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Essential Grounding

I have discovered K. is readily transmittable over the net..this page is Shakti-charged. *** I suggest if you are in a hurry at the moment, that you bookmark this page for when you have some quiet time (about 20 minutes) to focus on doing the visualization.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you will have an amazing experience that will change your life. This exercise has been very carefully constructed, step by step to give best results, on the first reading. Rather than reading ahead, do each step as it comes up on the screen.

You can do it sitting at your computer, hands apart, spine straight, feet flat on the floor.

I've seen many people totally transform their lives, from the springboard of this one little visualization, repeated faithfully.

It is ancient and powerful.

Kundalini Awakening through the heart chakra is extremely gentle. Awakening will not occur unless your own Inner Guidance knows that you are ready. Kundalini might be more intensity than you are ready for, don't force it. It can turn your reality right upside down in ways you cannot begin to imagine. No kidding!!

"When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of it's mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world."

Carl Jung, 1932.

However important the warnings may be, trust in Goddess is more important.

Likely you have been guided to read this page by your own Higher Self, for just the purpose of awakening your K. ... and It will wake your K. anyway. You may have already felt energy stirring in your pelvis, from reading my other pages. I am Shaktipat-contagious in word, thought and deed... and over the net. Some folks who are already awakened have reported feeling the Shakti energy the moment they click on the page, and agree to receive the gift. Before the page has even loaded or been read!

If you are already awakened, you will still benefit from the meditation. It can have a clearing and balancing effect.

Things tend to work like that, around my energy... "For the Good of All and Harm to None." Though I do respectfully warn against "forceful awakenings," I have some doubts, because I believe such a transformation as Kundalini awakening simply cannot happen without the Higher Self's consent and assistance.

I believe those who are drawn to read this, are brought to this cyber space temple step by step, by their Higher Self's guidance. You would not be reading this, if you were not ready. I still recommend getting more information about Kundalini awakening.

K. is intense sometimes, but It is also inherently self protecting.. It's purpose is evolution, not destruction.

Sometimes the old must be torn down to create the new: humans sometimes find change distressing, we are fearful of the new and unknown... yet, change is the only thing we really can depend upon. All things must pass; change is the only constant.

Resistance causes discomfort. Trust and surrender lead to transcendence.

Mass awakening of miraculous energies, is a consciousness shift that will help heal the planet. As your personal vibration increases, so is everything!

Use the visualization anytime. A suggestion for making the grounded state permanent is to carry a stopwatch that is set to go off eight times a day for fourty-five days, doing the visualization each time it goes off. You can also simply add it to your schedule. Get grounded when you wake and before you go to sleep, at each meal and coffee break, when you arrive at work and after you get home... and you will have done it at least eight times. Repeating an activity eight times a day for fourty five says is the way to ingrain a new habit.

Grounded is our natural state of being. As we grow up and our parents try to civilize us, we internalize the idea that we are not perfect not deserving of unconditional love, and we choke off the source of life energy that is meant to support us.

We get bad energy habits from our parents that need to be changed with persistence and attention for our physical health and spiritual well being.

Grounding Visualization:
opening to universal energy.

Sit comfortably, cross legged or in a chair in a balanced position, hands apart, feet flat on the floor. Take a few deep breaths, relax your body, focus your attention.

You are sitting somewhere warm and comfortable, out of doors on a sunny day. It is high noon, and the sun is directly overhead.

Visualize a sunbeam coming straight down from waaaay up above, shining directly on the top of your head.

Relax into this imagining till you can feel the sunbeam warming the top of your head, physically or in your imagination.

Imagination is power!

When you have the warmth, imagine that the top of your head is a flower.

The crown chakra is called the thousand petaled lotus.

It is classically visualized as infinite petaled lotus that is eternally opening and opening.

You can imagine any kind of flower.

The flower opens to the warmth

and draws the sunlight down it's stem,

into your head,

sparkling, tingling,

into the third eye and throat,

flowing down inside you to fill a reservoir space in your torso,
an oval going from your pelvis to your collarbone.

Filling with light.

Make it as bright as you can imagine.

When the space is filled
with bright sparkling radiant light,
brilliant as the sunrise reflecting off the ocean,
bright like an arc welders torch

we notice the inner container has a hole in the bottom,
and a stream of light leaks from the bottom of the reservoir,

down through your feet, down





like a laser beam drilling


Waaaaay down

All the way down

to the very center of the Earth.

which looks like a brilliant, fiery crystal. Gaia's heart, Her Kundalini.

