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Voices and other sounds.

If you talk to God, it is called prayer. If God talks back, it is called insanity.

- Old joke.
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent
Subject: Re: crazy dominatrix lady and invisible friends
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997

Here is a story.

A man kept getting locked up in the looney bin. He was hearing voices, and he would tell people what the voices said, and then he'd get into fights about what they said, and whether they were real, and get locked up. He had many psychiatrists and specialists try to cure him, but to no avail.

Finally he got a different psychiatrist who used a completely different approach. The man was released within the week. The other psychiatrists were astonished, and asked how the man had been cured of the voices.

" I didn't cure the voices", he answered. "I told him that the voices from now on were our secret, and he wasn't to tell anyone about them, or let on to anyone that he was hearing them. The man had no problem with the voices, he didn't mind them. It was only when he told other people about them, that he ran into trouble. So I told him to stop telling people."

Schizophrenic people hear voices.
Joan of Arc heard voices.
Kundalites hear voices.
Psychics, mediums and channelers hear voices.
Some depressed people, and some epileptics hear voices.

What category do you prefer?

Some say that hearing voices is *always* a symptom of psychosis. In my experience, 99% of the time it is a common side effect of Kundalini.

Let's categorize the voices and sounds, instead.

Some voices seem to be internal; voices inside your head, voices seeming to come from your heart chakra or other parts of your body. If you observe your thoughts, you may notice several voices having an ongoing conversation in your head. Usually, this inner committee can be considered different aspects of your consciousness, even various chakras speaking.

Back when my head was noisy, I once counted seven different types of sounds or thoughts. These can be related to chakra levels: even then I had an unconscious habit of looking at things from each chakra perspective before making any decisions. A few of them were: the musical soundtrack, the inner critic, the inner cheering section or supporter who provided a positive counterpoint to the critic, (sometimes played by the heart voice), the inner writer or narrator who described what I was doing, the emotional input, the raw sensory data, and that indefinable silent spark of thoughts emerging before they took form as words or emotion.

Beyond that, there were some channeled voices too... and some of them could be identified, some could not.

Some of the voices you hear may be benign, even helpful. Others may be hostile or insulting. Usually an entity clearing, or calling on your Guardian angel will kick most of the insulting ones and some of the complimentary. If they persist, it could be a symptom of something needing medication; consider psychiatry.

The genuine heart voice is often heard by Kundalites. Some refer to this as the "inner guru." It is a very beneficial voice, but you have to make sure it is genuine and not an impostor.

Some people hear ghosts or spirits, faeries. Usually these sound like inner voices. Usually benign, but they can be an annoyance. I tend to feel emotions from ghosts, a sense of presence and fragments of sentences. Occasionally I will get an unclear impression of their appearance.

Faeries speak a little more clearly, but often in riddles, and simply will not answer some kinds of questions. They have very little conception of numbers, so if you ask how many are present you may get several answers, like 4. 44, 14... this is a variation of "What for?" They are not terribly individual and have no conception of why anyone would need to count them. Usually I identify faeries by their sheer innocent bliss giggle delight that they radiate, wonderful fun!! ... but they can also radiate a paranoid indefinable fear, if there is something they want to protect from you. A kind of emotional "keep out" sign.

Sometimes voices are half-heard, fuzzy but not clear enough to understand. Usually this is imagination. The buzzing of the fan in my computer, and various ambient sounds like the furnace and refrigerator may combine to make a sound like a far off radio, music that cannot be followed, voices not understood. This is sometimes mistaken for clairaudience, but it is simply your creative mind having fun with the white noise. It is similar to seeing shapes in clouds; castles, faces and animals. Like how if you stare at a random pattern, like a tiled floor, textured ceiling or speckled wall for long enough, the pattern will begin to dance. It may turn three dimensional, seeming to move in time with your breathing and forming endless geometric shapes and patterns.

True clairaudience is usually clearer, the voices can be understood. Whether what the voices say is true, or worth listening to, is another thing altogether.

External voices are most often heard, when one is half asleep, in the twilight zone between waking and sleeping, and sometimes in meditation. Voices calling your name, that you may recognize or not. You may hear other sounds, like knocking or doorbells.. so clear that you rouse yourself to answer the door, but there is no-one there.

. Some of these sounds may be clairaudience, you may be hearing snippets of the normal, usually unconscious telepathic astral conversations that everyone is having, all the time but normally not aware of. Generally, they are of no concern. Trust your higher self to handle things without needing input from your conscious mind.

Some of the voices may be memories, karmic stuff heard on its way out, as the unconscious uses the trance state to process and release old emotional baggage. You may hear parents or relatives repeating some hurtful phrase, insults someone gave in elementary school... it is just noise.

Much of our thoughts, is similar noise. Old recordings on repeat. Usually, voices that say "you" are old projections, a repeat of something that was said to you in the past. Thought-voices that say "I" may be you, or they may be a memory of someone speaking about themselves. Surrender it all.

Many people have a critical inner voice. This can be an entity, or a memory, but usually it is a part of your own self that believes that criticism represents love and caring. It is trying to keep you safe, just tell it "thank you for sharing." That is the polite thing to say to someone, to acknowledge that we have heard them, without making any committment to do anything about what we have heard. With time, the critic will become silent... and so will all the other thoughts. A silent mind is very peaceful, a quality of the Zen Master.

Kundalites hear other sounds, particularly ear ringing, but sometimes the sound of wind, water, birds or music. The best explanation for the ringing ears that I have come across is by Itzak Bentov, author of "Stalking the wild pendulum." His book is a must-read for all awakened people. He sees many of the side effects of Kundalini, including the vibrations and ringing ears, to be a side effect of a standing wave set up by the resonance of the heartbeat, vibrating the bones of the inner ear. It may be heard in one ear or both.

Some people interpret the ear ringing as some kind of message from the cosmos, like a cosmic modem or fax machine downloading information into the unconscious mind. In a way this could be true, Kundalini is wisdom... but it is better to simply consider it an innocuous side effect. If it gets particularly loud or distracting, then ask your inner self for mercy. Pray for the effect to be modulated, or ask to postpone it to a more convenient time.

I consider the ear ringing to be a kind of universal OM, like the ringing vibration of a Tibetan singing bowl or crystal toning bell. It often comes in meditation, and I find focusing on it without thought or expectations, to be very relaxing.

In some very intense, high vibration meditations I have heard the angelic chorus, angels singing hymns to the glory of creation. I cannot understand the words, but it is lovely beyond description.

As an awakened teenager, I found that within every object there is a unique melody. Every tree and stone, has its own song, often a simple repeated series of notes, sounding similar like the beginning of 'The Who' song "Baba O'Reilly." Pete Townshend wrote that part of the song by feeding information about his Guru into a computer program that translated it into melody. I found that if I opened my mind to many of these nature songs at once, they would make amazingly complex, orchestral harmonies.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a medical doctor. I am not legally qualified, or competent to discern or judge your relative sanity, or lack of it. I can only speak of my experiences, research, and observations. My comments are not intended to supersede, contradict, or be a replacement for competent psychiatric advice. Seek the advice of a physician for any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

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