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The Witness.

Q: Can you give me an explanation of the witness state?

Kaliji: The witness state is a term for witnessing the play of the mind. Ultimately, one witnesses the mind to such depth that the witness is realized as the soul. First, the mind witnesses the body; then the higher mind (according to yoga terms, the Buddhi), witnesses the lower mind.

Often the higher mind is thought of as the witness state. But to be aware of witnessing the mind there is a witness witnessing that. That is the Soul, the ultimate Witness in this Dual Consciousness. Witnessing the highest duality is the Non Dual State . . . Pure Consciousness ~ the Eternal Witness.

Quoted from Kali Ray

The Witness State is the key to wisdom. It allows you to rise up and see beyond your Karma, to take in the actions of your life from a "God's eye view". From the Witness state, you can see the forest from the trees. You can get out of the emotional baggage of the moment, and get a glimpse of the "Big Picture".

You will know the state when you reach it, because it is non-judgmental and unemotional. It might feel weird the first few times, like you have become a grey alien with a silent mind that sees very differently... but it is very, very peaceful.

To Quote Richard Bach at ya "If your happiness depends on what someone else does, then I guess you do have a problem."

That might sound cruel at first, but it really isn't, because We choose our feelings, not another. Blaming another for how you feel is a dead end road... it is not responsible.

I think of response-able... able to respond... thought and decision are involved.

... as opposed to reacting. Re-acting= repeating back the actions seen. Acting again the same ineffective way. Monkey see, monkey do..

As the shakti starts moving within you, it's going to start to push on a lot of blocked emotional baggage. Some people find this very hard to deal with, because their emotions are going a little wild. But there is a way to detach from the emotional content of the karma that's being released within you, and simply let it move on through you and observe it. Being in this state of detachment is referred to as "the witness state". I'm going to teach you how to get into the witness state.

First, get grounded. Imagine that you're an actor who is in the middle of filming a movie. You are on the set. You're completely involved with what's going on with yourself and the other actors. You're completely involved in your role, and expressing the emotions of the role, and a good actor, you've actually forgotten that it's a movie. That's what real life is like for most folks.

Now, I want you to think about the director. I want you to imagine that somewhere behind the scenes up in crane, way up behind you, is the director of this film. The Director is observing what the actors are doing. Now, it may be that in this scene, one of the actors is murdering one of the others, or something like that, but the director doesn't judge that.

The director knows that it is a movie, not real. The director does not make moral judgments of the actors. does not judge what is happening; the director observes it. The Director is much more interested in how well the actors are doing with the scene, what they're saying, and the overall shooting of the movie, and the bigger picture of what's going on.

To get into the witness state, become aware of yourself as the actor in your own life. Become aware of the spark of consciousness inside of your body, that is you, and simply Imagine that you're leaving the stage and climbing into the Directors chair, up in the crane. You move up and back, behind yourself. As you move from here to there, you'll find that you leave your emotions behind.

You'll be aware that the body may be in an emotional state, but instead of being engaged in the emotions, you're watching yourself have the emotions, from the standpoint of the observer, which is above and behind you.

You will find when you really get into that state, that the observer sees your whole life much differently than you do. The witness doesn't judge what the actors are doing. The Witness observes whether or not what they're doing is effective from the big picture. So from the perspective of being the witness, or being the director, you get a lot more information about what's really going on in the scene, than you do when you're being the actor, who's playing the role, and having the emotions, and living the life.

So spend some time practicing that. Practice stepping back from yourself, as if you're seeing yourself from behind almost, and observing yourself acting in your life. Become aware that there are different parts to your psyche. There is the doer that does, and there is the watcher that watches. That's the witness state. It is detachment, and it's very important to learn. So please experiment with it, and practice it, and you'll know that you're really in the witness state, because that state is not emotion. It is a very peaceful state where there are no emotions. Your body may be having emotions, but the witness is not emotional.

The Witness is actually a state of unconditional love! Unconditional love feels like nothing, when you are it. It is un-conditional. If there are emotions, feeling or judgments, then these are *conditions." Most love is conditional, you love someone because of what they do, or who they are to you. People say, a mothers love is unconditional... it is not, it is conditional on the relationship of parent and offspring. Your pets love you because you feed them and care for them. The love is conditional. Goddess loves unconditionally, and when you are being the Witness, you are seeing what life looks like through Goddess eyes.

Some people think they are suffering from depression when they first feel the Witness. Depressed people are sad. People in the Witness state, simply Are. It is a natural state of perfect surrender and detachment. Often, it also functions as a kind of anesthesia. It comes when you are processing really heavy karmic stuff, to save you from feeling the emotional content and possibly resisting.

Sometimes awakened people will end up in this state for weeks or months at a time. It feels a little weird to be so detached, but the peace of it is so blissful.

Eventually, you pop out to a higher level of consciousness, where the Witness sees the cosmic joke and the fat Buddha laughs and laughs at the beautiful folly!

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