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Karma Section Contents.

Kundalini energy pushes you to resolve or release old emotional junk from the past, to purify and evolve. The better you get at surrender, learning to flow along, the easier your path will be.

What is karma?

Finding Your Karma

Releasing Your Karma

Surrender: The imperative of Kundalini.

Attachments: what they are.

Aka cords: The connecting threads.

Higher Self Negotiation: When you cannot connect directly...

Deus ex Machina, DIY Erase old trauma scars with time travel.

Detached observation: the essence of a Zen-sit.

The Violet Flame... of Saint-Germaine.

The Tornado: up and away!

Burnt offerings: write it, burn it, and it is gone.

Art therapy

Initiations: Serpent Fire Tummo: makes the whole process easier.

The Guru: Gurus take on karma from seekers. Westerners are not well suited to that co-dependent gig.

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