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Seeing Lights.

Sometimes you may see lights. There are several different types of lights:

  • Prana sparkles: usually seen on a bright day, around living things such as trees, but also when there is prana-laden wind, or on or around a mountain top... but they can appear anywhere. They are tiny, swirling comets resembling sperm, that wink in and out of existence as you watch them.
  • Faerie lights: Usually smallish balls of light (smaller than a tennis ball) that travel through the air, sometimes coming to rest on objects such as magical tools, plants or telephones. (Metaphor for a desire to communicate.) These balls of light are one form that faeries can take, but other benign spirits may also take this form. They may be sometimes heard laughing or singing.
  • Golden glow of the third eye: When your 3rd eye opens, you may see a golden glow when your eyes are closed and rolled upwards to gaze at the inside of your forehead. This glow can be doughnut shaped, sometimes with a blue spark in the center. It may also sometimes be seen with eyes opened, superimposed on whatever else you are looking at. Sometimes your whole vision may take on a golden effect like the light of a Hawaiian sunset.
  • Kaleidescope or op-art designs: In the art of the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines, and in some of the art of other native races, there are patterns of circles, dots and geometric shapes. If this art were a movie instead of a painting, the patterns would appear to be moving like the exploding and fading patterns of fireworks or a kaleidescope. The LSD influenced op-art art of the 1960's is also full of these types of patterns, most notably the animation of the Beatles film "Yellow Submarine." These are sometimes called hypnagogic images, and they are considered the mark of the portal to the Dreamtime, the "Twilight Zone" state between sleep and wakefulness. You see them when the ego consciousness descends into the realm of the unconscious. They are part of the process of ego dissolution and merging with the Divine. If you see them while falling asleep, you can expect to have extraordinary, meaningful and symbolic dreams.
  • Great White Light: Out of body experiences, some near death experiences, and some Kundalites may experience being transported into a realm of intense, dazzling white light. It is a profound, peak experience and often the presence of angels and other lofty spiritual beings can be felt and heard, though generally the light is so bright as to be blinding. Not permanently, but dazzling the eyes so little else can be seen while you are there. This realm could be called a level of Heaven, and if you experience going there, you can ask about your most profound spiritual questions and get answers... though understanding the answers you get, may take years! This is a profound, and positive experience, but so extreme as to sometimes be traumatic to the ego mind and limited sense of self. Sometimes there is an aftereffect of suicidal homesickness, the ordinary world seems so colourless, cold and mundane that there is a temptation to end life here and retreat there, permanently. Do not give into temptation: suicide is a permanent, ineffective solution to a temporary state, and you will only end up reincarnating back to do it all over again, and it will be harder next time around. As the Kundalini unfolds, eventually that love you felt will be part of you all the time, and you get to experience it in unity with being embodied on this plane! That is the greatest gift.
  • Dark Lights: At the phase where one has visited the void, and integrated with it, true darkness disappears. Even the blackest shadow on a black object, will appear to be filled with millions of microscopic tiny white and rainbow sparks. Even before the Void, one may experience seeing a blank wall shift to appear to be made of zillions of tiny coloured dots, as if you are seeing the molecules. If you relax and watch them, your unconcious may will start to form them into patterns and images. A type of scrying, what you see is yourself reflected.

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