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Entities: Thought Forms, Memes, Astral Junk

By an entity, we are referring here to energy based beings that take up residence within people. Most entities are created by humans, usually unconsciously. Thoughts are things, they are energy and energy and matter are one. E=MC2. So any thought that is fed emotional energy gets bigger and more powerful. What you focus on, will grow: this is the power of free will, and the essence of all prayer, spell casting and the root of much mental illness.

You nurture whatever you choose to give your attention to. Mindfulness, is paying attention to your thoughts and being choosy about which ones you feed. Anything that you give enough attention to, can potentially "wake up" and become self aware.

Thoughts in the body do seem to take on a life of their own, eh? Remember how your toys as a child seemed to become real beings? Your love gave them consciousness. Ritual objects do this a lot, so cleanse and rededicate them regularly.

Usually with the creation of entities, the focus will be a fear of some kind, because fear is separation and an entity experiences separation from the Light. It is separate from you, a parasite. When a fear based entity has been created, like all sentient beings it will act with self preservation and attempt to propagate. Feed and breed. In this way, humans have created uncounted millions of diverse beings.

These beings range from the not very aware stray thought forms left over from another lifetime, to very powerful Old Gods and Archetypes, like the Greek or Egyptian pantheons that have been fed and shaped by centuries of worship and love. The difference being, the Old Gods are not separate from the light and generally are more helpful than not.

Nearly every human being is host to some entities, but this idea should not be any more distressing than learning that the average mattress is host to millions of dust mites. They are simply part of the environment, but cleaning them out regularly will give you better health and well being. Do not take on an attitude of paranoia or victim hood, because then you will smell like food and become a magnet for them. Be as casual as swatting a fly. Clearing entities is easier than swatting flies. Flies are quick!

When I clear entities from people, usually the first thing they want to know, is where it came from. It is like they have caught VD and have to explain to the health board who gave it to them. That is exactly the last thing you need to know, because the attention of that kind of curiosity feeds the entity and makes it bigger. You do not need to know where it came from, you just need to locate it and kick its ass. You can ask your guidance about the entity after it is gone, if you are really curious.

Kicking entity butt is a piece of cake. You own your body and they do not, aside from the power you gave to them. So taking back your power and reclaiming the territory of your own Self is a choice that is backed up by the Powers that Be. Asking your archangels, your Divine Beloved, or whatever you put faith in to take them away to the light is often all that is required... if you have faith. Faith is like a muscle, it gets stronger with exercise. If faith is weak, then the entity clearing is a more hands-on approach that is very effective.

Through family connections shared by these beings, when you clear an entity from yourself it will lift from a lot of other people, too. Entities play follow the leader. When you clear an entity related to one problem, you can next clear all the entities that are connected or related to it in any way, from yourself all in one go.

For the sake of understanding, I will explain a little about how entities become attached. Generally speaking, entities are self created, invited in, passed on, or inherited. There are family entities, cultural entities, illness entities... invisible friends created in childhood, fears passed on through generations, beings picked up via empathy, you name it. To understand entities, it is helpful to examine the concept of memes.

Memetics is a field of study where language is considered to be a living thing that evolves like a virus, and ideas that catch on are thought of as contagion. A meme is an idea expressed in words that seems to take on a life of its own, spread and propagate itself. Entities are thought forms that seem to take on a life of their own. So, memes can be entities, but not all entities are memes.

Because language has such a profound effect in shaping consciousness, the study of memes considers that perhaps we are simply evolved to host memes, that they are the dominant species. Strange idea, but the same is said of DNA itself.

The concept of memes explains how words like "groovy " can spread through the population like a virus, then die off, only to be resurrected again a decade later. Most entities and memes are that innocuous.

Some thought forms can be very nasty, like the propaganda of the Third Reich. A whole country went insane for a few years, and much later, when the German people looked at what they had done, they could not explain their behavior. Most Germans were as horrified by it as the rest of the world. The Nazi party was a creation of the German Illuminati, occultists who were well aware of how to create a self propagating thought form, and whip up emotional energy to spread it around. It is still going around, in some places.

