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Digestive changes.

"Plants animals and men, all must eat and nourish one another to survive. Let us eat CONSCIOUSLY to repay the debt of our existence"

The mealtime prayer at Gurdjieff school

"Seldom, or perhaps never, does a marriage develop into an individual relationship smoothly and without crises; there is no coming to consciousness without pain.

Carl Jung

With the clearing of the power chakra, sometimes there are digestive disturbances of many types. Most of these relate to clearing the vessel of toxins and adjusting the diet to one that is more favorable to the unique individual. The power chakra controls the stomach, so one may find that the stomach reacts strongly to emotional upset. Foods that someone has eaten all their life may suddenly cause upset or become an allergy, and cravings for new foods appear. There can be gas, pain, lack of appetite, diarrhea, unusual cravings, etc. There is much variety in how the Kundalite can be affected.

It is important to not be dogmatic about what food is best, but to surrender to Kundalini dietary adjustments. It is useful to seek the services of a naturopath to aid in the cleansing process, and get vega testing or kinesiology testing for allergies and sensitivities. Many allergies can be subtle.

The subject of what diet is best for a spiritual path is the subject of endless, often hostile debates.

To limit spirituality to vegetarian experience is to suggest that Goddess is only available to those in a warmer climate, with access to vegetables year round, or willing to live on grains and dried beans. This is a racist, regional assumption. The native Americans have rich nature oriented spirituality, but they are mostly hunters. The Inuit(Eskimo) have a rich heritage on a diet of fish, caribou and seals. Hawaiians have Huna, a very pure form of mysticism, and they have pork luaus.

If, in your power to create, you buy into the idea that one must be a vegetarian, then that will be true for you, to a large extent. Of course, there are individuals who are natural vegans, but naturalists they have discovered that even gorillas and chimpanzees, will eat meat if they can get it. Rabbits like to gnaw on bones and shed antlers to increase their calcium and mineral intake.

I'm not going to lay down any strict rules about diet, because I think it is different for individuals. Instead I'm going to offer you some approximate guidelines, and teach you how to listen to your own body and give it what it wants.

Dietary needs and food tolerances change as K. progresses. Some people discover they can no longer eat meat, others who have been vegetarian for years find they need to eat meat to stay grounded. Some find they can no longer tolerate coffee or chocolate, or that they get cravings for foods that never interested them before. Others may find that they are drawn to use some caffeine. Same with alcohol.

The spiritual changes of K. manifest physically, the Karmic cleansing may be mirrored by a physical cleansing, a kind of "spiritual flu" as Goddess uses your immune responses to clear toxins out of your body and evolve your physical systems. Particularly your nervous system and the gastrointestinal system are cleansed and completely rebuilt. You may get short term allergies or find that some foods need to be deleted from your diet permanently.

Your body knows what it needs, and what is not good for it. The body is wise. I will teach you how to listen to your body.

DISCLAIMER: My advice is not meant to be a replacement for competent medical care. I would encourage you to consider visiting a naturopath to check the condition of your health and toxicity.

Sensitivity Testing.

There are many kinds of allergy tests available. Most of them involve introducing the suspected allergen into the body's systems in some way, as with a scratch test. There is also kinesiology testing, which checks the body's strength when exposed to a suspected allergen, and vega-testing, which checks the strength of the body's electrical energy field when in proximity to the allergen.

Kinesiology and vega testing I find to be better than scratch tests, because they are more comprehensive. For example, a scratch test would not reveal my sensitivity to wheat, because strictly speaking, I am not allergic to it. When I eat wheat and many other types of grains, my system does not digest it very well because of various factors like DNA and blood type. So it tends to be digested by unfriendly critters like candida yeast, which excrete toxins. Kinesiology reveals that wheat weakens me, but a scratch test does not.

Your body has a built in allergy testing system that is easy to learn to read. Your body does not need to consume a food to know how it will react to that food. It will react if the allergen is within your energy field, your aura. It is those reactions you read, to do this testing method.

I will explain how it works, then go into your kitchen or grocery and try it for yourself. It takes a bit of practice to learn to identify the subtle body reactions. If you do it in a store I suggest you choose one that is open late at night so you don't have folks staring at you breaking your concentration. With practice, you can do your grocery shopping without needing to think, just following how your body reacts when you consider a purchase, or imagine eating some type of food.

First, as always, get grounded. When you are grounded, do an inner check on your body to use as baseline. Notice any aches or pains, or strange sensations. Particularly pay attention to the feel of your head, your gut and heart.

When you have a good sense of how you are feeling, go into your kitchen and pick up any food object and hold it to your solar plexus. This puts it next to a very sensitive part of your energy field. Your power chakra will "read" the food and your body will have subtle reactions. Hold the intention that you are examining the food and not the container, otherwise the packaging could give confusing results.

Pay attention to what you feel. The first sensation is the heart/gut yes or no. That will be followed by other sensations to give you more information.

