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What is Karma?

I guess the first thing to consider is, what is Karma? I think of Karma as the emotional content of memories. Karma in action is re-acting to previous memory experience. Re-acting as opposed to responding. The expression, "once burnt, twice shy" describes it well... the negative emotional memory of pain from the past, causes a reaction in the now.

Whether you see the glass half-full or half-empty... your unique personal ego-perspective... depends on the whole previous positive or negative experience you have had of full glasses and empty glasses, etc. When these emotional memories are cleared, there is simply a glass with some liquid in it, and no need to make judgments. How you respond to the glass will depend entirely on the needs of the now, not on programmed re-actions from the past.

Negative experiences create limiting beliefs, that we cherish as "lessons"... like, "nice guys finish last", or "life is hard then you die". Our beliefs create our experiences that is Karma manifesting. Some people think they need to hang onto the Karma until they get the lesson from it, but that is an ego-trick showing lack of faith. You have to give up what you think you know, to make room for new information. That is why Zen Koans are so confusing.

Believing in a need for lessons is an attachment, and ego-illusion. Have faith. If Spirit wants you to know something, synchronicity can make sure you get the message. An email, a line from a movie or a song on the radio will resonate with wonderful meaning, if you are open to hearing it and not blinded by preconceptions. Goddess provides. Chuck the blockages, make room for Divine insight. All of our opinions and beliefs do not define the infinite, and by surrendering them we make room for something better. Every time you ground yourself, separation-beliefs erode and are replaced with the Knowing that is Unity.. know nothing, be everything.

Judging Karma bad or good is illusory... both are attachments. "Maybe good luck, maybe bad luck, time will tell". We are not big enough to know all of the ripples from any action.

What we call good karma is usually the bright memories... but those take one out of the now as surely as the bad ones, and they can become an addiction that keep you in the past or the future, out of the Now. Like Alzheimer patients who have retreated into their happy childhoods, and abandoned the Now... or the compulsive gambler trying to recreate that one "lucky" win. However, it is the stuff we judge as bad karma that most likely we are most in a hurry to be rid of.

It is by the emotional content of Karma, that we discover it. I find I watch people as I speak with them, and I notice the movements of their energy body as they re-act. Most often I see what look like grey cloudy abstract shapes that approximately correspond to muscle groups, and have threadlike connections that trace the acupuncture meridians. Also muscular tension, what Wilhelm Reich calls "body armoring". Muscles are held tight around the memory of old wounds. If I am doing it by remote I will use empathy to unify with the person I am working on, and feel the stuff in my own body. Usually, as mild physical discomfort that draws my attention to what areas need clearing.

For example, if I am dealing with someone who has a lot of power chakra issues, I might feel a tightness around the bottom of my ribs like I cannot take a deep full breath, or a knot in my stomach, or an ache in my back... I observe the sensation with detachment, not resistance... it just Is... and get an idea of the size and shape of it. Get a handle on it, so to speak... so I can give it away.

If I am feeling fancy I will follow the connections it makes through the body. Most stuff will make a complete circuit up and down of the body, where it is feeding on the energy meridians... with my attention I might trace a stomach knot's threads down one leg and thru the foot into the earth, back in the heel, up the back of the leg following it's own path to the boulders and around one side of the head, and back down the front to the knot. However, usually I am too lazy for that, and instead just ask Goddess for everything attached to the knot to be removed as well.

My work is *faith* based. Anything you believe in, will work, if you put faith in it... It is the mustard seed, that is the key. The more you do this kind of work, the more you believe you *can* do it, and that is the difference. Goddess provides, according to how much you allow Her to, by your faith.

Creative visualization fueled by K. is quite a power. Self limiting, too, since I cannot use it to accomplish what is not Divine will.

Actually, I don't even see other people's stuff, unless I'm supposed to act in compassion. Beware of acting out of pity: pity is a separation-judgment, the road to hell of good intentions. The value of pity is it's reflective quality, it will tend to make you count your own blessings by comparison, and gratitude fuels the power chakra.

However, as a motive to heal another, it is unworkable because it is separation.

Sympathy is better, it leads to empathy=Unity and engages the power of compassion.

I clear a lot of stuff by asking my male unconscious, who manifests as Archangel Michael, to handle it. He does. The Archangels can do anything, but they are not allowed to interfere unless we ask them to.

Faith is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. Practice, practice, practice..)

You can use these techniques on yourself, and it is good to do so. If you are first learning to ground, and connect to Source, do the 45 days of grounding 8x a day, and let what is loose wash away and erode on it's own before trying to actively seek out blockages.

If you try to do this work before you have become adept at keeping the flow moving and staying in a non-judgmental state, you might get ungrounded by the blockages and make them grow with the energy of your attention, instead of releasing them.

Discovering the blockages is very simple. First, get well grounded, and in a peaceful, attentive state. "Lock in" the incoming energy, so the light continues flowing without your conscious attention to it, and then, start to examine where it travels thru you, and where it does not go, within you. Look for the places where the light is not, starting with your toes and moving slowly up though your body as you clear stuff and the light starts flowing where it wasn't.

The more you do this, the easier it gets, because your unconscious co-operates with the process, willingly showing you what it wants your consent to release. It thinks cleaning your karmic closet is a fun game.

If stuff is stubborn to go, check your grounding... most likely you have become ungrounded by the effort. Shift your attention back to re-establishing the flow of light and the non-judgmental state, and then go back and clear the blockage.

When you are done clearing stuff each session, make that intention clear, or the process will continue on the unconscious level, but it will happen with karmic issues coming up externally in life events, instead of quietly in meditation. Messy. Tell your unconsious that you are done for now, with the intention to return to do more later.

If you or the person you are working on are not grounded, you might find you get a headache from the energy being blocked by a closed crown chakra. Open the flower, and let the energy flow out.

If you have finished working on another person, wash your hands like Pontius Pilate to symbolically rinse away anything of theirs that might still be lingering in you, and to disconnect the empathy so you are not still feeling somebody else's emotions, hours later.

If unwanted empathy is happening a lot, examine your projections.

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