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About The Grounding

The Grounding is a very safe visualization, because it is natural. Some meditations seek to force energy to where it does not want to g;: and with Kundalini that can be hazardous. Being grounded is remembering your natural state of being. How you are meant to be, how your life energy was designed to flow.

I was teaching this visualization to friends and hair styling clients, back in the mid 80's. They were becoming awakened and charging around changing their lives, but I did not use the terminology of Kundalini to describe what was happening to them in those days. I was a Shaktipat Master, long before I interpreted the experiences as Kundalini.
After I got online in 1996, someone on the Celestine Prophecy list asked about how to get grounded... So, for the first time I wrote down the visualization I had taught and used personally, for so many years.

Over the next several days I posted it to a number of spiritual lists, and many people wrote back to me reporting awakening symptoms when they did the meditation.

At that time, the effect of Shakti being transmitted through cyberspace was the subject of some debate and experimentation on the Kundalini list. There were doubters, but I was not one of them. I had been told many times that people felt a Shakti charge when they read my emails, and I felt it from other people too. Shakti surfs.

I felt inspired to put the grounding meditation on line, in a deliberately charged up cyber-temple. A fountain of Shakti for any who thirst, to drink.

You would think it would be a simple thing, to translate a text file into an html web page... yet, the completion of the grounding site took months. I would open the document and start to work, and end up spacing out in front of it for hours, changing a paragraph break here, or a line of phrasing there, as Goddess worked through me to charge up the creation.

There is no doubt that the page carries a charge. Skeptics have felt the energy as soon as they clicked on the link to the page, before it had even downloaded to be read.

When the page was done, I surrendered it. Handed the creation over to Shakti to manage, as She thinks best. In the years the site has been up, it has had many thousands of visitors and uncounted awakenings. She gives to each, according to their need and ability to receive; and not more than they can handle. The results astonish me often, one never does really get used to miracles, or they would cease to be miraculous.

I really enjoy reading people's stories of their experiences with the meditation. Feel free to share!

The grounding exercise, is a simplification and adaptation of every type of grounding I have ever encountered, since I first learned to ground, from a book on self-hypnosis age 12, plus some pure Divine inspiration. I did not invent the idea on opening t o Source above and below. It is an ancient idea. I have encountered variations grounding methods over the years, ranging from the esoteric complexities of the Middle Pillar exercise, to a child pretending to be a tree, roots in the earth and leaves reaching for the sun. I have also come across many versions that only draw on source from above. When Kundalini awakens, you need to recognize "As above, so below" and connect with the Earth to retain balance.

I found that most of the rituals and visualizations were un-necessarily complicated. I looked at what they had in common and what I knew to be useful and distilled them all down to an essence of functional simplicity, that could easily be practiced many times a day, anywhere. That is what I needed, and Goddess provides.

Likely that is what you seek, also. The spiritual path in modern times looks quite different from the days when Jesus and Buddha took to homelessness. Most of us are dealing with awakening while still having to care for responsibilities of work, home and family. Trying to incorporate a spiritual path into the busy western lifestyle.

I suggest you first learn the grounding in a fairly upright position, sitting at your desk with your hands apart and your feet flat on the floor. After practicing the grounding for only a few weeks, you will find you just have to think the word, "Grounded" and your energy responds. The more you do it, the easier it gets and soon you can do it anytime, anywhere. At work, on a bus, driving, shopping, having a conversation. With practice, grounding can happen in a single breath. Anytime you notice you are not grounded, get grounded. When you are really grounded, you are getting a taste of what enlightenment is.

I have been on a spiritual path for my whole life, field tested a lot of paradigms and spiritual forms. What I share, is what I have found to be the most simple, useful, effective, and reliable. I teach stuff that anybody can do, with practice. Goddess does not make the spiritual path hard for us, we make it hard for ourselves because we think that is how it has to be. All those stories of suffering saints and martyrs!

My goal was simplicity. Only what is essential, and nothing else. Nothing else is needed. Several people whom I won't mention, have copied it and added their own stuff, usually making it un-necessarily complicated, in their efforts to be unique. This is a natural human tendency. I call it "making macrame". Taking something as linear and simple as string, and tying knots in it to give ego a sense of accomplishment. I think it is very funny. I threw out all of the dross and excess, to make it smooth and streamlined, and they invented some new stuff and added it back. I know of one version that claims there are four kinds of energy, and expects you to visualize all of them. Go ahead and try, if you like.

This grounding, practiced faithfully with the karma clearing techniques, is a path all in itself. Most people want more, so I created Fire Serpent Tantra. That on-line course contains everything your ego needs to know, to surrender.

I have not read heard of a negative experience of the page or the meditation, since I put the site up in 1997... although some people were surprised by the intensity of their experience. Whether you seek awakening, or are already awakened and want to calm or smooth the process, the meditation will help you.

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