Does your body feel energized by the food or fatigued? If it feels energized, is it a "nice" feeling or does it feel shaky like adrenaline, stress, or caffeine?
How does your head feel?
Does the food make you feel dizzy or flushed?
Does it give you a twinge of headache? (white sugar does that to me.)
Does it make your head feel clearer?
How does your gut feel?
Does it feel good or does it feel heavy or acidic?
Does having the food near your solar plexus make your liver ache?
Your kidneys?
Your bowel or bladder?

Set the first food down out of your field, let your body return to baseline, and put another food to your solar plexus. Feel your body reacting. Do this with a number of foods so you can compare how the different foods affect you. The physical reactions will be subtle, not like a full blown allergy attack, but your body will be very co-operative in showing you it's preferences if you are paying attention. You may find that your body reacts differently to the same food in different seasons, and the same food imported from different countries, or from different manufacturers. Seasonal, organic and local is best.

Ask for additional information. If you are holding fresh fruit, see if you can feel the pesticide content, the fertilizer. When you get good at this, you will be able to detect pesticide on a banana at 10 paces.

When you get a good sense of how you react to food, move into your bathroom and similarly find out what your body thinks of your soaps and deodorants.

When you are done testing, tell your body "thank you" and have an intention of being complete with the exercise for the time being, so your body does not continue to react to your environment.


I recommend a few important supplements for Kundalites. The process of growing your body into a temple takes some feeding. Your nervous system is the primary carrier of Shakti, you almost grow a whole new one as the process continues. Your nervous system is made of fat: essential fatty acids like Vitamin E. The actions of your nervous system are regulated by minerals and calcium. Proper feeding of your nervous system can take a lot of the bumpiness out of K. The best source of essential oils to feed your new nervous system is flax seed oil, or hemp seed oil if you can get it.

Flax seed oil promotes electrical conductivity in the body, which is reduced by the north american diet of overheated oils and margarine. It is a very electrically active and volatile oil, best fresh and raw. Flax seed oil capsules are easy to find in any health food store, and not so expensive. The oil is harder to find in bottles, but most organic food stores carry it.

I have an excellent book: "Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases."

It's by a German Doctor/Researcher, Dr. Johanna Budwig who was on the board of health in Germany in the 50's that debated whether to allow artificially hardened fats, and oils that had been preserved by heating onto grocery shelves. Her vote: No! They passed anyway and that is why we have margarine and Crisco.

Her research is pretty interesting: rats fed margarine or peanut butter with oil added became sterile... she found that these fats cannot be processed by the body, and so they are stored, as a coating around the cells which reduces the electrical conductivity of the cells, so they get mixed messages from the nerves.

Cellulite, is hard to get rid of because it is a storage place for these toxic fats, which the body cannot release until some cleansing has taken place.

Flax seed oil can fasten onto these fats and change their composition, so the body can process them. Since K-fire travels your nervous system, it is important to clean it up!

It is also a powerful antioxidant. Pack-a-day smoking rats fed flax seed oil didn't get lung cancer. Students given Flax seed oil didn't catch colds or viruses. She was taking terminal cancer patients out of hospitals, and effecting remarkable cures feeding fresh flax seed oil mixed with quark cheese or cottage cheese.

Makes a very nice butter substitute. The oil binds to the calcium in the cheese, and so both are made more effective. Tastier, too. Mix with balsamic vinegar, herbs and a touch of maple syrup for a nutty salad dressing. There are some recipes here.

WARNING! *****Do not cook with it!*****

Boiled flax seed oil is linseed oil which is a toxic substance used in making paint and varnish. Poison.

Unless processed into capsules, the oil must be kept refrigerated. Some folks assure freshness by grinding a few oz. of flax seed in the coffee grinder and sprinkling it on salads and cold cereal.

The only oil which is higher than Flax in essential fatty acids, is hemp seed. Cannabis seeds. The most perfect food for humans.

I'd also suggest a natural mineral supplement, such as kelp. Many Kundalites sweat out a lot of toxins, and the minerals such as potassium must be replaced. Some people like blue-green algae, others find it too toxic. I also sometimes use an organic vegetable broth.

A simple way to add minerals to your diet is to switch to demerra sugar instead of using white sugar. Demerra sugar is very dark and smells of molasses, it contains a much higher potassium and mineral content than more processed sugars. Do the sensitivity test with demerra sugar and white sugar, you will feel the difference.

PMS tip for women: A spoonful of molasses will give you what your body is craving when it wants chocolate. (The other day I woke up dreaming of chocolate so I made some molasses cookies that were mostly molasses, cinnamon, raisins and oatmeal. Did the trick.)

Replace your iodized salt with sea salt. (you will get enough iodized salt to prevent a goiter, from restaurants and prepared, packaged foods) If you must have caffeine, consider switching from coffee to a good brand of tea, such as Twinnings. Expensive tea tends to have less pesticide than cheap tea. Use the sensitivity test to choose one your body likes.

