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Spiritual awakening.

At 05:02 PM 09/09/02, Sherri@*.com wrote:
HI There,
I am just curious.....Has anyone else gotten the Kundalini from the top down.
Mine started in the crown chakra and has moved down these last few years.
It always starts at the crown but now stops at my heart chakra or solar plexis etc. Has anyone else had this?


Mystress responded:
Yes.:) But, strictly speaking, this would not be called a Kundalini awakening, though we do refer to it as such, on the list... for convenience, we refer to most spiritual awakenings as Kundalini. It is convenient, though somewhat inaccurate.

In the stricter sense, the Kundalini is the root chakra. Top down is a spiritual awakening, the Kundalini awakening occurs when the energy reaches the root chakra and starts back up.

I know a lot of people... Wiccans and Witches who have paranormal experiences and work with energy, but it is all free will based. There is not the imperative of surrender that comes of a K. awakening. Their surrender is pretty much limited to adding "for the good of all and harm to none" onto the end of their spells. Some of them, when they do become K. awakened find that they can no longer do the free will based magic they used to, it is a form of resistance and so it shoots them in the foot, so to speak.

I was one!

My own, was a top down awakening. My third eye did not close in childhood, I had a lot of paranormal experiences, working with white light, etc. right up through my 20's... always drawing the Light from above. Good intuition, heart voice speaking, unexplained illnesses, spiritual insights, ear ringing, spontaneous yoga positions, etc. All the symptoms, except the imperative to surrender. Surrender is always a good idea, but until K awakens it does not become an imperative.

It was around 1989 that I changed my grounding meditation to draw energy from the Earth as well as the sky, and K. awakening followed soon after. It was quite an adjustment when K. awoke, suddenly there was a lot more energy available, but I could not use it as I had before. It took me about 4 years before I really got the message that I had to follow Goddess will for me, instead of casting spells with the Light to get what I wanted. Goddess boxed me into a corner, so I had no other option but to surrender.

The root chakra where the K. sleeps, never really closes, cannot close or you would be dead... however, in most people it is only open enough to let life flow... no dancing serpents.

There are a lot of people who use magic and do energy work, who do not have awakened K., as it is strictly defined. You can basically tell by whether surrender fits into their paradigm. Wicca and other Free Will based magical forms work fine, till the snakes wake, then suddenly the "shooting self in the foot" effect kicks in, and free will based magic becomes a warning to be careful what you pray for. A bad idea.

Some people may have an opened third eye and be psychic, without getting the other symptoms we become so familiar with. Someone with only the heart open, may be very loving and wise, without getting K. symptoms or psychic experiences. Someone who does Reiki or Tai Chi may be sensitive to energy, and able to manipulate it, but not K. awakened.

Often, there is some mixture... like with S., he is discovering the importance of surrender, having shot himself in the foot a few times, playing with magic... so there is serpent activity, but the other lower chakras are not yet open... they will open in their own time, but there not being open yet is perfection, because he is having a hard enough time dealing with what he's got.

Clearing the lower chakras is arguably, the harder part of the path. It is easy to see perfection in the higher chakras, but as above, so below... bringing that bliss and unconditionally loving perspective of the Higher Self, down into the physical realm of day to day life is more challenging.

The lower chakras hold all the sticky issues of sex and death, relationships, power, money, abundance, and seeing perfection even in the violence of nature, and in the nasty side of human nature. Sorting that stuff out is quite a trip... and it is not unusual for people to lose most of their relationships and their material possessions, and even have someone in their life pass on, in some otherwise unrelated event... as Goddess raises the stakes to get them to let go of those dependencies and material attachments. Does not always happen... but often enough.

However, the result is totally worth the stress. Leaving your body to connect with spirit is fun, but the goal of K. is to get your whole body clear enough and vibrating high enough so that Spirit can live there full time.

Life is even more blissful while you are in your body, as a daily experience, than it can possibly be, out of it. No limit, to bliss...

Some spiritual or awakened people, never do clear the lower chakras... if you hear a Yogi or preacher spewing on and on about how life on Earth is Hell and celibacy is the only way to enlightenment... or if they only experience Bliss in meditation, when they are actually out of their body... then you can know that their lower chakras are not clear, they have not yet learned to see perfection in what Is, here and now in the physical world. Goddess is all that Is, yes, even terrorists are Goddess too. The wolf and the deer, both are Goddess.

There is only One Hand and the sound of the clapping is every sound, and everything. The sound is the ear ringing om that is the most common K. symptom.

So... with a top down opening, the first symptoms are often visions and psychic experiences, feelings of oneness. With a bottom-up awakening often one of the first symptoms is overwhelming sexual desire and ecstasy. However, spiritual awakening can start in any chakra... and the process can open the chakras in any order, often working on more than one at a time, or moving around and alternating which one is the primary focus. It depends on the individual, and seems to be affected by which chakras the hardest karmic issues are stored in.

It is like panning for gold... the water of spiritual energy washes away the lighter sand easily, but the heavier metals remain to be picked out by hand afterwards. The bigger/heavier stuff is easier to handle once you have learned to have faith in the process and cope with higher levels of energy.

Goddess doesn't give you more than you can handle... the harder stuff comes later, but by then you have grown strong and wise enough to handle it and come out lighter.

Still... any generalizations I make, are just that... generalizations. Limitless manifestation makes every snowflake unique, and people too.Blessings...

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