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The Divine Beloved

You know, probably ever since you were a little kid, you've had this: maybe a face in your mind, or an idea of a person that you've always thought you'd meet, and marry, and fall in love with someday.

Well, that person really doesn't exist outside of yourself. So that you'll probably never really find them, externally. However, that person you've imagined all this time? Is completely real, inside of you. It is the Divine Beloved, which is your own unconscious mind. Carl Jung said that the unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body, and this is true.

So your unconscious mind, which is there, unified with spirit, can actually take a form inside of you, inside of your imagination. And in this way, Goddess takes a form that we can love. To deal with us on a personal basis, one on one. In the East when they refer to the Divine Beloved within, that's who they're talking about. Your soul mate does not exist outside of you. But he does, or she does, exist inside of you, where they can never leave you, and they'll never go away.

Find that better half, that smarter part of your mind, and to surrender to it. Because as long as your ego with its free will is running the show, the monkey is flying the space shuttle; you're not using the smartest part of you to make your decisions.

The unconscious mind has a billion times the intelligence of the ego and through the wisdom of spirit, its wisdom is truly infinite. So the more you get in touch with your unconscious mind and surrender to it, the more information you start getting about what is "All That Is". For both men and women, as an aspect of this mysticism, we are learning to surrender to the better half, the Divine Beloved, the unconscious twin soul.

You want to meet this individual inside of you, who's been waiting to meet you since the day you were born. Your twin soul loves you infinitely and unconditionally, and it seeks unity with you, physical, sexual and spiritual, very avidly.

Take a few minutes, and when you sit back, think about the man or woman you always thought you'd marry. Just think about your dreams and your visions. And after a while, you're going to get a sense of that person in your mind inside of you, an image of them like you are facing them, and then you can actually start to have a conversation with them.

It's very important that you focus on listening, by staying very grounded, like we learned to do with the heart voice. The heart voice is genderless, but the unconscious, the body-mind, is the opposite gender of the body. It's your sweetheart. So just relax. Think about your fantasies, and I promise you, Goddess takes a form that you can love to have a personal, intimate relationship with you.

The person of your dreams is going to show up inside of you. If you've ever seen a stage hypnotist making people think that they are in Hawaii, or something like that, that's how real your unconscious beloved can be.

Your unconscious filters your perceptions, and so it can arrange for you to feel its touch, and hear its voice, and feel it as real, inside of you, or outside of you. I've sat on the couch beside mine, and had a conversation with it. If it wants to manifest like that, it can. It can control your perceptions, to give you that experience, BUT, only if you allow it by surrendering the ego power of free will to slavery to the unconscious Divine Beloved.

Now, this is true for both genders, men and women both. When men surrender to their fem side, then they start to be the submissive heroes who will show women and children first, that are the white knights that every girl dreams about. And when women surrender to their inner masculinity, to its wisdom and power, they become Dominant.This is Tantra, both genders are surrendering to allow themselves to become a vessel of the inner Divine Beloved.

Now, I want to clarify something; your unconscious can show up as anything. It can show up as a dragon, or as an animal like a totem, or as a fish, or anything like that. It WILL show up as something that you can love.

So take a few minutes, and start thinking about what you love, and have a Conversation with it inside of your mind. And if you find in the course of that conversation, that other aspect of yourself wants to seduce you? Let it! It loves you. It knows what you like and what feels good for you better than anyone else on the planet ever possibly could. Let it love you. It seeks unity the old fashioned way, and you can feel it. Get in touch. Stay grounded.

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