated entities into the light.
  • There are sometimes other, leech-like entities fastened to the cord lower down... handle as above.
  • Sometimes the cord is not straight like a laser beam, it is bent or distorted. Ask your Guardian Angels to straighten the cord as they think best, according to your highest good.
  • Often, the cord is not actually reaching the crystal itself, it is dangling above it like a frayed rope. Slide down your grounding cord like it is a fireman's pole. Stand on the surface of the fiery crystal, reach up to grasp the cord and plug it firmly into the crystal, like plugging the cord of an appliance into a wall socket. Imagine the cord and crystal fusing together into an unbreakable bond.
  • Notice if there are any smaller cords leading off from your grounding cord. These would be from people who want to attach to your energy and feed on it. Imagine the cords disconnecting from your cord, and plugging into the crystal directly so they can feed themselves.
  • When you are done, float back up the cord, into your body.

That is grounding cord maintenance!

The Earth Heart meditation begins with you getting grounded. When you are grounded, slide down your cord like it is a fireman's pole, slide through the surface of the crystal and go inside it.

Imagine yourself floating inside the crystal like a fetus in the womb. Feel the love that is there, and allow it to heal you. Do not take an active role, do not try to manipulate the energy and consciousness of the crystal, just be very passive. Float, enjoy the peace and love that is there for you. You may get insights into some situation in your life, but do not go looking for them. Just be receptive and accept what comes.

I often do this meditation when I am going to sleep after a difficult day. I go to sleep inside the Earth Heart and wake feeling very peaceful and refreshed.

If you have experienced feelings of alienation, of feeling like you do not belong on this planet, then this meditation will help you. You are here, so you belong here. Goddess gets it right, whatever you may think of it.

Particularly in cases of breech birth or caesarian birth, the sacrum chakra is not activated, and this can effect feelings of not belonging here. The sacrum is usually activated as part of the birth process, the first time a baby stretches out it's legs to push its head past the cervix... the other part of that dynamic, is that babies who are born breech or caesarian, usually have already changed their minds about incarnating, and it is their own resistance that causes a difficult birth. Even before you are born, you can make decisions that will affect your lifetime's karma! ... but it is never too late, to change your mind!

This meditation is enjoyable for anyone, even if your sacrum is fine!

Note: Be sure to slide down your grounding cord directly, and do not stray from it!

Symbolically, the layers of the Earth between your feet and the crystal, is the underworld. The place of the dead, and where the archetypes and various denizens of the collective consciousness live. Depending on your paradigms, wandering in the underworld might bring you face to face with the Hell of Dante or the fields of the dead of greek mythology, or all sorts of other critters and beings whom you would prefer not to meet.

Sometimes people who have a strong, often unconscious fear of death, have trouble going down the cord for this reason. Do not force yourself, but keep trying. You may find that the effort brings up a lot of karma to be processed. Be gentle with yourself.

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