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Appointments. Mystress has retired from public session work as of Jan 2007; only her Fire Serpent Tantra members can book an appointment. FST members session appointment page. Requires FST username and password.

  I require students to complete the first 20 lessons and the 45 days of grounding practise before booking an appointment. Suggested pace of one lesson per week means preparation takes a few months. 

Become a Fire Serpent Tantra member. members-only forum and the periodic chat party events.

 I continue to do public volunteer work in support of Kundalini awakening, through the forum on this website and through the Kundalini Gateway email list (the K-list) which I have maintained since 1996. The K-list has many members of varying paths who are knowledgeable about kundalini and is a good place for casual support for your process. 

  I am training some of my more talented graduate students to continue the public work; post your questions and experiences to the K teacher guestbook forum; myself or one of the Lineage will respond. 

 To be notified of updates, join the messenger announcement list and/ or visit the K-teacher forum.

My many thanks to the volunteer web helpers who keep this gig afloat, and especially the many wonderful people who make donations in support of my humanitarian work.

Are you:

  • Feeling like there must be more to life than what you have experienced so far?
  • Ready to turn your life over to a Higher Power; your own Divine Spirit?
  • Seeking Shaktipat, to awaken your Kundalini?
  • Spontaneously having visions, hearing voices and feeling energy surges, and afraid that you are going mad?
  • Awakened, and having a difficult time coming to terms with your experiences or symptoms?
  • Feeling like your Kundalini process has somehow become stalled or blocked?
  • Trying to get in touch with the "inner Guru", the still, small voice of Truth within?
  • Needing a compassionate ear? Someone to talk to who can understand what you are going through?
  • Seeking more training, help or consultation regarding any of the information presented in this web site?

For many years, most of my work has been assisting spontaneously awakened people with their process, emotionally and physically. Channelling my own heart voice to give comfort and advice, and using clairvoyance, empathy and remote energy work to clear Karmic blockages, that may make the process difficult. I also grant Shaktipat to those who seek to become awakened, in a very safe and gentle way. I also assist those who are needing the assistance of a Shaman or psychic, but do not seek to be awakened. I do not do conventional psychic readings like tarot, love spells, or predicting the future.

Shakti energy transcends space and time, so distance is not at issue. Sessions can be held in person, by telephone, chat, email or in secondlife. Telephone is my preference, as I can get immediate consent to clear each blockage or emotional issue as I find it. Free Will is Goddess law! I find that being able to hear my voice puts people more at ease.

Note: Please do not write asking me to "Scan" you. My empathy and my energy follows my attention, so as soon as I focus on you with my undivided attention to scan you, you will get Shakti and I will get your karma. I really prefer for non FST members to contact me through the K-Teacher forum.


Mystress has retired from public session work as of Jan 2007; only her Fire Serpent Tantra members can book an appointment.

 FST members session appointment page. Requires FST username and password.

Information on Rates:

My rates are mostly in Canadian dollars, and must be paid in advance. I am not set up to accept credit cards, except through Paypal.

1/2 hour session: $125. + $5.43 paypal fee= $130.43. CAD.

1 hour session: $200. + $7.35 paypal fee= $207.35. CAD.

1 & 1/2 hour session: $300. + $10.75 paypal fee= $310.75 CAD.

3 hour session: $500. + $17.55 paypal fee= $517.55 CAD.

You can use American funds, or other foreign currencies (Please add 8% to cover foreign exchange fees.) To get the exact current exchange rate, please visit this Universal currency converter site.

 I have retired from granting Serpent Fire Tummo initiations entirely and passed that work onto my Lineage. Visit this page to arrange to be initiated.

Testimonials are always welcomed.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

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