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Chat Workshop Series.

Come hang in our group Shakti field with participants from around the world!

I have been teaching, healing and guiding spiritual journeys online via chatrooms for years. They are fun and work very well, as I can tune in on the group intuitively, as I would with an individual client and guide your progress. I am offering the most popular topics as an ongoing series, and will add more topics as time goes on.

The list of workshops offered via chat is below, but not the schedule of events. They are sent via email. Subscribe to the website announcement list to be notified of upcoming chats.

Chat workshops are $30. CDN per workshop, and usually run about 2 hours. Participants can keep a copy of the chat transcript for their future, personal reference.

Signup and payment page.

Topics of Chat Workshops:

Opening the heart chakra is the way to access the body's built-in truth detector and navigation system. Participants will get heart chakra and entity clearing, to clear the way so the "still small voice within" may speak.

Recommended advance readings are:

The Heart voice


Karma Clearing 101

Learning to surrender your karma and emotional junk is empowering. It makes the Kundalini process smoother, and it is really easy once you get the hang of it. We will explore several methods of surrender: including active surrender and passive surrender. We will also experience working on clearing the karma of fellow participants, and in so doing, rock out on the incredible resultant bliss.

Please read these pages first: About Karma.

What is Karma?

The Tornado.

Understanding Surrender.

Third Eye Training

A real treat! Third eye opening and training is usually $125 CAD for a 30-minute private session. I'm offering it to you as a chat workshop. Shaktipat to open the third eye will be given. I will then train you in how to use it and how to interpret what you see.

Recommended advanced readings are:

Prana and Shakti.

Opening the third eye.

Chakras. The Third eye.

Soul travel.

Similar to astral travel, but much simpler to learn and use. We will go a few places, off to the moon, visit with Goddess Pele in her Hawaiian volcano, exploring the earth heart, and then exploring deeper inside of ourselves to use soul energy for healing and clearing blockages.

Soul Meditation.

Understanding Chakra Levels

Every chakra represents a dimensional level of existence, and every chakra has an "eye" that looks into that dimension and others. Each dimension has different rules. For example: at the crown there is only ONE, and it is ALL... but that does not mean that you must like loud punk rock because you are me, and we are one!

Learning to navigate the chakras means being able to make a decision that is "right action" on all levels. These "right action" decisions and proper navigations help with interpersonal communication. Many disagreements stem from people communicating on different levels and assuming they are talking about the same thing.

Beginners & Advanced Karma Vampire Games

Karma vampire games is my playful term for what is basically empathic healing, what is sometimes more classically referred to as karma yoga. I mostly teach it to overwhelmed empaths to help them cope, feel safer and learn a positive outlook. These teachings are a big step towards resolving the deeper issues of why empaths tend to take on emotional baggage from people in the first place.

There is a genuine shift of consciousness that occurs upon learning to enjoy demon-salad sandwiches and making banquets of road rage.

You'll find you've opened the wings of the heart.

Recommended advanced readings are:

How to remove karma blockages.

Burnt offerings.


Dealing with Egregores.

An egregor is a group mind. Most groups create one, unconsciously and they can be manifested deliberately for some spiritual work. We will connect with several different types, and then interact with the one born of the chat.

A Trip to the Void

The Void is classically defined in Western and Eastern Mysticism as "The infinite nothingness from which all things spring." It is a higher vibration of non-duality, a place of emptiness, yet consciousness... reverence and power.

Attainment gives specific spiritual gifts that manifest as a subtle yet definite change in physical perceptions. Nothing will ever be truly dark to you again... We will travel to The Void together, but we will each be alone when we get there... such is the nature of non-duality... you are always alone in The Void. No time, no space, no "other". If you astral travel to some place and it has critters... it is not The Void.

Subscribe to the website announcement list to be notified of upcoming chats.

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