So, in some ways the spread of entities can be compared to the spread of bacteria or viruses. Like with viruses, not everyone who is exposed will come down with the dis-ease, some people have a natural immunity. Not everyone in Germany went along with Hitler's ideas, and certainly the rest of the world was immune, partly because their own national group mind or cultural entity rejected it.

What entities you will pick up, depends on you. Kicking them, is the easy part. Finding them is harder and takes some investigation and self observation.

There are three main ways to find them:

  • Observe your thoughts.
  • Feel emotional and physical reactions in the body.
  • Look for them with your inner vision, your third eye.

Persistent illogical fears, can usually be treated as an entity. Grab onto the thought and do a clearing on it, and the entity connected to it will go too. If you notice comments in your mind that do not make much sense, treat them as an entity. If you notice some thoughts have a squirming impact somewhere in your body, you are probably feeling an entity reacting. Generally, entities like to hang around the heart and power chakras because most entities want to feed on your love or your power. They can be anywhere in the body or on the grounding cord, but I always look at those two chakras first, because entities there are the most problematic. Entities in the heart like to try to masquerade as the Heart Voice, and entities in the power chakra can give a false negative "gut reaction" that makes it more difficult to surrender and have faith.

You can tell the difference between a blockage and an entity because an entity will usually react to your attention, and a blockage will just sit there like a brick. You may feel a subtle sensation of an entity wiggling like a caterpillar stick with a pin. It may move, squirm, complain or growl with an emotional reaction. If you focus on a place of tension or discomfort and it seems to want to crawl away from your inward gaze, like an ant under a magnifying glass then it is probably an entity. Your attention to the entity itself, instead of being distracted by what it does makes it fry like an ant under a magnifying glass. In this way, you can clear entities by loving them to death. Let your attention be a laser beam of light that toasts them.

If you notice whenever you try to increase your energy or vibration, you get distracted by stray fears or body sensations, it may be coming from an entity. Higher vibrations are poison to entities, so they act to protect their environment by polluting you with their shit. If you become more aware, then their gravy train is over. Dealing with entities most often comes at the earlier part of the Kundalini process. As your vibration increases, you become a less hospitable environment for them. Clearing them deliberately means you get there sooner.

If using your inner vision, ask to be shown what entities need to be cleared. For the sake of not feeding them with attention, ask for them to show up as dark abstract shapes within your aura. Also look at your lower grounding cord. There may be smoke or leeches feeding on your connection to the Earth.

Don't confuse the movement of entities with kriyas. Kriyas are involuntary movements that the body does by itself, to facilitate the flow of the Kundalini energy. They can range anywhere from tremors, vibrations or muscular twitches, to spontaneous yoga and altered breathing patterns. The movement of the Kundalini energy can feel like you are possessed, when this happens especially for people who get really unusual Kriyas like spontaneously and involuntarily singing ancient spiritual songs in foreign languages or doing ritual dances they did not learn in this lifetime. The wisdom that guides your process has the whole of human history and the collective consciousness to draw on, centuries of spiritual paths and rituals. If making you stand on your head, hyperventilate or do an ancient African dance is the best way to clear a blockage, then that is what you will find yourself doing.

Entities do not have enough power to make you do stuff like that. Goddess does.

When ever you are in doubt about what you are dealing with, it is always safe to do the clearing anyway and the results will give you more information. If it goes, then it was an entity. If it does not, then it is something else. The entity clearing will have no effect if the symptoms are coming from kriyas.

Spirits and entities have free will just as you do, although it is not as strong because they are not embodied, and they do not own your body... although they may think they do! Sometimes you can simply overpower then and unceremoniously stuff them into a white light hole, but it is usually easier to persuade them to go into the light of their own will. The clearing does that.

On a higher level, all things have consciousness, because Goddess. So it is actually possible to clear all kinds of stuff by speaking to it directly, and asking it to transmute into light. Sometimes you can clear a stubborn blockage by giving it enough loving attention so it can "wake up" and you can have a conversation with it. Mentally splitting off parts of yourself, creating separation for the sake of clearer communication can be a useful technique for self knowledge. There are dozens of forms of healing and therapy that suggest you do exactly that. For example, using hypnosis and visualization to talk to the breast and ask it why it created a cancer. Be careful with that. Remember to surrender the separation afterwards and re-integrate the split parts.

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