When the beam hits the centre,

it seems to spark some kind of explosion down there

it sparks a volcano of light from the firey crystal

A volcano that comes rushing




up through the earth

roaring back up

like "Old Faithful",

back into your feet

(feel them start to tingle?)

exploding the reservoir of light in your center

into star bright radiance, glowing, growing

Brighter, larger

into an oval bigger than you.

shooting out the top of your head

like an umbrella shaped fountain,

sun drops rolling down to describe the oval

that is the perimeter of your aura, two feet above your head

and three feet below your feet

making it an eggshell

complete and sealed against all harm.

A force field bubble defining your personal boundary.

Some of the light keeps going up

keeps going back up

waaaay up

up to where it came from

up there.

The Light above responds with more light, like soft warm rain on your shoulders.

Your center, fed and charged

by the light flowing through you down and up

up and down

increases in brilliance

bigger and brighter

to fill the whole oval of your aura completely.

Feel yourself

as an egg of light

on a thread of light

with the Earth and the Sun connecting to each other through your body.

Energy flowing both ways.

Fire rises, water flows down.

through you

and around you.

When you can hold this mental image clearly,
(as bright and clear as you can make it)
make an internal request for it to stay that way.

Snap your fingers,

"Circuit is Locked in".

Your unconscious will now maintain the light circuit,
while you do other things.

You are now grounded.

How do you feel?

Do you notice:
the complete absence of negative, limiting, or fearful thoughts?
the relaxation and sense of well being?
the tingling of the soles of the feet and fingertips, like they have had a massage?
the sensation of lightness of being?
The sense of being fully present in the Now?

These are the signs of being grounded into Universal Source.

If you try to find an emotion that describes the feeling of this energy,

you will discover that the only word that fits is


absolute, unconditional love and acceptance.

The shock of this realization sometimes completely un-grounds very insecure people.

Are your feet still tingling?

If this idea makes your feet stop tingling, you need to take a few minutes to slide on past the feelings of being unworthy, you know Source loves you... unconditionally.


Regardless of how you feel about you.

If you have become ungrounded,
Go back to the top and start over again.
Take your time, focus on your breathing in the light.
Go ahead! It is very worth doing. You are worth it!

Think of how good that feels... love is supposed to feel good, right?

Think of how good it feels to be in love,
and imagine what it is like to feel that good all of the time,


without needing to be fixated on another person as the source of the feeling?

Enlightenment is constantly feeling madly in love with everything and everyone in All of Creation.

Opening the Heart chakra.

while you are grounded, bring your attention back to your center.

Imagine that there is a ball of light,
a star of light,
in the center of your chest,
next to your heart. (the Heart Chakra)

It is very beautiful.
See how it is fed by the light flowing through you... notice what color it is?
Imagine it brighter and brighter, see how that feels.
Contemplate it for a few moments.

Say Hello to it.
Breathe, and focus on your breathing as you listen for a response.

Ask It if It loves you.

You will hear and feel it's answer.

Listen carefully.


Feel your feet tingle.

Ask again.

Listen carefully for an answer,

there will be one: that is a cosmic promise.

It may come in words, a quiet, genderless voice of love.
It may be a feeling, a warmth in your heart or joy and love.
It may even be a painful feeling, if your heart is trying to open and there is a blockage.
It may be a rush of tingles, energy or goosebumps.

Ask the light if it will always love you, unconditionally,
no matter where you go or what you do?
If it's love is limitless?

Stay Grounded, feel your feet tingling,


and listen for the answer. It will come, as words or a feeling.

The answer will fill you with joy and awe.
It is very beautiful to know.

If you are really reaching the heart voice, the answer to all of these questions will be yes. The Heart will tell you that you are infinitely, unconditionally loved and that you are and have always been perfect. Ask It questions, to make sure you are in contact with the genuine heart voice, and not the voice of your ego or an entity. It takes practice and mindfulness to build your trust and faith in this inner voice, ... that it has always and will always will be there for you, anytime you take a moment to do this grounding visualization.

Some people refer to the Heart Voice as the Inner Guru.
Ask it for insight into some minor difficulty you have been having.
Choose a small problem to start with, a minor nuisance.

I want you to get better experienced at maintaining the state, while asking questions. It takes practice to stay grounded when contemplating big emotional issues.

Fear interferes with grounding... most negative emotions do... get grounded, first, so fear is absent before questioning the Heart light.

Then learn to do the visualization in two breaths, twenty times a day.
No, really, it is easy, with practice.
Take a deep breath in, while focusing on relaxing your body and straightening your spine.

Breathe out long and slow, imagining the light coming down from above,
feeling your breath as the laser beam drilling deep into the earth..
in the pause between breaths, you touch the firey crystalline core.. feel the explosion of love in response...

then a deep breath to inhale the energy coming back up from the Earth into your being, out and around around the edges of your aura
and out the top of your head up up up..
in the pause, feel the energy touch the heavens..
breath out slowly, basking in the Grace flowing down, focusing on the heart, giving thanks for your tingly feet.

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