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Laughter/tears; Emotional Release.

Along the process of kundalini, there can be extreme emotional outbursts without any apparent cause or source. This is simply the effect of karma releasing. Generally, karma that is released from the body moves up and out, and along the way it passes through the throat chakra, the heart and mind, where it is felt.

Most of the time, it is best to simply allow these releases without trying to change them, cling to them or analyze them. The ego mind always wants its reasons and explanations for what is going on, and takes comfort in explanations... which is why people find this website and the others I host, to be so valuable!

... but, the ego desire for reasons is a form of resistance. Sometimes it is good to give the ego a reason to surrender, but with emotional release it is better to simply allow the emotions to express without trying to pin a meaning on them. The meaning you choose might be erroneous, and the actions you take misguided. The emotion you feel might have nothing to do with current circumstances, they are just some karma that was triggered somehow, and is releasing. If your heart is opening and you are becoming empathic, it might not even be your emotion, but empathy with someone else. Trying to relate it to something in your life will just mislead you.

For example, you feel annoyance. You try to identify what annoyed you, and decide that stray comment from so and so upset you, and decide to have it out with them, a big scene ensues... later, perhaps in meditation you get the insight that it was not actually your annoyance, somebody in the next cubicle at work had an argument with their spouse... or you realize that you were annoyed by the comment because it reminded you of something that happened in elementary school, and had nothing at all to do with the individual you just inflicted the scene upon, except in your mind. Well, the humiliation of having to apologize, helps to diminish the ego... :) I have heard crow can be a tasty meal.

I'm not telling to to repress or deny your emotions, but to get some perspective on them. Emotions are information. We live in the information age, we are inundated with information all the time, but how much of it is really of use? What is the "Signal to noise" ratio?

I often listen to the radio, while driving. The radio gives me all kinds of information: the DJs crack jokes and make comments, phone in callers saying "It's my birthday" or "dedicate this song to..." Music gives me the thoughts and emotions of the artists... but all I may want, is the traffic report! It is the same with emotions. Art and advertising, both seek to provoke an emotional reaction, but how much do those reactions have to do with who you really are?

Remember; feelings and emotions come and go, but you remain. Thoughts come and pass, but you remain. Long after the earth and stars have turned to dust, you, the essential you will remain. You are not your feelings, thoughts, or emotions. You are the silent witness within that observes the play of consciousness.

Most of the ancient texts regarding Kundalini, and the lineage Gurus advise paying no attention to the various symptoms and effects of the process, so as not to create attachments or misguided meanings that would distract you from the end goal of self realization.

All the beliefs and ideas you may have about the process, life, the universe and all meanings must eventually be surrendered, to attain the end goal of self realization. It is said, that the wise know that their wisdom is nothing but a drop in the ocean, and the more one learns, the more one realizes how much there is yet to know.

The experience of realization has been aptly summed up as "Know nothing, be everything. Be nothing, know everything."

That which is infinite, can never be understood by the thinking mind that seeks to know... when you set the thinking mind aside and clear the debris of karma, you get to experience *being* that...

One of the odd, strange and blissful emotional experiences is that of laughing and crying both at once. Misty laughter, is usually an exquisite response to beauty so intense it hurts. Something that is terrible and beautiful, terrible beauty.

It is said that all comedy is tragedy, every joke must have a fall guy. The reason we have so many jokes about death, is because it is how we cope with pain. We laugh, when it hurts.

As the process continues, seeing into the illusion and the reality, there is a softening that takes place. You begin seeing beauty even in tragedy and despair. Sounds awful, but it is the greatest compassion. So much of our art is based on beauty in pain. Romeo and Juliet stories of tragic love make us cry, and enjoy the tears. Sadness takes on a poignant sweetness, and even the pain of life has a certain bliss. Even the most wretched human has beauty bound into the simple grace of their humanity.

The karma section of this site has many methods for releasing the emotional baggage Kundalini stirs up.

The process of emotional release can be made smoother by the application of tummo fire. Usually, the emotional swings of karma releasing is a side effect of the stuff passing through the mind on its way out the crown. With tummo fire, the emotional baggage of karma is burnt up where it is, and only the smoke passes out the crown, cleansed of its emotional content.

Tummo fire may come as a side effect of Kundalini unfolding, or it can be gained by initiation. Tummo initiation greatly eases the Kundalini process. Some emotional release may still be felt, but usually only the karma content that requires conscious consent to be released, will get your attention in that way. It improves the "signal to noise" ratio.

Information on how to make an appointment to be initiated into Serpent Fire Tummo.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

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