Some pesticides mimic hormones in the body so it is best to avoid them as much as possible. K. tends to increase estrogen levels as it does it's work, so adding synthetic hormones via pesticides to your body, could cause imbalance. Soy also contains estrogen. Choose a good calcium-magnesium supplement. Calcium is a mood regulator that will help you stay calm and grounded.


I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of water! There are several reasons for this, the first being that you need it to detoxify. My favorite is glacier water, which is plentiful where I live.

When you are clearing your karma, you might often find you get muscle twitches and feel a need to stretch periodically, you might even find yourself spontaneously doing yoga. We call these affects "Kriyas" and they can take many forms, including spontaneous laughter or chanting. This is part of the mind-body connection.

The emotional baggage of Karma is often held as tightness in the muscles in the body near the place where the memory is held in the nervous system. When the emotional memory is surrendered, the muscle twitches as it comes back into balance, and the tight spot relaxes, releasing some lactic acid. This is the same acid as makes your body feel stiff a day after heavy exercise. If you drink lots of water before and after your meditations then the water can wash the lactic acid from your system, before it can re-crystallize at another location.

Water is very important to maintain your body's electrical conductivity. K-fire does not move as smoothly in a dehydrated body. I find if I am doing any kind of healing or energy work, I need to consume a lot of water. I call it "hydro-electric" because it really seems like my body is transmuting water into energy.

Blessing your food!

One thing that is universal to all religions is the idea of offering thanks for food before eating it. It is a universal concept because it has powerful effects. When you bless your food or offer thanks for it, it changes the energy vibration of the food to make it more compatible with your body. It also seems to change the food itself, I have tasted stale watermelon freshening to sweetness in my mouth as I bless it, tasted water becoming more sweet, the more I have charged it with energy. Food that has been blessed digests more easily, feels lighter in your stomach and tastes better! It has already become a part of you, before you eat it.

The blessing can be simple or complex. With water, I hold the bottle in my hand and imagine it filling with light as I say "Thank you Goddess for this water and for the thirst that makes it taste good." With food I can simply say "Goddess Blessings on this food", or I'll do a more complex version of thanking the Earth and the farmers and the animals, everyone and everything that contributed to putting food on my plate.

My cooking tends to be very simple, but I am known as a very good cook simply because I always bless food and give thanks for it while I'm cooking, and my gratitude goes into the food to make it more tasty and nourishing. Try it yourself!

Get a glass of water, taste it. Bless it, then taste it again.


I avoid antibiotics, the effect they have on my internal ecosystem (side effect, yeast infection) is usually worse than what they are prescribed to cure! (I am unusually healthy, due to K..) For sore throats, wounds, etc. I use bee propolis, tree resin harvested by bees, and used to make the hive a sterile environment. Hippocrates prescribed it for ulcers. It is anti viral, antibacterial, and hostile to most fungi. It has an amazing healing effect on the respiratory system, and is possibly a cure for the common cold. Clears sinus problems and sore throat in minutes. If I am going to be doing a lot of singing I stick a piece on the roof of my mouth to dissolve slowly.

Propolis is the reason beekeepers live so long... they tend to eat the messy honey that is full of honeycomb, and end up eating lots of propolis. I get it from a friend who is a beekeeper. He uses bee stings to medicate his arthritis.

I dissolve it in alcohol and use it on cuts and scrapes. The alcohol evaporates and leaves an antibacterial "skin" of tree sap over the wound, which prevents infection and heals at light speed... I think in this age of antibiotic -proof bacteria, we will see a resurgence of popularity for propolis.

Caution: Some people are allergic to propolis, especially those with bee or tree allergies.

Some folks find that the cleansing process and energy movements of K. sometimes result in itchy rashes, and while flax seed oils helps to prevent those, it is sometimes nice to have a topical solution. I use Nizoral Dandruff shampoo as a body-scrub to kill the fungus that causes the rash.

On the back of the box it says:

SCIENTISTS HAVE RECENTLY confirmed that dandruff and associated dry scalp can be caused by a microscopic fungus. This fungus occurs naturally on everyone's skin. It is called pityrosporum ovale (pronounced pity-row-spore-um oh-valley) Given the right conditions (periods of stress, changes in diet or climate), the fungus can cause a mild infection at the roots of the hair. Often, the result was an unpleasant flaking and itching. Nizoral* doesn't use tars.

I suspect that most folks K. itches, are from the fungus getting overgrown. Guess it likes K-fire. Perhaps it likes the detoxifying sweat..

Thank you Goddess, for clever scientists!

On the upside, though, once K. really has cleansed your body, you will find your need to bathe to smell good decreases. Some spiritual experiences are accompanied with the scent of roses and sandalwood. Many people have told me I smell good, even though I do not use any perfume, cologne, or deodorant, and I use unscented soaps and shampoo. They assume I am perfumed, but it is just Kundalini! I smell like sandalwood and tuberose, with a hint of citrus.

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