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Finding karma.

You can work through your karma the slow way, by living it, or you can go looking for it. It is by the emotional content of Karma, that we usually discover it, but you can also access it visually. Wait until you have been practicing the Grounding eight times a day for at least two weeks.

Then, do the grounding as usual, but after you have locked it in, start to look inside of yourself and see where the Light is not. Surrender those places. You can be very methodical and start with the big toe of one foot and work your way through your body, or you can just let your unconscious show you what it thinks is most important first.

I find I can watch people as I speak with them, and I notice the movements of their energy body as they re-act. Most often I see what look like grey cloudy abstract shadow shapes that approximately correspond to muscle groups and acupuncture meridians. What Wilhelm Reich calls "body armoring " . Muscles tightened around old painful memories held in the body. Every nerve and cell in the body is capable of retaining memory, not just the brain.

This is not a process you can do once and call it done. It is daily hygiene, just like brushing your teeth. Energy hygiene. Your body will only show you karma that is ready to be cleared. Clear it all one day, and by the next day the next layer shows up to be cleared. It is like peeling the onion. Day to day events, will also trigger karma, bring it into consciousness. Your thoughts can trigger it. Notice what bugs you, and surrender the feeling of being bugged.

All day, every day there is a conversation going on between your mind and your body. You can detach from both, and observe it happening. You have a thought, and your body provides an emotion, which brings another thought, and another emotion, and a feeling. By feeling, I mean a sensation in your body. A muscle may twitch, you may become aware of a place of tension inside of you. Feel the tension, and surrender it. I do this every night. I lie in bed and watch my thoughts of the day flowing by, and surrendering anything that gives me tension. The process happens almost auto pilot, now.

You are not your mind, or your body. You are infinite Spirit, and so you can watch the mind and body chatting away to each other, and simply surrender the tension points the body shows you. Those tension points are your karma. Even after you clear your personal karma, you may go on to clear the karma of the group ego mind of your city, your ancestors, your country, your environment.

If I am clearing karma from someone by remote I will tend to feel it in my body, as mild physical discomfort that draws my attention to what areas need clearing. I prefer to do it visually, seeing it instead but my empathy follows my attention so feeling it is kind of inevitable, in a healing situation.

For example, if I am dealing with someone who has a lot of power chakra issues, I might feel a tightness around the bottom of my ribs like I cannot take a deep full breath, or a knot in my stomach, or an ache in my back... I observe the sensation with detachment, not resistance... it just Is. I use feelings and psychic vision to get an idea of the size and shape of it. Get a handle on it, so to speak, so I can give it away.

If I am feeling fancy I will follow the connections it makes through the body. Most stuff will make a complete circuit up and down of the body, where it is feeding on the energy meridians. I might trace a stomach knot's threads down one leg and through the foot into the earth, back in the heel, up the back of the leg following it's own path to the shoulders and around one side of the head, and back down the front to the knot. I can then visualize and clear the whole circuit. However, usually I am too lazy for that, and instead just ask Goddess for everything attached to the knot to be removed as well.

My work is faith based. Anything you believe in, will work, if you put faith in it. Faith is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. Practice, practice, practice..:)

I actually use a lot of different methods, like shaktizap by eye lasers... Where your attention goes, your energy follows. Hadn't realized I was doing that, until someone dreamt of me giving her a tune-up and wrote to ask what were those bright bright beams shooting out of my eyes?? What was all that purple light? (The violet flame of St. Germaine). Ask the blessings of the St., and fill and surround yourself with violet light... crown chakra color for Divine Will and insights.

I also use the power of the Grail, and sometimes Tummo fire... but those are opened experientially... not everybody can access those, so I'll pass on simpler methods.

I clear a lot of stuff by asking my male unconscious, who manifests as Archangel Michael, to handle it. Carl Jung said the unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body. In my experience, I have found this to be true, about 90% of the time... and since at the deepest level, the unconscious is connected to the collective consciousness, your unconscious can be thought of as God-dess taking a form you can love, to have an intimate, personal relationship with you. This is the meaning of the Eastern references to the "Divine Beloved." Michael does as I ask.

I also use counter-clockwise tornados. Clockwise (deosil) dancing and vortexes are most often used in Wicca, to gather and condense energy for spells. That action can result in the manifestation of Karma. I'm sure everyone has had the experience of a spell having unexpected negative side effects? Counter-clockwise spin (widdershins) dissipates energy, so it can be used to break up and remove the blockages of karma. I am more Buddhist than Wiccan. I seek emptiness, so I use counter-clockwise vortexes 99% of the time.

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