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Discernment: The Body-Mind Sense of Truth.

The essence of discernment is really listening to your body, and especially to your heart. Most people who do not get to hear the heart voice, at least get a sense of warmth that is a non verbal affirmation. The body has a built in lie detector, and the signals of it can be unique. The most common signals:

  • a sense of opening, expansion, warmth and/or joy in the heart chakra communicates a "yes",
  • a sinking feeling in the stomach is a negative answer.
  • Goosebumps and shivers is a positive answer.

This guidance from your body comes through most clearly, if you are grounded and clear of entities. If you are not grounded, then you may get responses from your ego fears or your mind. If you have entities, then they may want to put their two cents worth in. Especially entities occupying the heart and power chakra.

Here is a series of statements: Get grounded, then read them as truth and see how your body responds! Your signals may be unique to you, but usually you will find that there is some consistent reaction in your body, to statements that are true, and a different reaction to statements that are false. The signals are often subtle, but you can ask for them to be made clearer.

Remember!!! this is about feeling, not thinking. Don't think about the answers, feel for the responses of your body. You already know what you think, thinking takes you out of your body and into your head. You want to know the truth of the body mind, and it speaks in feelings and sensations, not words.

  • You are male.
  • You are 250 years old.
  • Your name is Horace.
  • You breathe.

  • Your name is Ferdinand.
  • You are alive.
  • You are female.
  • You have blue eyes.
  • You are infinite.
  • You have black hair.
  • You have two arms.
  • You are an asshole.
  • You like to drink beer.
  • The sky is blue.
  • You are married.
  • Your dogs name is Bill.
  • Your car is red.
  • You work hard.
  • You are tall.

  • Goddess loves you unconditionally.

Once you have had some practice hearing the signals of these obvious true/false statements, check out these ideas, using the resonance of the heart chakra for a lie detector. It only works if you are grounded. I find that when I do this the Heart will also fill in the blanks with additional information that is not in the written words. Reading the words, and listening to the heart both at once, you will find that your heart provides a subtle commentary to your life experience. Hopefully your Heart Guru will elaborate on these spiritual concepts for you.

The logical mind is producing limitation after limitation. Because it must, that is it's job. It is for 3d navigation. It is the weakest part of your mind, your being.

It can only work with what it knows, and it can know very little, in the overall scheme of things.

Einstein used imagination to discover E=mc2, imagining himself to be a photon, and traveling an imaginary trip in his mind... or was it an out of body experience?

He said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

It is normal to try to fall back on logic for safety when the enormity of everything gets scary, but in the end it is usually of little use. We must discard logic and reach for faith and imagination.

Know that logic can come up with Reasons and limitations endlessly.

That's what it is good at.

Keeping you stuck in 3d.

It comes always in the end to choosing to ignore logic and focus on faith and desire. Leaps of faith are often illogical, expect for the previous experience that shows they work. You may not be an engineer to understand electricity, but you can still use a toaster. Faith is not built on reasons that are a logical understanding of how Goddess works, but on experience that She does.

Joseph Campbell said "Follow your Bliss.."

That means, chase after what makes your heart feel warm and joyful, the things you love and get passionate about. It is said, that if you do the work you love, you will never work a day in your life. It is not that you will be unemployed, but that your work will feel like play.

Space and time do not exist, and we are All One.

Love transcends space and time, because it is the E that =mc2, the very fabric of the universe of 3d we perceive, it is All.

The key to the unified field theory.

The energy that is limitless, that transcends Newton''s physics.


Matter and energy are one, and energy is Love.

As Darkness is the absence of light, so fear is the absence of love.

Expectations are a way of creating limitations on our experience. If you have an expectation that------ will ----, you also close yourself off to the possibilities of ----- anywhere, with anything. This is also knows as "if-then" thinking. The mind takes you out of the moment, into imaginary fears of the future, and you make choices based on expectations grown from the fantasy, not from what Is.

The choice of how you perceive resides with you. It is your world.

If you have expectations that you are vulnerable to the negative energy of others, then you will be. If you have expectations that life is hard then you die, then those are the thought-prayers that shape your experience of life.

Richard Bach said, "Argue for your limitations, and you get to keep them."

I mean that kindly.

We know way more than we think we know, but to access it we have to give up what we think we know.

......we are exactly as limited as we believe we are.

Releasing the fear/separation beliefs is the process of enlightenment.

The words you are reading are a partial communication of idea and intention. The total of the communication we are actually exchanging goes far, far beyond these words, and is not dependent on any mechanical or physical system.

Don't underestimate the power of your imagination. It is the most powerful tool we have. Close your eyes for a moment and feel the energy resonating from this idea, and ask yourself (heart chakra) if what I say is true.

You might get an emotional response, you might get an internal explanation, you might get anything.

Release expectations and listen.

It takes some practice to stay grounded and observe yourself, without letting your thoughts run away with you. Give yourself the patience you would give to a small child learning to walk. It is your inner child, after all, that has the imagination power to make this real. And the determination.

A child falls down a hundred times, yet you don't see any adults who are crawlers. Learning to do this is written in the plan of your DNA, just as walking is.

We all get it eventually. We fall down over and over, forgive ourselves and cry, and get on our feet again to try to take that first step.

We learn to walk, then run, then we learn to forget all that and give up the limitations so we can levitate...

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