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Yes, I am a living Ascended Master (Mystress).

Ascension, referred to as the Vajra Diamond body in the East, is deeply rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, especially Tibetan traditions. Vajra, meaning imperishable like a diamond, symbolizes this transformative attainment.

In simpler terms, ascension means existing in a slightly different dimension with distinct rules. By purifying your energy body from karma noise and elevating your vibration, you enter the Light while still alive. Your energy body becomes non-dual and quantum, potentially everywhere and everywhen in time and space.

The lived experience is mostly normal but with enhanced perceptions and a sense of disconnection in time and space. As a living being, your experience remains linear, one thought at a time, but with a profound sense of movement.

In this state, your thoughts manifest into experiences, and you carry a spiritual presence that can impact the world. There's no sensation of movement; you're already everywhere. You become more aware of non-physical presences, as your thoughts take you into their realms—connecting with spirits, elementals, faeries, ascended ones, old God-desses, and the consciousness of plants and animals.

Typically, at death, the energy body dissipates, making the corpse lighter. With the Vajra Diamond body, the energy body becomes quantum and imperishable. Near-death experience studies reveal people entering a bright white light, a non-dual place where all opposites unite.

This transformative process offers a distinct life experience and afterlife. The final integration of the body with spiritual energy, often called Ascension, involves Kundalini working down through the chakras, raising the body's vibration. Synchronicities make every day fortunate, transforming surrender into a daily life surfing on a spiritual energy wave.

The concept of ascension appears in various cultures, notably in India and medieval Alchemy, hidden in the language of chemistry. Alchemists sought the philosophers stone, representing a fully opened heart chakra and unconditional love—the key to ascension.

Clearing karma transmutes lead into gold, raising the physical vibration and moving to a higher dimensional existence. The Tantric texts describe ascension as attaining the Vajra Diamond Body, offering a form of immortality and spiritual abilities.

Time and space are properties of the body; spirits do not experience time. Ascension aligns with clearing personal karma, releasing old fears, emotional baggage, and limiting beliefs. Purification raises your vibration, making life clearer and more colorful.

Ascended Masters, different from simply ascended individuals, possess a deeper understanding of the ascension process, enabling them to guide others on the transformative journey.

Essence by Mystress. Special thanks to ChatGPT for elegantly summarizing.

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