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Namaste Meditation.

"Namaste" means "God in me sees God in you and recognizes that we are one."

The Namaste meditation is an ongoing practice, especially useful in conjunction with the Shadow meditation. Essentially, it is an ongoing practice of looking for the Divine Light in everything and everyone you meet, everyday, all day long.

We are all self realized, in that the Divine is All that Is, and so it is part of everyone and everything... it is the eye of ego, that makes judgments otherwise.

You can also do the Namaste meditation as a part of your regular meditation periods. While in meditation, consider your day, and the people you interacted with, and ask to be shown how the Divine is within them, and working through them. For the most part, accepting that they are a part of the Divine, is enough.

Especially when you first start to practice this, you may feel like you are being guided to certain actions or conclusions... surrender this information, do not act on it. If there is truth in it, Goddess will repeat the information via many synchronicities to be sure you get the true message.


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